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The fans pick: Zuko
The fans pick: Jesse Mc Cartney(the original choice)
The fans pick: I think they should just stick to the cartoon!
The fans pick: Asami
The fans pick: Ty Lee's: Chi Blocking
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ABCmootje said …
FAN FOR EVER Posted 4 months ago
AzulaFanboi said …
AZULA IS GODS GREATEST GIFT TO THIS WORLD! She can be my Fire Lord any time! ;) Oh yeah, and Hi! I'm new! Nice to meet you all! Posted 7 months ago
zanhar1 commented…
Hell yes! Azula is the best. This post is 100% zanhar approved. 7 months ago
jessedyer20 said …
This show is by far one of the greatest shows on tv in my opinion it is the greatest and it warms my heart to know that there's other people out there that feel the same way I do about it I've watched every episode several times I know almost everything about avatar the last airbender aang katara sokka toph appa momo zuko and iroh they all feel like family and I will always keep this show close to my heart Posted 8 months ago