It was a week after Dan's confession. Billy was still recovering from the broken leg Dan had caused. It was the end of the gangs trip. tomorrow they all would go home. Dan was out on the balcony staring up at the sky. Runo then walked over. "you okay Dan?" runo was very concerned about Dan ever since they had confessed their love. "yeah I'm okay runo" Dan looked at runo and saw the look in her eyes so he smiled. "don't worry just because we are heading home tomorrow doesn't mean we have to be away from each other." "yeah i guess so" runo was faking a smile so dan couldn't see how upset she was. "runo come on i no you better than that, what's wrong?" Dan could see the pain in her eyes. "well ever since shun found out we confessed he keeps asking, when you and dan gonna kiss, and I'm sick and tired of it." "oh, well just ignore him" "I've tried!" "oh..." then right as he smiled an idea began to form. "well i guess its my fault he is teasing me because he knows that i get angry very .." she was cut off short by Dan who had kissed her. Shun was walking past to go see Alice when he saw them on the balcony kissing. his jaw flew open and he ran as fast as he could to alice's room. "alice you won't believe what i just saw!" he was exhausted from the running. "what did you see?" asked julie who was in the room next door and now was standing in the door way. "I saw Dan...and...Runo...KISSING on the balcony!" He was breathing very hard waiting for his breathing to come back to normal. "NO WAY!" Julie squealed of excitement. "what's with the screaming?" Billy asked as he came down the hall. "Dan and Runo finally kissed!" Squealed julie. "now shun and alice don't feel so awkward with kissing!" Said julie "um..." maybe it was time to tell the gang that he and alice never really kissed. Will shun tell them and face the embarrassment or will he go along with it and eventually he and alice will kiss!?