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Bubbly131 posted on Jul 05, 2008 at 10:05PM
A few debates have been going about Katara using blood bending. Most think she will use it again, while others strongly disagree. Most don't realize the good and bad points of this, so i will explain both.

Good Reasons For Blood Bending
1) It doesn't kill people or even hurt them
2) It's simple and easy
3) It's extremely usefull

Bad Reasons For Blood Bending
1) It's cruel
2) It could become dangerous
3) It's unethical

Those are all the things i can think of now. But as far as Katara using blood bending goes, her are some reasons she may or may not blood bend again.

Reasons That Katara Would Blood Bend Again
1) It would help Aang defeat the fire lord
2) It could save lives
3) Think about it... would the creators make an entire episode about blood bending if it would never come up again?!

Reasons That Katara Wouldn't Blood Bend Again
1) She thinks it's horrible
2) She couldn't stand using it the first time
3) She said she would never do it again

If you think of another reason for anything, please post your ideas. Remember that while discussing different points of view, it should be done respectfully. Thank you!
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over a year ago ShadowFlame said…
wrong. it is not simple or easy. it took hama months to master it, and katara has amazing waterbending skills. anyone else doesn't have a chance at this so called simple or easy task.

Reasons That Katara Wouldn't Blood Bend Again: points 1 and 2 are basically the same, because she thinks it's horrible she couldn't stand using it for the first time.
over a year ago Bubbly131 said…
its easy for KATARA to use it. she got it on her first try, and she didnt even have to practice on rats first.
over a year ago ShadowFlame said…
i thought we covered it wasn't easy, because she hated using it? did you see her face? she looked like she committed a crime. easy for HER to do physically (bending wise) but not mentally/emotionally.