♥♥Love her smile! ♥♥
Punk/pop rockstar Avril Lavigne reveals the secret that after her first fragrance 'Black Star', she is going to introduce her new fragrance named "Forbidden rose"

Many of Avril's fans, female especially, have anticipated her follow-up fragrance to last year's "Black Star". In a brand new interview with Kyle and Jackieo, she unveils the name of her second fragrance as well as explaining the process of creating a perfume. She says her second fragrance is titled "Forbidden Rose" which is an extension to Black Star's message, and says the advertising campaign is a Gothic-like garden with a black rose.

I'm sure this fragrance is going to be as good as Black star! Its a purple coloured perfume and she is holding a rose in her hand as do she hold a star in her hand at the advertisement of Black star perfume!

She is looking gorgeous and here's a picture for you!
♥♥♥She is looking gorgeous♥♥♥