Air Temple Island

Everyone (except for Asami who is working on the sato mansion) was outside of korra's bedroom waiting to see if korra is okay.

"Daddy,is korra going to be okay?",Ikki asked tenzin while sitting next to jinora."Of course",Tenzin said trying to reassure everyone, after he said that three healers came out.

"Avatar Korra will be fine",one of the healers said as everyone sat down relived.

"What happened to her,then?",Pema asked suspicious.

"Giving so many people the bending caused a lot of pain to herself.Good thing she stopped when she did or else the consequences would have been very bad",the healer said.

"Is she going to be fine?",mako asked.

'Yes, korra can still walk and bend",the healer said

"So,she can still do that report in republic city?",Bolin asked.

"Yes,korra is awake",the healer said.

"Can we see her?",Jinora asked

"Of course.But Tenzin I must warn you that the white lotus will be here in two days",the healer said as he walked away from the group."oh no",tenzin said stroking his beard thinking of a plan.

What's wrong,Tenzin?",Bolin asked

"Korra and the order of the white lotus don't see eye to eye with each other",Tenzin explained to everyone.

"But didn't Aang create the white lotus to protect korra?",mako asked."Yes,but they treat korra diffrently-",tenzin said but was interrupted when they heard naga howl.When they all got inside the room they see korra petting naga on the head.

"Korra what happened,why did Naga howl?",Tenzin asked

"I had a bad dream and Naga tried to wake me up,korra explained."It's okay girl,i'm okay you can calm down",korra said trying to reassure her."korra what was the dream about?",mako asked moving next to her but she pushed him away."Amon taking away my bending",korra said as everyone looked at each other in silence until meelo broke the silence by saying"korra the white lotus is coming in two days".

"WHAT?!",korra said looking at tenzin

"I think it's time for the kids to go to sleep",Pema said

"Bye Korra",Jinora said while she went after Meelo."Goodnight korra",Ikki said.

As soon as they all left Korra was left with tenzin,mako and bolin."why does the white lotus have to come?",korra asked."I don't know but you should get some rest,you have a big day ahead of you",tenzin said as he left.

"Are you sure that your okay?",Mako asked before him and bolin left. korra nodded as Bolin and Mako waved they left until they were no longer seen,leaving korra by herself with Naga.