Everywhere I go, I hear, "Axl is washed up!" or, "He's a douche!" or something along those lines! But why? What did he ever do to you? "I'm a small town white boy, just tryin to make ends meet!" There we go! He's not trying to hurt anyone! He's making an honest living!

Yes, he's sensitive, n' yes, he's started a few fights, but who hasn't? No one can say that they're absolutely perfect n' have done nothing wrong! Aren't we all really sensitive? You might not want to admit it, but we all are!

N' if you're in this group n' ur actin like u jus love him, but then u go n' say all this bad stuff about him, get out! There's a few songs especially 4 u! "Shotgun Blues" N' "Get in the Ring"!

Axl is a human! He's made mistakes! I can't deny that! But so have I, so have you! We've all made mistakes! So why do we add so much more onto Axl? Give him a break already! You know all that he's been through? Do you think he needs anymore? No! I don't think so! Axl is an individual n' should be praised, not worshipped, 4 it! He dared to be different, to not be like everyone else in a world full of Bon Jovis!

So if anyone disagrees or agrees w/ me on this, please tell me! Axl is a loving guy n' he cares about all his fans! So why should u act like this? N' not all people are like this, so thxs 2 the ones who agree w/ me.

Axl is amazing! The world would be Hell w/out him! Be thankful that you've been alive while he is so you could see his genius!