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Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted 3 months ago
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Azula was honestly exhausted. She should not have run off like that, and was in the middle of mentally scolding herself. The whole thing was completely straining.

Even with Cheng’s help, the amount of stress she’d put on her body that night was overwhelming. She was just so used to bring able to do whatever she pleased, and with little effort.

By the time the pair reached home, Azula ached all over. Particularly in the lower back region.

She thought about complaining to Cheng about it, but she figured that she’d already given him enough of an earful. So instead, with a wince, she eased herself down onto the nearest sofa—in a laying position and stared at the ceiling.

Cheng re-entered the room with a steaming cup of tea. He set it on the coffee table next to her.

She muttered a thank you and rolled onto her side. But that wasn’t very comfy either so she ended up on her back again shortly after.

Opinion by avatar_tla_fan posted 3 months ago
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There will be spoilers of parts in the episode Sozin's Comet. So I suggest you watch that episode before reading this.

I need to calm down. I've been upset too much in this amount of time.

What is wrong with me?

Where did that come from? I REALLY need to calm down. I'm thinking things that I can't control, like thinking about....

I'm not going to say it.

My mother.

*sigh* of course I thought it. I would be so happy, not remembering her, but the thought of her hating me..

My own mother hated me.

My own mother..

Well, it's time to get ready for my coronation.

Wait until mom sees my now! The new fire lord! She'll regret having Zuko as her favorite.

Azula then went to get her hair and feet done.

Opinion by zanhar1 posted 3 months ago
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So on this one poll 'who would win a fight to the death' I kind of went on this rant as to why I thought Azula would win. And I thought I'd put it in article form.

First and foremost, the obvious; Azula has Blue fire (supposedly hotter than any other fire) on the show. This is something unique to Azula and Azula alone. Where as Bloodbending is not unique to Katara. And metalbending is not unique to Toph. Others have done it before and (in Toph's case) after. Plus Katara can only do it during the full moon whereas Azula's blue fire and lighting are present at all times. And she is very skilled in using both.

The second most obvious is that Azula has lightning. At the time--prior to the Korra era--few benders could produce it and fewer could redirect it. Azula was one of the few who could produce it and most characters have no way to redirect it as only firebenders can do so. In fact water is a rather conductive element for electricity, so the waterbenders would probably be screwed. And of all the people who can bend lightning I think Azula does it the best--with most accuracy and power. Ozai's may be big and flashy, but both times he used it, it was...