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Opinion by PeterMWou posted 21 days ago
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Hello, LBS

I will all of you that I think MTV VMA wants Avril Lavigne appearing on MTV VMA back.

Last year, Avril Lavigne gives props to Miley Cyrus’s VMA Performance and claims that she’s young & expressing herself. Let's not forget Miley Cyrus performing her awful We Can't Stop with Robin Thicke after he sings his overrated Blurred Lines. Stupid Blurred Lines and We Can't Stop. Let's continue.

It’s what everyone’s talking about since MTV aired its infamous Video Music Awards last year about Miley Cyrus‘s provocative and edgy performance with Robin Thicke. The same performance where NSYNC was reunite and Lady Gaga and Katy Perry performs Applause and Roar. Kelly Clarkson called the performance ‘pitchy’ and critics have ripped apart the We Can’t Stop singer for the awkward, racy nature of the performance.

Even Taylor Swift hated that performance when she was sitting next to Selena Gomez. This is why MTV needs to bring back MTV VMA Avril Lavigne appearance. Stupid Miley Cyrus.
Opinion by PeterMWou posted 23 days ago
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Hello, Little Black Stars. It’s time to talk about why rock music stations needs to play Avril Lavigne songs. I hope you enjoy it.

Now, as you may know that pop music stations are getting tired of Avril Lavigne. So what we need for Avril Lavigne is move her music to rock music stations this year that way pop music can finally get out of Avril Lavigne for good.

So in order for rock radio to play Avril Lavigne, here’s a good suggestion, never ever play Girlfriend, What The Hell or Hello Kitty on rock radio. That means, Girlfriend or Goodbye Lullaby singles like Smile cannot be played on rock radio. Rock radio can play Here’s To Never Growing Up and Rock N Roll, but no Girlfriend/What The Hell/Smile. Also, never play Hello Kitty on rock radio. Without Hello Kitty, Avril Lavigne’s music will remain safe on rock radio. Let’s continue.

The reason I think rock radio can play Avril Lavigne’s hits rather than on pop radio is because pop radio can’t stand her bratty songs like What The Hell. On rock radio, Avril Lavigne songs like Complicated and I’m With You can be played on rock radio non-stop without any problems.
Opinion by PeterMWou posted 1 month ago
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As you all know that we spent a weekend listening to only Avril Lavigne albums to figure out where it all went wrong.

It’s hardly surprising when a pop star becomes a punchline. A life in the public eye is challenging at the best of times, let alone in a digital age when scorn and mockery are easy tactics to cope with mass culture’s persistent attempts to tell us what to buy/consume/listen to. Some pop stars manage to rebound from the jokes; others get buried under them.

The punchlines have been chasing Avril Lavigne for some time now. They’re inevitable when Avril Lavigne suddenly announce her engagement to probably the most readily mocked individual in Canadian music which is Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, and her declining sales and staid rebellion image haven’t helped matters. But it took a particularly dreadful single and a dose of cultural appropriation for the punchlines to coalesce into a full-blown TKO where Avril Lavigne's new Hello Kitty video is terrible and pretty racist.