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Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted 4 months ago
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This chapter and probably the next will be all flashback.

[i]It was a stormy night. Each drop colder than the next.

The former princess huddled herself against the wall of her cave…her home. Azula had tried to make herself a fire; she’d lit it up at least thrice only to have the wind smother it once more. So she’d given up and simply sat there listening to the rain thrash against the side of the cave.

Aside from the cold Azula enjoyed the storms. They were noise in the overpowering silence. On some days—if the rain was too chilling—she’d exit her cave and talk to the drops as they fell or respond to the thunder as if it were actually talking to her in some foreign tongue.

But on nights like these, she’d simply sit within the cave and watch the lighting spark the skyline. Azula was particularly fond of the lighting. It was familiar. It was empowering.

And on most stormy nights, she’d go out and bend it.
Fan fiction by avatar_tla_fan posted 4 months ago
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Azula hadn't slept in what felt like forever to her, even though it wasn't that long.

Her eyes were drooping, and she was extremely tired.

But, if I sleep, I may see my mother. Azula thought, and I can't let that happen.

She went to the mirror.

She went to put her hair up.

But, her hair would not cooperate.

I'm sick of this

"Alright hair, time to meet your doom!"

She states at herself in the mirror for half a second.

I look awful.

Then something echoed her thoughts.

"Such a shame, you always had such beautiful hair.."

Azula was scared for a second, and then realized it was her mother's voice.

[i]How did I recognize her voice so quickly? I haven't seen her in years..
Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted 4 months ago
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Azula was honestly exhausted. She should not have run off like that, and was in the middle of mentally scolding herself. The whole thing was completely straining.

Even with Cheng’s help, the amount of stress she’d put on her body that night was overwhelming. She was just so used to bring able to do whatever she pleased, and with little effort.

By the time the pair reached home, Azula ached all over. Particularly in the lower back region.

She thought about complaining to Cheng about it, but she figured that she’d already given him enough of an earful. So instead, with a wince, she eased herself down onto the nearest sofa—in a laying position and stared at the ceiling.

Cheng re-entered the room with a steaming cup of tea. He set it on the coffee table next to her.

She muttered a thank you and rolled onto her side. But that wasn’t very comfy either so she ended up on her back again shortly after.