Avatar: The Legend of Korra
The Legend of Korra - Book 2 Spirits Animatics HD Breakdown

Credit: AvatarJesal
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bakes2389 said:
....... I have some serious issues with this video.

1.) Looks like Korra is still abusing her avatar powers. Real nice Korra -__- #hateher
2.) Mako is a cop....... Just stop. No. #runbacktoyourscarf
3.) Asami still can't catch a break. Why does she never have a moment of happiness!?
4.) No one takes Bolin seriously......ever. I always feel bad for him. :(

I'm slightly torn. I love watching the show, mostly because of the animation, but also because I'm a huge ATLA fan, and I feel the need to watch all Avatar shows. However, LOK's season 1 royally irritated me because of its main character being so arrogant and unlikeable, and the plot was pure shit. I, a commoner, a random college kid, an internet blogger, etc., write better plots than LOK's. Hell, I've read comments on fanpop that are much better than LOK's plot! The plot was seriously lacking. Season 2 better be good and not focused on stupid relationships.

Sorry for the rant......this series gets me so angst-y.
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