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Group without Akihisa
Lol look at Kouta and Minami!!!
Kawaii !!!
Kawaii !!!
Kawaii !!!
Group Picture! <3
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The fans pick: 2-Hideyoshi
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saiko1 said …
I have just finished watching baka and test and joined this club. But I am still confused so is it akihisa x himeji or akihisa x minami in the end?????? Posted 2 days ago
theclassIdiot commented…
Currently, we cannot say, since as far as we know of, the anime is still ongoing (animenewsnetwork said so ething about FUNimation announcing that Greg Ayres will be voicing Kouta). I can't really say the same for the light novels though, and I rather not tell you what I heard since I don't want to spoil it for you. 17 hours ago
saiko1 commented…
it is okay i want to know abt e light novels. i like spoilers 4 hours ago
theclassIdiot commented…
Although everyone I asked said at the novels didn't end, some of them said that Akihisa and Himeji confessed to each other. Basically, there's one more volume (besides volume 12.5) 2 hours ago
theclassIdiot said …
Holy crap, I forgot Yuuji's birthday is on April 1st. Well, I guess happy birthday? Posted 7 days ago
theanimeperson said …
So here's the thing:
I want people to stop shipping Himeji and Akihisa. ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN OKAY?! Minami and Akihisa love each other!!!! Plus (please dont get mad at me for this *does puppy eyes*) but Himeji pisses me off. She's a goody too shoes and little miss perfect and has a "sexy" body. But poor Minami can't read Kanji and is flat chested so she comes off as dumb and unattractive. But that's not true Akihisa really likes her. Who agrees with me?! (sorry if this offended you) Posted 10 days ago
theclassIdiot commented…
I could agree with you. I didn't read this comment before reading some of the other stuff you said, and it seems like you got quite the argument. If I may, I would like to add something to this. Throughout the series, Akihisa begins to grow rather distance to Himeji because of a numerous of reasons; deadly cooking skills, the infamous volume 8, etc. However, this doesn't mean that she doesn't have a chance, it's only slight. About a 2% chance the author would have these two get together. This is one of the reasons why Akihisa starts getting closer to Minami, volume 4 being a big player, along with a few moments from volume 7 that shows their friendship evolving, and numerous of other volumes. The only one that doesn't support this pairing would be volume 1, and this is because the author was very new to writing and the fact that Akihisa was still kind of distant with Minami, to the point where Minami still call Akihisa "Yoshii" and Akihisa call Minami by her surname (family name or 8 days ago
theclassIdiot commented…
last name) Shimada. 8 days ago
theclassIdiot commented… Sorry, the link appeared on two lines. Please just copy and paste the link above. 7 days ago