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Fan fiction by HotShotConnor posted over a year ago
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This is an exclusive to people who read my story on FanFiction.
Do not copy my story.
I do not, of course, own the characters.
But the story plot is mine. So please do not use my idea.

Here is the Link to my story: http://m.fanfiction.net/s/9136305/1/Supah-Wicked

Now, in my story, there are little things that you might want to pay attention to. One of them is that Austin and Ally cannot touch.
Another is the doctors. Especially Dr. Delarosa (AKA Dr. D, AKA Austin's doctor.)

Now. I plan on putting this story into action with three books.
Because this is almost a mystery story...

I plan on calling them such:
Supah Wicked
In Supah Deep
Supah Save

Please comment or PM EmmaLOUIS on FanFiction if you believe you have found a better name.

Although, Supah Wicked, that title cannot and will not be changed.
News by HotShotConnor posted over a year ago
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In Beach Bums and Bling, Austin gets a huge check from Jimmy Starr and buys all the team gifts. Dez gets a go-cart that says 'What-Up' (it even says it on the license plate), Trisha gets her own beauty stand so she can be her own boss, and Ally gets crystal shoes from her favorite movie. Trisha warns Austin that he should be saving his money for a rainy day. Austin replies like it was a literal sentence by pulling out a golden umbrella.
Then Ally realizes she can barely walk in the shoes and Austin says their just for decoration, but Ally simply replies with "but they're so pretty".
And so it begins Austin has to carry Ally everywhere, since Ally just thinks the shoes are too pretty to take off.
So on their way to see Trish, at her new beauty cart which is closed, they find a man on the side of the mall playing the guitar.
Austin feels bad and decides to give the guy some money, but before leaving the man says the phrase "ROCK AND ROLL!" And Austin pauses before saying to himself that it sounded familiar. He goes back to the man all excited like, "Are you- Are you Jackson Lowe?"
Opinion by vash13 posted over a year ago
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I have a story call "Amy & Arden" its like "Austin & Ally" but they have kids. Auslly have a child name Amy Mitchell Moon. Trez have 2 child name Tony the oldest then Debby the youngest. I make up a name Emily and Mark [Emark] have a child name Arden

Amy is more like Austin
Debby is like Dez
Tony is like Trish they may not look alike but she says he look like their uncle JJ
Arden is like Ally but he is not her son

P.S you can see how they look like on Polyvore also on my page petshop2000 its call ''the 4 friends'' you can give me some ideas for this show it can be like Austin and Ally but I can tried to change it