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Fan fiction by EvanlovesAzula posted over a year ago
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Authors note: okay so u can probably tell by my username who my fav character is and that's who this articles about. Comment if u wanna and enjoy!!!

As she sat there in her bedroom, Azula realized just how alone she was. How alone she had always been. Her best friends were long gone, and now it would be her against the world. But hadn't she always seen it that way? The difference now was that there was something more missing. There was something even more problematic that troubled her weary mind. She was afraid.

Azula remembered how she would press her ear to the wall of this very bedroom in the hopes of catching fragments of the bedtime stories that were strcy reserved for her brother. As she looked into the vanity mirror, a single hot tear made its journey down her cheek and into her lonely palm. "Stop crying!", she thought. "Stop acting so...scared!" Azula was starting to feel what she had felt all her life. The difference now was that she could cry, and nobody would say a thing. Nobody would find out that the master manipulator and the ever-prepared princess Azula was in a state of manic depression. But that wasn't the problem.
Fan fiction by laurenroxs3 posted over a year ago
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This is a new story I wrote that happens after Avatar Aang and Korra. Hope you enjoy!!

Note: I do not own Avatar Korra, who is mentioned briefly in this story.

Celestia has bright, green eyes, is about 5 feet, 5, and has dirty blond, shoulder-length, hair.

Chapter One:
    I took a deep breath. “In, and out. In and out.” I told myself. I had been waiting for this day for a long time. I walked up to the building and saw the familiar gold letters that spelled “Benders Academy”. I went inside and the door slammed behind me. I threw back my shoulders, took an even deeper breath (if that was possible) and walked up to the administration office. The lady behind the desk squinted at me and said, “This had better be important business, or you’d better make it quick.” I met her eyes and said, “I’m the Avatar.”
    After Avatar Korra made her mark in Republic City, the world went into an era of peace. She died 14 years ago, and that’s when I was born- an Earthbender. I had been trying to connect to the spirit world to talk with Korra, but I haven’t had any luck....
Fan fiction by Brandon1996 posted over a year ago
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In the Percy Jackson World!!! ----P.o.V = Katara.


Chiron was an amazing creature, we don't have nothing like it back home, and don't get me started with the Satyrs. They are so sweet, they gave me this cup and plate that magically fill with whatever food I want!! and being home sick a little I choose to have stewed sea prunes and yak milk (southern water tribe delicacy) "What is that?" Annabeth asked me while getting really uncomfortably close to my food. so I told her what it was and the expression on everyone's face was disgust, although Chiron seemed more intrigued than anything.
"Katara" Chiron started "you said that you can control the waters so you must be a daughter of Poseidon right?"
"No I told you that I knew my father his name was Hakota! water bending is more than just water, its liquids and I can make the water change state from liquid to mist to steam to ice to snow, any form of water or liquids I can bend to my will."