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Fan fiction by GreenLight24 posted 11 months ago
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Authors Note: Hello all! I haven't written an Azula piece in awhile. This is another imagining of her POV after her Agni Kai loss to Zuko and Katara. It's formatted as a letter to her mother from the mental facility. Enjoy!

Dear Mother,

I know you will burn this letter, and I know I've become an even larger disgrace to you than before, but I am lost. I know not what will become of me or my legacy. The legacy that was stolen from me. And the legacy I was weak enough to lose. "Such a spoiled princess.", the servants would say, "And such a lonely soul." I've caused many peolle so much pain and so much needless suffering. All for your love. I wanted you to say I was your little girl, triumphantly standing above the burning earth. I wanted you to hold me. But instead, you held Zuko. He's beaten me again. I've been deposed, I've been mocked, and most of all, I've been humiliated. They stood at a distance and watched as the hot tears of a battle well lost exploded out of me and into view. Zuko and his peasant. They chained my body, and they chained my spirit, Mother. I couldn't run and hide behind the crimson threshold of the palace walls. I...
Opinion by paintbrush12 posted over a year ago
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At the end of Sozin's comet part 4, when Zuko asked Ozai "Where's my mother", I knew he would not have an immediate answer. This eluded to a possible continuation of the series, or at least another show....but this was not to be. Happily, Dark Horse had picked up the reins and led us onto the further adventures of our favorite gaang. After years of wondering and waiting, we are finally able to embark on yet another life-changing field trip with Zuko-actually it's Azula's turn-to quell that question that has burned in our minds for so long.
amid the back story and our troop's various distractions, I am starting to see clues to Ursa's possible whereabouts.
Looking back at Sozin's comet part 3, as Azula is preparing for her coronation, Ursa appears to her in the mirror. We see Ursa speaking to Azula as if she's in the room, but at the time, just chalked it up to Azula going insane and having delusions. In the Search part 1, again we see ursa appear to Azula and speaking to her-these are not random ramblings going through Azula's mind, but actual conversaions. Again she appears to Azula in a reflective surface.
Opinion by RegisterAgain posted over a year ago
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5. Dock/Xu/Bushi

I loved Dock/Xu/Bushi from the moment he appeared. He looked like he would have an awesome personality. I know he only appears in the episode "The Painted Lady", but he was still ranked 5 for me. He has an awkward, crazy personality as of having three in one. I loved it when his third personality, Bushi said this line: "Dock's a crazy!". And he's all three, so he is crazy.

4. Sokka

Sokka's friendly, upbeat, and funny with a clumsy streak. Sokka is just like Stella in Winx Club, they both always try to cheer up their friends. Sokka has an extreme interest in weapons, and always try to battle in a fight, but he just seems can't doing it. Although he can be very distraught when he can't help the team, he's still happy-go-lucky.

3. Katara

I used to dislike Katara very much, but now she is my third favorite. Katara is very potential, motherly, and always try her best. She can be dreadfully annoying sometimes, but however, what she's saying is right. She's very rational in my opinion. Though...