The next morning Dan woke up and found a note on the couch's arm.
"I went to the park to see Chan-Lee. She seemed really happy when she called this morning. I haven't seen her in a while so this will be great. Me, Julie, Alice, and Chan-Lee are going to be hanging out today so you and the other guys can hang out."

Dan sighs and goes up stairs to get changed. He then hears knocking at his door. So Dan goes down stairs and answers the door. "hi dan" joe was in a really good mood for some reason. "hi" Dan was really confused now. "why are you here?" Joe just smiled. "this is the reason" joe goes and picks up the note from the couch. "Chan-Lee and i are getting married and Runo, Julie, and Alice are helping her while you will help me" Dan was wide awake. "why me?" Joe sighed. "because i want you to be my best man" Dan just started laughing. "your joking right?" Joe got really mad. "yes i'm joking i'm not getting married i'm going to visit santa during his wedding! No i'm not joking Dan!" Dan grew silent. "i'm sorry for yelling Dan but the wedding gives off a lot of stress" Dan smiled. "it's ok i'll help you with the wedding and i will be the best man" Joe smiled. "Thanks Dan" Dan shook his head. "it's really no big deal, Joe"