They both stop kissing. They both let go of their lips.

"Mako I haven't kissed you since at the Pro Bending Match. I really miss kissing you. But you were with Asami and I... but Mako cut her off.

"That's in the past. Asami is no longer the girl for me. I want you to forget Asami. Forget that I even dated her. I no longer have feelings for her. The only girl I have feelings for are you. Because I'm yours and your mine. So please be my girlfriend" Mako said with a smile on his face. Korra gasp to what he just said. She was very happy. She wanted to be his boyfriend for just a long time and it's finally come true.She was very happy indeed.

"Yes Mako. I love to be your girlfriend" Korra said while crying happy tears. Mako brush her tears with his finger. Mako pulled Korra close to him as he hugged her with love.

"I love you so much Mako" Korra said.

"I love you too" Mako said. There eyes met and when there eyes meet they came closer as their lips met. Korra blushed as their lips tough. She was falling in love with him. She did fall in love with him when he and Asami dated. But she is now more in love with him. They stop kissing again.

"Please be better in the Afternoon. I am still very worried about you" Mako said.Korra smiled.

"Mako i'm happy you care so much about me. I'm going to be ok. I'm the avatar. But you should get some sleep" Korra said.

"I will but first" Mako said as he kiss Korra before he had to go back to his room. Korra had love that kiss a lot. But Korra wanted more kisses of him. She was madly in love with him. As Mako was about to walk out of Korra's bedroom door. Korra grab Mako's hand. Mako turn around and saw Korra looking at him with love.

"Mako please stay a little longer. My heart is beating so fast. This is love right?" Korra asked. But before Mako could say back.Korra push Mako softly to her bedroom wall. She was kissing his lips. Mako was shocked what Korra just did. He was also madly in love with her. He let go of her lips.

"Well I guess I can stay a little longer.Now where were we?" Mako asked.

"Kissing?" Korra asked while smiling with love.

"Oh yes" Mako said as he took her lips with his. Korra put her arms around her boyfriend. They were kissing and kissing and kissing. It was a very love moment between the avatar and the fire bender. There kisses were full of love and passion. So much love and passion. They both got sleeply as they both fell asleep on the floor. Korra had her hands on his chest as she was sleeping with him on the floor.