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ShadowFan100 said …
Is anyone else slightly bothered by the puzzle piece logo in the icon AND banner? I'm guessing whoever made this club must prefer that design over the infinity rainbow (my personal favorite). I personally can't stand the puzzle piece, because it implies that I'm broken and in need of fixing. I don't need to be fixed or corrected, I need understanding from others. Posted 10 months ago
Riku114 commented…
Personally, I find that its kind of a way to say that people of many different shapes and colors exist and everyone has their place. 10 months ago
Riku114 commented…
There really isnt anything broken about a puzzle piece, its just that the puzzle hasnt found its place yet. Understanding brings the pieces together for everyone 10 months ago
Riku114 commented…
That being said I have no particular favorite. Its just how I kind of interpretted it 10 months ago
ShadowFan100 commented…
Well, when you put it like that, I can totally see how that would make sense. I just simple prefer the rainbow, TBH. It's way cooler, IMHO. 10 months ago
AnimaniacsFan1 said …
kid laughed at me for listening to queen (it made me cry).
my friend goes up to him and tells him to quit making fun of "my" queen and me.
autism isnt really something a bully should laugh at, some of the greatest people could have autism, and im glad to have it.
im the only autistic person in my school play...............very proud of it!
i love freddie mercury and queen.
bohemian rhapsody forever. Posted over a year ago
AnimaniacsFan1 commented…
r i t a w a r n e r over a year ago
AnimaniacsFan1 said …
Me at the park, dont really have too many friends running around screaming "SCARAMOUCHE, SCARAMOUCHE, WILL YOU DO THE FANDANGO?!" also running around saying "BISMILLAH! NO WE WILL NOT LET YOU GO!" people thinks it so strange but its just what i do.
one time i was asked whos your best friend and i said "FREDDIE MERCURY!" cause to me Freddie Mercury is my my friend. only my family understands this and in my heart and mind so does freddie mercury. autism my challenge but i come through Posted over a year ago
AnimaniacsFan1 commented…
i have a spell check on the computer. im actually really verbal, i can talk and readd and loves to sing. my favorite band is queen and i love the bohemian rhapsody. i dont have to many friends and i have this picture of queen and i take it everywhere. i have some verbal problems but besides that i can really talk good. i can read great on my own and with help over a year ago
AnimaniacsFan1 commented…
school isnt my favorite thing cause nobody wanna hang out with me cause i'd rather sing bohemian rhapsody. my family nickname is freddie mercury even though im a girl, it came from where i love queen so much. over a year ago
AnimaniacsFan1 commented…
i also love animaniacs. over a year ago