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lumforever said …
Just bought Volume #14 yesterday. Everyone,


Bringing in the new rival like that was just amazing. The series is getting better and better every month. Volume 4 is definitely my favorite so far. This volume is a must read. Can't wait for next month's volume ~ Posted over a year ago
lumforever commented…
*Volume 14 is definetly my favorite so far. over a year ago
kakukun commented…
agreed! :D Nanamine's arc was one of the best! over a year ago
lumforever commented…
@kakukun Definetly my favorite of the Arc's so far. :) over a year ago
lumforever said …
The Manga is finally finished. 20 volumes in all. In America the 20th volume will be released March 1st 2013. So far, There is only 14 out. Can't wait to see Mashiro and Miho get married!! ^____^ Posted over a year ago
firerose4457 said …
Im at the part where Takagi is asking Kaya's dad for permission to marry her ! i love this series ! Posted over a year ago