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Help me out? Doing a dissertation on Avatar..  Jessetaryn 0 1197 over a year ago
Avatar Questions  akratowi 0 1584 over a year ago
3D  Purplepolik 0 1390 over a year ago
Na'vi vs RDA rp  TheGreekBadAss 2 2917 over a year ago
Songs that go with Avatar.  Channon108 3 2811 over a year ago
Avatar addiction :/  Sp1r1t 57 7997 over a year ago
Has anyone else see this?  LoveEmpireLA 0 1635 over a year ago
Avatar Weekly Quiz  Big_Chill 3 1712 over a year ago
Fan Fiction(later might become a roleplay) Please read  aywahometree 0 688 over a year ago
Paul Frommer's Blog!  WTE 0 819 over a year ago
Happy Anniversary!  Sp1r1t 0 638 over a year ago
Would you rather be a Na'vi or a human?  AvatarLK 6 1899 over a year ago
can someone find these avatar picture for me ?  nutnarukex 7 5549 over a year ago
I NEED INFORMATION!!!!  WTE 4 739 over a year ago
What's Your Favorite..  katrinaparker12 0 737 over a year ago
It's time people.  Sp1r1t 4 909 over a year ago
Profit over people? THE REAL AVATAR TRIBE  dongriakondh 0 854 over a year ago
Word's of the Na'vi  Such-A-Fan 3 3437 over a year ago
Best word to describe contest! {Round 5}  mswaldass 50 3563 over a year ago
tattoos  iggy13 4 3830 over a year ago
This club has reached 666 fans!  Sp1r1t 19 845 over a year ago
PR: Music From the Films of James Cameron  cinemedia 1 1193 over a year ago
Avatar launch at HMV 25th April 2010  the_lman 1 1072 over a year ago
PR: Film Music 2009  cinemedia 0 498 over a year ago
An awesome 3D Movie taken place in Avatar Pandora in Virtual World  indymajere 0 546 over a year ago
My thoughts on Avatar.  Mcmadness 23 876 over a year ago
Its funny how Avatar is supposed to be the largest grossing film of all time but..  Mcmadness 51 1800 over a year ago
James Cameron's Message in Avatar  burnenjoy 5 688 over a year ago
Na'vi Language  Pandoras_Spirit 5 1814 over a year ago
Avatar not showing in IMAX anymore.  Sp1r1t 0 490 over a year ago
MY icon  Avatargeek 1 609 over a year ago
Avatar Movie Review  julia0345 0 510 over a year ago
Avatar Movie Script - The real thing!  NewMoonJacob 2 1274 over a year ago
Similar World  savetheearth 2 607 over a year ago
Im am Avatar  pestario 2 348 over a year ago
Yay! New icon!  Sp1r1t 0 625 over a year ago
So guys...  Sp1r1t 0 803 over a year ago
Avatar in 2-D  Sp1r1t 10 1311 over a year ago
I Saw the Movie for New Years  dianacarr5678 1 587 over a year ago