Avatar: The Last Airbender Who is more powerful

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Not sure, yet; waiting for the other LoK books
Not sure, yet; waiting for the other LoK books
(added by ImAnEasel)
 Monkot posted over a year ago
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lord1bobos picked aang
lord1bobos picked aang:
korra is powerful too
posted over a year ago.
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Navvia picked korra
Navvia picked korra:
I think when neither of them are in the Avatar state, Korra is more powerful because she's older and more aggressive. She won't quit until her enemy is down because she's fiercly determined. The only advantage Aang might have is, he waits for a good opportunity to strike, whereas Korra just goes for it.
posted over a year ago.
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Not sure, yet; waiting for the...
ImAnEasel picked Not sure, yet; waiting for the other LoK books:
My bet in on Aang, but I haven't made up my mind completely, yet; there are still two books of Avatar: Legend of Korra left to go. At least, I assume there are...
posted over a year ago.
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chbftw picked aang
chbftw picked aang:
Aang is more rounded and open minded, so he can master more stuff.
and don't think i'm just talking about elements. i'm talking about everything.
posted over a year ago.
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justdoing picked aang
justdoing picked aang:
navvia said it already aang waits for a good opportunity to strike and thats the key in a fight youre chances are way better if you do that instead of just going in shooting fireballs like a lunatic
posted over a year ago.