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The fans pick: The one with his son
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unicorn41 said …
I really miss this show and hate nbc for what they have done. Posted over a year ago
HHR08 commented…
I agree. My Thursday nights seem bland now :P over a year ago
HHR08 said …
Okay, that finale was CHILLINGLY good. It was perfect. I'm upset we won't be getting a second season (since they could have done so much more with the show and the storyline) but at least we got a definite ending. I was happy Michael got to be with his family again and I loved the whole "dream within a dream" concept. I can only hope this show is picked up by another network but regardless I'm happy to have known about this show and glad to call it one of the best I have ever seen. I'll miss it. Posted over a year ago
unicorn41 said …
I just got through watching the last episode of Awake and it was the best one of all. They technically ended the show but also left it open for another season or two. I can only pray that another network picks it up and continues it. I am so glad that I taped all the shows for season one. I will really miss this and getting to see Jason each week. Thank you Jason for a great show and your wonderful acting. Hope to see you soon. Posted over a year ago