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Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted 1 month ago
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Prompt from Xx-LoveNeverMore143-xX on fanfiction.net: A romance between Azula and OC(Male) that she could have met after escaping the forgetful valley after she ran off at the end of The Search Trilogy.

“Mommy.” The three year old waddled across the yard and thrust herself into her mother’s arms. “I found you ‘thing!”

The child beamed up proudly at her mother and thrust a daffodil-lily in her face.

“It’s beautiful dear.” Her mother smiled and brushed her hand over the child’s hair.

“Sooyoung, don’t you have a performance to do?”

Sooyoung looked to her husband. “What time is it, Cheng?”

“A little past sundown.”

The man was right; she had to be leaving soon. Sooyoung made a living through the preforming arts. She was a rather esteemed mater swordsman. People would travel from all over the lands just to see her work the art. Sooyoung’s performances usually included her putting on an intricate masked costume of sorts and running through a series of sword and dagger tricks.
Opinion by avatar_tla_fan posted 1 month ago
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Sorry everybody, I haven't done an article in a while. I've been working on other clubs a lot so I haven't been here as much, however, I thought I would come back and write another article. This time, it's going to be my LEAST FAVORITE characters from Avatar. This will only be including characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender, because if I included The Legend Of Korra then my whole list would be Legend of Korra characters. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may disagree, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

*there will be spoilers of episodes in these descriptions.*

5. Cabbage Merchant

Seriously, he is just so annoying. To a point where he makes it on this list. I know he's supposed to add comic relief to the series, but really he brings way too much over the top humor to the series. I don't know if I'm the only one, but in tv shows over the top humor annoys me. What's the point? Do people laugh at him? It was funny in the beginning, but it started to wear off, and luckily he's not in Season 3, because he was really annoying me around...
Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted 1 month ago
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Zuko touched his palm to his sister’s forehead.
The girl was burning up—and not in that empowering, frightening way that she usually was. No, this was a different kind of burning. A feverish burning.
He looked Azula over. She was bundled up tightly, holding her blankets close to her body. Her face was rather flushed and her nose red—likely from rubbing it with so many tissues, tissues that where uncharacteristically scattered all over the floor. When Azula was sick it was literally hit or miss in that regard, if she was able to successfully land them in the trash if not…well, she was too lazy to pick them up.
A second glance revealed a pair of tired eyes. Being the older brother, Zuko knew very well that Azula was a light sleeper. On a normal day the slightest bump or knock could wake her up. So when the girl was ill, sleep was hard for her to attain.
She sat up and coughed into her sleeve. Once…twice…thrice. And then it became an all-out coughing fit.