She died exactly 6 years before i was born, as she died on my b-day i know the story of Aya Kito will remain in my heart forever.
Who is Aya Kito?

you may not know who this girl is.

too me she is the most inspiring person i have read about, to me her diary is up there with Anne Franks. i'm going to type up her diary in english soon too.

BTW BEFORE YOU READ... my spelling is not too good and somtimes i miss words/letters by mistake, my appologoes in adavance!

Aya was a very bright, hardworking student, throughout her disease her doctor yamamoto, reported her as a very positive willing patient, even though her death was inevenetble.
aya's life

she was an ordinary happy school girl, when she was 14 she studied hard too go to a private school. just before going herself and her mum noticed a few strange things...

1 aya had fallen over and not used her hands to catch herself (which everyone does atomaticaly when they fall)

2 aya swayed when she walked

3 aya had lost wieght

4 she was quite clumsy

aya had many tests done including a cat scan. she was given medicine and returned home. what she didnt relize was that she had spinecerebellar ataxia, and that her life would be changed forever. during the disease she had to motivate herself and cope with way the cruel world treated handicaps, she never quite accepted the fact she was disabled and fought till death. she always beleived there would be a cure.
She waas never greedy or wantfull, and yet she was treated harshly, even by 1 of her caregivers (who help look after her at the hospital)
her main outlet was her diary, she wrote some wonderful poetry and maintained her life the best she could. not long before her death mum organised her diary from just before the diagnosis and symptoms of the disease started up untill now when she was bedridden, seens she could no longer write her mum thought releasing this would allow her to complete one of her biggest goals (to help peopple, which her diary did ad it gave hope to those with diseases and handicaps), her life was not a waste and it raised awerness of how people treaat phyciacly challanged and of the disease it's self. The diary was then published with two extra chapters by her mum and one by her doctor, Dr. Yamamoto, who she had bonded closley with over the years and became like a second mum.

Spinocerebellar Ataxia

this disease is a progressive disease, which means it gets worse over time. our brain are made of millions of nerve cells, and ten times that amount of normal cells. In our brain their is a part called the 'cerebellum' this part controls our control. it's the bit we use to move our arms, legs, mouth ect it's also conected to our spinal cord, our spinal cord make us move automatical when our body is danger, eg you touch somthing to hot you move your hand away without thinking about it.

this picture shows the cerebellum (inside red circle) in two different people, the one on the right is a healthy one, this stays like this for all our lives, the one on the left is rapidly ''shrinking'' and there are clearly less neurons.

when people have SCA (spino...) the nerve cells in the cerebellum are destroyed, no one knows why the cells do this, but without them you can't control the body. as they are lost a bit at a time the victim slowly looses the ability to use their bodies a bit at a time.

... and the nerves in the spine help with reflex actions.
it is a very cruel disease, while the victim looses their body their minds stay perfectly intact. this means they become sesitive to the way they are treated.

once aya was in the hospital toilets a women took in her little boy who was being naughty, the women pionted at aya and said '' if you don't behave you will become like her'' not to mention she couldnt go outside her home or hospital without being stared at.

aya went from difficultied in walking, to having to use a wheelchair, loosing her speech, the loosing her ability to stand, the last thing she could do was wirte after she could no longer hold a pen she was bedridden (she could only lay and barley move). she fell into a coma and died aat 25 yers 10 months old.

she died in the early 80s there was no cure. in 2007, very very recently, a university hospital in china discovered the use of stem cells as treatment, it is not clear yet wether it can completely cure the disease but it does make an icredable difference. one man could hardly walk, she struggled even with support, but after stem cell treatment he could walk fairly steadily all on his own.

aya and mum, near the end she could barley move, here is a bored with the alphabet she used to communicate, it was very slow and exaughsting, despite being bedridden her mind was perfectly clear and she had no ways of exspressing her deepest emotions


This is a cover for Aya's diary, it was released when she was 23 and gave hope to thousands of handicaps, and many other people like me!
about her diary...

she always had a diary but her doctor required her to keep one and record any syptoms. as she slowly lost control of her body her hand writting got messy. by the time she was 19 she continued to write but it was not possible to read. her mum finished her diary and got the doctor to write a chpater. the book was released when aya was 23, it made it into national news and aya finally completed her lifes wish... to help people somthing beleived in the end she would never have the ability to do. sje often wrote ' i want to help in somekind of way, i just think of one i have the ability to do' she never relized she was writing one of the most inspiring books of all time. sadly she died two years later and the book was rereleased with one more chapter by her mum and the publisher of the book. the book is inspriing, especially for me a person with a very dull and hazey look on life aya has made me relize how i should gratefull have the ability to use my hands.

Cover for the boxset of the 11 episode drama. i found it on youtube with the english subtitles...
the drama series...

i watched all 11 episodes wich can be found on youtube with english subtitles. its based on her diary but isn't that accurate, characters and events had been changed and they made up a character callled asou who fell in love with aya.
the piont in asou was that because they couldnt just film somone writting in a book they used him for aya to exspress her true feelings (she only did this in her diary so asou kind of replaces that) also the love story gives some hope.
also one of her brothers is missing...

when watching the series i kept thinking she was goin to be cured, it pulls you in with thier hope for aya, it wasnt till the tenth episode i knew that she was just going to die.

The cover for the film 'A litre of tears' i also watched this online on a movie streaming site.
the film...

the film is great it is much more accurate than the drama series and made me cry more than the drama stories, its about an hour or two i cant renmber that i watched online too. it sticks to the pionts in the diary and doesnt have all the in depth extra storie like the drama series.

over all...

i like both the drama and the film both made me cry, both were intresting. wich one you watch i guess depends on how much time you have. the book is also great i have a copy in english which ill type up on here chapter ny chpater starting with the very last entry then starting from beggining.


aya was an amazing girl, her book 1 litre of tears gave hope to many others, while the drama, 1 litre of tears and the film a litre of tears made the disease well known and raised money for her family and for charity. she beleived she would survive and deeply loved her mum. she was often sad but took pleasure in such simply things like, makeovers, being able to read books, taking baths and other trivial things. if she were diagnosed today she would probabley survive, then it was her effort over two decades ago that brought her diease too light.

You can see the sweetness and intelegence, she was tenderhearted and never demanding although she deeply wished that she did not have to die, in her diary she once said ''i want to build i time machien and go back in time''

this is my favourite part from her diary;

“It’s ok if you fall,
You can just get up again,
While your down why not look up at the sky?
The blue sky spreads across above you,
Can you see it smiling at you?
Your alive.”

i wish i could thank her for how she had changed my life and one day in the far furture i know i will.

rest in peace aya-chan!