Neytiri ran in on a Tanorator. They jumped on top of the general. He pushed them into a tree. I flew down and jumped on to the Thanorator too. I drove it up to kick the general in the face. When I dived again, the general stabbed it with a knife. He crashed it hard into the ground covering us up. We pushed hard but it didn't come off. Jake came up behind the general.
"Hey, its all over." He said.
"Nothings over wile im alive"!
"Kinda hoping you'd say that." Jake Picked up a huge metal sword. They went back and forth. Neytiri kept trying to push but the animal wouldn't budge. Jake when in a dived for the general. The sword barley missed his throat. The general then pulled Jake up. He took the sword out of his side and held it up to Jake's neck. Then, we got the Thanorator off. Neytiri shot a arrow at the general's chest. I took another sword and stabbed the back of the armor. Neytiri then shot then another arrow in the same spot. He dropped Jake and fell to his death. I ran into the chamber were both are humans laid. Neytiri helped Jake and well, I helped myself.

Soon, we met up with Norm and the other survivors. The humans were sent back to earth only me, Jake, Norm and about all the other scientist in the Avatar program that survived could stay.

Later that night, the Na'vi gave me and Jake the ritual. Jake and I were now permanently Avatars. THE END!!