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bassXP said …
Why does every anime makes heart broken? I want Aki and Minami to end up as a coupled, but he kinda end up with Barbie doll!(Himeji) according to the light novel! Guys is this true!? Posted 10 months ago
bassXP commented…
My bad typing error 10 months ago
VocaChan commented…
Yes, it's true. 6 months ago
AkihisaYoshii said …
Has anyone seen kouta running around last time I saw him he was setting up cameras in the girls changing room Posted over a year ago
AkihisaYoshii commented…
Never mind found him in a pool of blood in the classroom over a year ago
saiko1 said …
I have just finished watching baka and test and joined this club. But I am still confused so is it akihisa x himeji or akihisa x minami in the end?????? Posted over a year ago
theclassIdiot commented…
Currently, we cannot say, since as far as we know of, the anime is still ongoing (animenewsnetwork said so ething about FUNimation announcing that Greg Ayres will be voicing Kouta). I can't really say the same for the light novels though, and I rather not tell you what I heard since I don't want to spoil it for you. over a year ago
saiko1 commented…
it is okay i want to know abt e light novels. i like spoilers over a year ago
theclassIdiot commented…
Wow, I did a typo. "To add in to my findings…" over a year ago