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News by bannerman posted over a year ago
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did anyone notice that there was a mistakes in balto 2? aleu in the adoption scene was colored redlike her brothers and sisters then in another scene back to her true color. then there is jenna that i have cirlced iside her ears are black then they turn back to her true right color. in the next scene . then there is the mistake when aleu was just a baby she had jenna's marking then when she grew up she had balto's markings i circled that mistake.also could this be on purpose was alue ment to look lke jenna not balto ? color and and all? or was she supposed to look like blato with jenna markings? so many qestions are not answered on this topic what do you think? comment below please
Fan fiction by Kitsune32 posted over a year ago
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A/N This is my first Balto fanfiction. I decided to do a fanfic about Mel and Dipsy the two dogs introduced in Balto 3: Wings of Change. I was sort of wondering why no one made a fanfic out of this two. So here it is. It takes place a week or two after the third film. This first chapter may seem lacking but I guarantee it'll get better . Enjoy.

Chapter 1: A Love Not Yet Recognized

In a general store in Nome, a plump dog named Dipsy was eating beef jerky. She normally stole some from the supplies, but she would at least give them to her friends...well sometimes. Once she finished eating, she picked up some other pieces of jerky and headed to the post office to meet up with her childhood friend Mel. She had met him while they were young pups. She had always consider him like her best friend. Once she went inside she saw Mel waking up. "Hey Mel brought ya some breakfast," Dipsy said as she dropped the jerky on the floor. "Thanks," Mel said as he began to eat the beef jerky. Mel always liked Dipsy despite all her quirks and the same could be said for Dipsy. Normal their personalities would cause them to despise each other, but they actually get along easy....
Fan fiction by SorenGuardian1 posted over a year ago
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Sorenguardian1 is muah and i have Dibs on Balto, No one may rp as Balto, in this rp it will take place in the comments, take turns and continously refresh the page.

Open Characters:

The Trickster (fox from Balto II wolf quest)


Also i will begin this rp once all the characters have been claimed,

Setting: Nome, AK 1926, Summer
After the serum run (obviously)
Other places: Anchorage, Nenana

Fan fiction by SorenGuardian1 posted over a year ago
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"Your not Touching this crate Alive!"
Within blades of white snow under a setting sky, the clouds holding plumes of a gentle gold sun, Balto sharply drew in the wind. He noticed the light the background, a shimmering star hidden within the trees of a mountain valley as well as the frosty blizzard.
Balto darted across the valley edge drawing closer to the lone twinkling on the light. Star was the first to spot Balto as he spoke the wolfdog's name, the other dogs looked and seemed thankful to see the wolfdog for once, all except Steele.
Steele snarled darkly to himself standing to watch the mutt look around. His eyes glared to the musher- Still unconsious- he realized that he still had the chance to be a hero, "Is anyone hurt?" Balto asked calmly. The wolfdog glanced around at all the dogs, noting the Unconcious musher.
"Everyone...is...FINE" Steele snarled darkly, feeling the snow pelt his muzzle. He seemed to turn, "What Are...YOU...doing here!?" he snarled darkly again, "Well I came to lead you home" Balto lifted the line connected to the sled, Beginning to tug it with him. He knew the musher was injured.
Fan fiction by SorenGuardian1 posted over a year ago
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a Balto Fanfiction, All characters copyrighted to Universal Studio's and Walt Disney.
            Characters being used for chapter 1:
Balto: Wolfdog cross breed between a Wolf and a husky, He has a very Valiant personality and is seen as one of a hero's personality and a prefect lover, as a wolf pup he stumbled away from his mother and was taken in by a goose named Boris. Who raised him in a shipwrecked boat near the small town Nome, He later began to face the challenge of being accepted in Nome as other than a wolf, or a stray. He was the hero to make sure the medicine got to the children during the epidemic, for that the town began to respect him all except steele.

Steele: Steele a pure Breed Malamute husky, he towers above most huskys in everthing including his pedigree, he was born and rasied to lead the sled team to bring mail from other towns back to nome, He has a very Cocky, Pushy, personality and he is always trying to seduce jenna and get under her tail, he belives that no pure breed husky like jenna should love such a mutt as balto.
Article by Creatanimal posted over a year ago
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Important Note: This has completely NOTHING to do with Balto. I just wanted to share a story.

Ariak was a wolf pup who wasn't loved by her parents. One day, she met a girl named Rochelle and a chick named Apok. They were always together, until one day Rochelle went back home. Ariak went back to her home where her brother Jasovu was waiting for her. He told her to run away from home. They both did. When Ariak saw a river, she said,"Hey, isn't this a great place for swimming?" Jasovu shook his head and said, "Not during a storm." They went in anyways. "Jasovu? Hello? You there?" He wasn't. Then, Ariak drowned in the river.
When she recovered she was again on dry land. She couldn't call it a "strange place" because it was beautiful. Then she came face to face with the biggest, gray wolf she had ever seen. She stepped back. The wolf just said, "Hello." His name was Labot, and he was like a dad to Ariak ever since.
Years later, three wolves in the pack were eating their lunch, when suddenly, a strange wolf jumped up and snatched a piece of their food. "Ariak!" She was smiling, but her face was all messy and her smile was a mischievous...
Opinion by Lancewing1994 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 4

The next morning, Kodi and Dingo have eaten breakfast and were now on their way back home. They were mostly talking about how they were going to explain to Balto that two of his daughters mated with two wolves and are about to begin a clan.

When Kodi and Dingo finally got home, they were greeted by Balto and Jenna. "We found them," Kodi said.

Balto asked, "Where are they?"

"Out there," Kodi answered looking into the horizon.

Jenna began to ask, "Are they-"

"No," Dingo answered, "But I don't think they could be any happier."

Another month has passed, and the two couples had their first litters. Saba gave birth to two girls and one boy while Kiona gave birth to two boys and one girl. Saba's oldest pup was Wildfire. He had his mother's colors, except with Aleu's eyes. He has proven to be a real hot-head. Saba's older daughter was Dreamer. She had her mother's patterns and eyes, but her father's colors. She was named that because she often liked to daydream. Their youngest was Jenny. She was shy, and she was named because she looked exactly like Jenna.
Fan fiction by Lancewing1994 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 3

Two months have passed since Saba and Kiona were rescued. They later became mates to Nava and Niju and they were now expecting the beginnings of a clan.

In another part of wilderness, two sled dogs were searching in the snow for Saba and Kiona. They were their brothers, Kodi and Dingo.

Kodi sniffed the air. "Do you smell that," he asks.

Dingo looks up and sniffs the air as well. He replies, "Yes. There's no mistaking this. It's our sisters!"

"At last!"

They soon follow the scent which leads to Saba and Kiona. Once they got there, they saw their two sisters lying in the opening of the den. Kodi and Dingo walk up to them. "Do you see what I see, brother," Kodi says allowing the girls to hear him.

"Yes. I see what appears to be our sisters," Dingo answers, "But how can that be? They disappeared for months.

Saba responds, "Kodi? Dingo?"

Kodi and Dingo jump out from behind a bush. Soon, Saba and Kiona run up to them. "I can't believe it," Dingo says, "How did you get here?"
Fan fiction by Lancewing1994 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 2

Kiona was now waking up. The first thing she heard was distinct chattering. She gets up and walks outside. She sees Saba talking with Nava and Niju. Saba was the first to notice Kiona. “Good morning,” Saba says to her, “I hope you slept well.”

“I did, I guess,” Kiona replied. She looks at the two wolves. “Who are they?”

“My name is Nava, and this is my companion, Niju. We were the ones who rescued you.”

“Really? Thank you.” Kiona walks off.

“Where are you going,” Saba asks.

“Home. My human is probably frantic looking for me.”

“But we owe them our lives. We have to stay.”

“How can we trust them? They’re wolves!”

“But we are part-wolf. We are probably no different from them.”

“Our sister isn’t.”

“I know we aren’t as adventurous as Aleu, but we need to be here.”

“Wait. Aleu is your sister,” Niju asks.
Fan fiction by Lancewing1994 posted over a year ago
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Lost and Found
Chapter 1

Deep in Alaska, a blizzard was taking place. It was the fiercest blizzard anyone has ever seen. Even sled dogs can get separated easily, and that is what happens to two of them right now. Two sisters were separated from their team. They don’t know how it happened, nor did they know where this blizzard came from, but all they knew was that they were lost beyond all hope.

Saba, who was red with white highlights, was staying close to her sister, Kiona, who was like Saba, except she had some red fur around her eyes like a raccoon. Kiona says to her sister, “It’s hopeless. We are never going to get out of this blizzard.”

Saba responds saying, “You can’t give up now. We will find our team.”

Kiona collapses in the snow. “No. Don’t you get it? WE ARE LOST! OUR TEAM IS ELSEWHERE! IT’S HARD TO SEE THROUGH THIS STORM! FACE IT, WE ARE BETTER OFF DEAD! You can continue, but my journey ends here.”
Opinion by IAmWolfgirl99 posted over a year ago
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Balto and Jenna Vs. Steele
BY IAmWolfgirl99-- NO STEALING THIS!!!!

The Final Battle
(Land: big piece of land held in the sky by a little "pole" of land with two boats and a long fall down...)

"Well, well, looks like we have a problem here." steele snickered.
"No, Steele! You're the only problem this world has!" Jenna growled.
Jenna shook off the the scarf around her neck and tied it round Balto's neck.
"Take this if anything happens to me..." she whispered in a low voice.
"Jenna..." Balto couldn't protest.
She turned around and faced Steele. They ran towards each other and collided. They wrestled each other, biting and growling. Jenna wrestled herself on top. Steele threw her off. She flew through the air and fell on her side. She got back on her feet with a snarl, wincing.
Steele let out an angry growl as he saw her get up. He ran towards her, smirking.
Jenna panted, still recovering. She didn't notice him and Steele threw her against a tree. Her head hit it and she slid to the ground, whimpering.
Fan fiction by simmy240 posted over a year ago
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It's a sunny day in Oklahoma Texas and humfury is watching the cars passing his house then Kate walks up to him "the plane will take off soon we need to see them going off"
" why "
" because Jenna is my sister "
" yeah she's my sister-in-law"
" grrrrrrr " 
" oh fine FINE "
so they went to the airport they arrived just in time to see the plane take off 
" I'm calling a cab okay I'm heading to the gym with kodi " humfury said quietly 
" ehh why can't you take your own car? Is there something wrong with it?"
" it broke down "
" okay " 
" nooooww where's my iPhone " repiled humfury 
At the gym humfury met his dad-in-law Winston 
" ugh what are you and kodi doing at MY gym?"
" working ou-"
" Well where closing now "
"ehhh" kodi said
At the bar humfury was getting a beer and wine of kodi he wondered why kodi wanted wine and a bottle of wine to bring home
Article by infoforyou posted over a year ago
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I was doing some internet research when found something interesting and want you to attend the request of the author of the report. (article below)


  Jan 10, 2010, 12:07 PM
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Balto 4: Legends Never Die...    
This is a project I've been working on for I think 5 years now and I just found this site and I hope this is a big advantage to the new Balto 4 but Im not making the film I just need help to influence Amblin Entertainment ,Universal Studios/pictures and all the other stuff that made the Balto trilogy and get them to make another. But I know that they said there is not going to be a Balto 4.I need alot of help with this project you know I am trying to find these contacts from the Balto cast ALL the cast from ALL the movies and the voice talents and the new characters.I have been working on one character old but now new and very shocking to know...Balto's brothers Keine...But I have been writing journals of the story but it takes place in the prequel to the first and second then starts going to the third and then everything you will start...
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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The Alpha and Omega characters part with the Balto characters.

Star was out walking in drizzle.
“Damn, I hate rain!”
He got back tot the house. Master Chief was there.
“Bob, seriously.”
“Never mind.”
Star went in.
“I’m going to kill you rasta!” Kate said in her sleep.
In her dream, she was trying to kill these things that look like Grunts but she didn’t know what they are.
Kate jumped up.
“You ok?”
“I’m having dreams that I’m not safe now that Humphrey’s gone.”
Kaltag came.
“What’s up?”
Kate grunted.
“Hey Kaltag, since Humphrey’s gone, can you come with me to the hospital when delivering pups?”
Star’s phone rang.
“This is the Travis Air Force Base hospital.”
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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Humphrey, Star, and Kaltag go to school again.

Kaltag, Star and Humphrey got up and remembered they need to go to school.
“Crap, we didn’t go to school yesterday!” Star said.
“We had driving school,” Kaltag replied.
“Do you think they’ll excuse us?”
“Probably, we’ll have to bring our slips.”
“Wait, but Humphrey doesn’t have one.”
“We got to make sure he could be excused.”
They got to school. When they got to school, they went to the office.
“Here’s our slips for driving school.”
“Alright you two are excused.”
“He was with us and we took him and…”
“That’s his problem, go to class.”
“No buts, go to class. As for you, you get detention.”
“Wait, I know of a way to make it up to you at lunch.”
“Alright, if you fail, you get suspended.”
At lunch time, Humphrey was standing in the middle of the area.
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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The 11 dogs go to the driving school.

Humphrey, Star, and Kaltag got up and woke all the dogs.
“Kaltag you drive the Charger I’ll drive the Armada.” Star said.
“Hey, we have to find Tony, Garth, and Winston. And they don’t have Phones.”
“We’re going to have to do it the old way.”
Kaltag got out and howled. They heard a shitty howl.
They heard a howl, then a yelp.
“Tony that means the next one is Winton.”
Winston howled.
“Wait, didn’t Garth sound like he was near Dutch’s house?”
They came to Dutch’s house and rang the doorbell. Garth answered.
“I see you’re rubbing it in by living here.”
“Never mind.”
Lilly came.
“Hey honey, what’s going on?”
“Star and Kaltag are at the door.”
“Get in and we’ll take you to driving school.”
They all gathered together.
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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Star, Humphrey, Kaltag and the other at least 50 dogs get home. By the way I found out the names of the 3 Omegas Humphrey hangs out with.

Star and Humphrey were relieved they were out of it.
“After that, I need some pepperoni, HOTPOCKETS!!!” Star said.
Humphrey was flying at least 10,000 ft above the hurricane.
“Damn, that’s an awesome view!”
Star came back.
“This is good, want a bite?”
Humphrey took a bite.
“Am I in heaven?”
“It’s that good.”
Kate came and knocked on the door.
“Hey Star, since you say driving school is so much better than Alpha school, why don’t you take me there next time you go?”
“Not driving school, Halo driving school.”
“Oh, it matters, anyway take me there.”
They got home.
“SMF is where we have to land because our car’s there. We also have to rent a bus,” Star said.
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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This story, Star, Kaltag, and Balto go with Kate and Humphrey back to their pack. Some of the actions in this story are very similar to the events on Alpha and Omega.

Kaltag was on the Continental website to get tickets.
“Let’s see, flight out of SMF to SIC.”
Note: There is no SIC in the area in Canada they’re flying into.
“Star, Kate, Humphrey, I got tickets!”
“Sweet, what airline?”
“Continental airlines.”
“Sweet! What aircraft?”
“A 737-900ER.”
“A 737 from California to Canada?”
“It’s nothing, these things are heavy duty flying craft.”
“Hey, wanna play Black Ops before we leave?”
“Screw you, it’s awesome!”
“As good as Halo Reach?”
“Better graphics.”
“True, but when you look down do you see your character’s legs?”
“Hey, we need another ODST to come with us, should Nikki come?”
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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We now take back to the events of the last story. This take place immediately after the story.

“Finally non fake porn without cleavage!” Kaltag said.
Star was laying down.
“Why are you enjoying this?”
“I’m watching Balto take the heat!”
“Ima go to bed now.”
Steele jumped on top of the Impala. In one leap, he landed on Aniu.
“Stop raping our son!”
“You’re the one who turned on him during the Diphtheria scare!”
“Steele’s my dad?” Balto asked.
Steele climbed on Aniu.
“Coem on!” Kaltag yelled.
“Yawn,” Star said.
“This are not making me happy face!”
“Kaltag, go to bed!”
Aniu disappeared.
“Son, you ok?”
“You’re my dad?”
“Yes, I am.”
Kaltag and Star got up the next morning. It was Star’s turn to drive.
“Hey Star, I never asked you, are you gay?”
“Yes, totally!”
“Oh God!”
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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Again, this isn’t during the time period of the last story. This is before the actual Balto movie. This story is long.

UNSC database: We need 6 dogs to become ODST’s.
Nome: Alright, we have 6 dogs in mind, we will send them up.
UNSC database: Thank you.
Nome: Why are we using telegraphs when we have cell phones?
UNSC database: I don’t know.
“Hey, Nikki, Star, Kaltag, you’re coming with me to become ODST’s!” Steele yelled.
“You know Balto’s coming too right?” Kaltag said.
“Are you serious!?”
“Yes, so is Jenna.”
Steele howled for a call for Balto.
“Dude, get a cell phone.”
“Screw you!”
A Pelican came to pick up the dogs.
“Wait, I have to tell Ralph where I’m going,” Star said.
“No time, get in!”
“Ralph will kill me!”
“So will I if you don’t get in that Pelican!” Steele yelled.
Star stood low to the ground with his tail between his legs.
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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This takes place 30 minutes after the last one.

Dutch pulled up to his driveway.
“Here we are. Back in Vacaville.”
Tony was out and Bella and Sola were still asleep. Dutch put the boat in the position where it’s supposed to go. He got back to his house.
“So, is it nice to be home?”
At about 11:00 pm Dutch got a call from Buck, the leader of his squad.
“Dutch, we need you, we need all the remaining ODST’s over here!”
“Alright, I have a few ODSTD’s with me too.”
“Alright, send them with you.”
“Star, Kaltag, you’re coming with me to go on an ODST mission. Humphrey, Kate, you’re able to be here alone right?”
Dutch drove to a large warehouse with an elevator that lifted them up into a UNSC Frigate.
“Dutch, good to see you, who are these two?” Buck, the leader asked.
“Well, husky number 1 is Star, and husky number two is Kaltag.”
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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Star, Kaltag, and Humphrey set out on their new, re-bought boat.

Kaltag woke up to a yacht going by.
“Jesus Christ… help me! Please don’t let us get caught by the cops.”
The news came on. Star, Kaltag, and Humphrey heard it on the radio while they were setting out. Millions of people all over the world heard this news cast. Some of it was radio.
“Lord, please tell me they survived that horrible crash!” Dutch yelled
An ambulance came by wailing its siren.
“So, was that a yes or a no?”
It came back with its patient still alive.
“Star, Kaltag!”
“Kaltag! You said you would be ok.”
“Star, don’t die on me, who will help me take care of the pups?”
“God, I really, really like that yellow dog… I know I argue a lot, whether it be Buck, Dutch, possibly that yellow dog, but the only one I won’t argue with is you. Please let that yellow dog survive,” Romeo said.
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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This takes place two days after the last one. By the way I forgot to mention Humphrey and Kate came from the movie Alpha and Omega. Tough luck trying find it because it’s not out.

Kaltag’s phone rang.
“Kaltag, thank God.
“Where are you?”
“I’m at an abandoned airfield, and my plane is almost fixed.”
“Ok, I’ve been worried about you.”
“Well, I’m fine.”
“Thank God!”
Kaltag hung up.
“I have to pee again!” Humphrey said.
“You’re as bad as me!” Star observed.
“She’s fixed and ready to go!” Comet yelled.
“Hey!” Kate yelled.
“Not you!”
“There aren’t any other girls so who else?”
“The plane! We consider it a girl.”
“I have to go!”
“Then go,” Kaltag said.
Humphrey didn’t make it to the bathroom.
“Ahh, dude!”
“Sorry I have bladder problems.”
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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Balto, Star, Kaltag, Nikki, Steele, Max, and Comet go to Seattle, but the trip goes wrong. Boris, Stella, Muk, and Luk appear in this story for the first time, but they die. Again, I wrote the last 3 pages on my plane back to my home state.

Tony was taking the crew to Sacramento airport. On the way, he stopped at a Sonic.
“Now this is genetically different!” Kaltag yelled.
“Best tots ever!” Star added.
Tony took the dogs to the airport. The dogs checked their bags in, Tony got a security pass, then they went to security. Kaltag still had his Cherry Limeade.
“I don’t want to throw this away!”
“Then finish it.”
Kaltag finished the Limeade, then went through security.
“There’s our plane!” Star yelled.
“It’s a 700!” Kaltag added.
“You’re right, it has winglets,” Balto said.
“It could also be a 300, but I know it’s a 700 because it has red on the wing.”
The 7 dogs boarded the plane.
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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This takes place 2 months later. Tony is revived, and… stuff. Not to Mention Dixie and Nikki are married, so are Balto and Jenna, Kaltag and Bella, and Star and Sola. Steele becomes a player again.

Star, Kaltag, Sola, and Bella were in the Armada, when they saw a boat place.
“Whoa, that’s a lot of boats!” Star said.
“Jet ski’s to speedboats to cruisers to wakeboard boats!” Kaltag said technically ranting.
“We should get one,” Bella added.
They came back and showed everyone the boat place.
“Hell, we have the money, we should buy some,” Lars said.
They bought a Sport boat, 4 Kawasaki Jet Ski’s, and a Pontoon boat with a cabin. There is a town called Rio Vista about 30 minutes away. It’s right along the Sacramento River. Ralph, Star, Nikki, Kaltag, Dixie, Balto, and Steele remember Sung Harbor. They decided to stay there. Little Jacob’s Blazer towed the Jet Ski’s, Tony’s Armada towed the Sport boat, and Metallica’s Tundra towed the Pontoon.
Opinion by UriahA posted over a year ago
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Everyone finally gets to California. Sola’s owner, Steve is in California. Note: he’s faceless.

Everyone got up and went to the airport. At the airport, they all got pastries, then went to an outside area where they’re going to board the planes.
“Hey, to make some room in the 737, should we bring some people into the Cessna?” Kaltag offered.
“Sure, how about Sola, Bella, and Lars,” Packie offered.
“Sounds good.”
Sola kissed Star. The two good kissers.
“Star, you’re a good kisser, you know that?”
“I agree,” Dixie said.
“Me too,” Jenna added.
“Man, Star’s a player!”
“Kaltag’s good, too!” Bella said.
“The best!” Jenna added, “Between Star and Kaltag is Balto.”
“Alright enough with this!” Steele interrupted.
“Oh, you’re just jealous, because you don’t have a girl,” Balto said.
Steele punched Balto. Everyone was loaded into their plane.
“Next stop: SMF (Sacramento) International,” Kaltag said.
Opinion by UriahA posted over a year ago
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The third part of The Covenant attack. Although The Covenant doesn’t really attack.

Star and Kaltag woke up still coupled.
“Hey, Kaltag.”
“Hey, Star.”
Star licked Kaltag. The trio went to the airport to see if their plane was done.
“It’s been a day. I still need an engine shipment with trained engine installers.”
“They also had to come by truck, because an engine carrying aircraft is too big to land here.”
Lars came in.
“Hey, people!”
“Hey, Lars. Wait, you’re alive!” Star yelled.
“How!?” Kaltag asked.
“I respawned.”
“Wait, you’re Lars Ulrich! The drummer for Metallica!” The mechanic said.
“That’s me.”
“Oh my God! I’m a huge fan!”
James came in.
“Hey, people!”
Kaltag jumped up and licked James’ goatee.
“Why do you always do that?”
“I get thrown off every time.”
Opinion by LazyWolf posted over a year ago
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“Okay, so that was Vill,” Kaltag said.
“Yes, so stay at 4000ft keep us at 180 knots,”
“I don’t see any, ohh There, Right There, eh, 1 mile from us at 12 o’clock, big lake”
“Okay good job, slowly put in the flaps, I'm going to lower the wing pontoons and take us to 140 knots,”
“So if we go at it from the Westward angle we could dock right there on that sand bar,”
“Yes let’s maneuver for that,” Balto and Kaltag brought the plane around to a perfect glide slope for a landing.
“Everyone please sit down and prepare for landing,” Balto said on the intercom. They brought the plane down for a great landing in a large lake. Balto quickly put on the water rudders, shut of the engines and walked out of the cockpit and opened the airlock door.
“Ahh, fresh air,” Julie said.
“Hey you two, there’s some Mac and Cheese left,” Gen offered
“Is it the micro wave stuff or instant stuff?” Balto asked
“The instant,”
“Oh god, give it to Nikki,”
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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The second part of The Covenant attack.

“Phantom #2 hit!” James yelled, “Phantom #2 down!”
“The GTO!” Star yelled.
“Phantom #1 down!”
“Packie! Star! Nikki!” Kaltag yelled.
“We’re going down!”
Kaltag felt a large blackout. He was also in so much pain. Wait, what? He’s alive?
6 hours later, Nikki woke up.
“Damn… wait, I’m alive!”
Kaltag was sniffing around crashed Phantom #1.
“Kaltags! Over here, dere!”
“Nikki! Thank God!”
The two hugged. Nikki had his helmet on, but Kaltag took it off. They heard some wheezing.
“I’m coming for you!” Kaltag yelled.
He pulled out another dog. No way of telling who it is until the helmet is off. Kaltag pulled the helmet off and saw it was Star.
“Oh my God! Star I can’t believe it!”
Kaltag jumped on top of Star and squeezed him. Star was so hurt, that he wasn’t able to join the hug.
Fan fiction by LazyWolf posted over a year ago
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Half of it is a pilots article, so i had fun writing it...

“Lets the four of us skip back to your place?” Gen offered.
“Lets do it,” But, just as Kaltag finished his sentence, some people came up, and questioned what they were doing there.
“Hey, check out these dogs,” One guy said.
“Yeah, they are all crowded together, and, is that Balto,” The second guy said. Balto walked forward and sat on the man’s leg.
“Eww, he’s wet,”
“What,” They all kept cool, until one spotted the marijuana Kaltag failed to hide.
“It looks like-hey, does that dog have marijuana behind him,”
“Yes, yes it does,”
“What the hell,”
Before they could say something else, the dogs were off.
Nikki and Star were going to the field when they saw Balto.
“Nikki Star, run with us, just follow me!” Balto yelled at the unsuspecting huskies.
“What has just happened Balto,”
“We just got caught, come with me,”
“Where are we going?” Julie asked
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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I love Halo so I had the idea. The things such as ODST’s, Spartans, The Covenant, and things like that are copyright © to Bungie ®. I came up with ODSTD‘s.

Nikki was roaming around in Nome, when Rob came up to him.
“Hey, Nikki.”
“Hey, Rob.”
“What’s going on?”
“Not much.”
Kirk came up.
“Hey, people.”
“Hey, Kirk,” Rob greeted.
“How’s it going?”
Lars came in.
“Hey, everyone.”
“Hey, Lars. Hows ‘bout we’s say 4 lines, dere, then James will come.”
“That’s 3 dere, now I mades it 4, Now James should come dere.”
James didn’t come.
“James!” Lars said, “It was 4 lines!”
“Did someone call me?”
“Noh, eat was just year freaend, Larsh,” Lars said as if he were a different person.
“Oh, hey Lars.”
Dixie and Jenna came in.
“Ahh, Metallica and Nikki.”
“Dixie and Jenna, dere.”
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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I don’t have ideas.

Balto went to Star’s mansion in Heaven.
“Hey, Star!”
“Hey, Balto.”
Star was drumming.
“What’s goin’ on?”
“Not much.”
God came in.
“Hey, God.” Balto and Kaltag said in unison.
“Hey, you two. Balto, you’re going back to Earth.”
“Oh, ok.”
“Star, you’re staying here.”
“Balto, come with me.”
God led Balto to a teleporter.
“This will teleport you back to your body.”
“Wait, I thought it was burnt.”
God sent something to Earth.
“Not any more.”
“Ok, see you when I die again!”
God teleported Balto back to Earth. Balto’s Casket was about to close, when Balto jumped out.
“He’s alive!”
“That is the awesomest, the coolest, the sickest…”
“Sweet!” Nikki interrupted.
“Oh right, Star isn’t here. Where is Star?”
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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Steele is a supposed bad guy.

Kaltag was laying on his bed watching the 32” flat-screen TV in his room, when a newsflash came on.
“For the first time in forever, Steele is bad guy.”
“Poop,” Kaltag said.
“He is wanting to kill Star!”
“Crap, not my brother!”
Kaltag texted Star.
Kaltag: Dude, Steele wants to kill you!
There was no answer from Star.
“Crap, he better not be dead!”
Kaltag got to Star’s house to see him sleeping.
“Wake up, Sleeping Beauty! It’s 2:00 pm!”
“Oh, hey Kal…” Star immediately fell asleep.
“STAR!” Kaltag yelled to wake him up.
“Dude, Steele wants to kill you.”
“Oh cool, night, night.”
“Dude, it’s 2:00 pm!”
“That’s good… for… you.”
“Star! Good luck.”
Kaltag texted the dogs about Steele.
Kaltag: Dude, Steele might kill Star.
Balto: What!
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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This story is longer than all the others. I also copyright the band name “Couch Crashers.” One more thing, My birthday is on August third, which is James’ birthday as well. Same with Star and Dixie’s anniversary.

The cop had a depressed look on his face, as if he were going to put Star and Kaltag in jail.
“Dogs, I got the news.”
“What, tell us?” Kaltag said.
“You two… are released!”
“Hell yeah!” Star yelled.
When the guard opened the door, Star ran out, and licked the guard all over.
“That’s sweet.”
When the dogs left the police station, Kaltag started yelling at Star.
“Star! You got me inside that police station to be processed. You got me so worried that we were going to jail. You got me drunk. I hate you!”
Kaltag walked off, then came back.
“Order me a damn bike!”
Star entered the cheat for a PCJ 900, then Kaltag drove off. Star himself ordered a Charger. On the way home, he hit a police car. A police star appeared in front of him.
Fan fiction by LazyWolf posted over a year ago
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Bad Balto
    I made this article to have a tv-ma/pg-13 or R rating just to see how it would feel with the actions that would take place. I like it in moderation. This article is okay but i split into two and the second part picks up on the cliff hanger

It was June 19, 2010 and Balto had just peered through his eye lids. He got up from his boat and stretched. He went a corner in his room, which had a wrapped object. Balto unwrapped the object to reveal a beautiful colored glass blown bubbler. He had purchased it at the dog’s ‘community college’ where after hours or on breaks a dog could get almost anything. He got the bubbler for a very cheap price. It was a regular bubbler in the shape of a pipe with a 3 inch tube connecting to the spot where you would put what you wanted and a little hole to let extra air in. He moseyed off to the dog place, where he purchased two (more like half dollar) dime bags, which each contained about four or five buds, of marijuana. He made up way to Kaltag’s house. On his way to Kaltag’s house he met up with Jenna.
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Still same, I guess.

Star woke up. He called Niko.
“Hey, Niko, can you give me pilot lessons?”
“Sure, I’ll be there in an hour. Wait a minute. Aren’t you already a pilot?”
“Oh right. Never mind.”
Star called United Airlines.
“Hi, could be a pilot there?”
“Sure. What’s your name?”
“Birth date?”
“October 16, 1922.”
“Ok, you will fly a 747 to London.”
“Out of where?”
“Cool. When is the flight?”
“Tomorrow at 10:45 am.”
The next day, Star wrote a note to Tony, and called all the dogs and people to get last minute tickets.
Niko flew the Beechcraft to the Anchorage airport, and parked it.
“Good luck!”
Star got in the cockpit and the dogs, guys, and girls boarded. Star was a trainee, yet he was a pilot of a 747. Not a co-pilot, not a navigator, but a pilot. Gary was the co-pilot, and Russell was the navigator. Star turned the engines on and turned the APU off....
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Same status as last story.

Star was sitting there, totally depressed, when a news flash came on.
“Kaltag was recently buried near the warehouse Metallica plays, but he was dug up by a resident standard. Kaltag was found in the hospital, unexpectedly even by doctors. This man is wanted for questioning, but not as a criminal. CNN reports.”
“Ralph! He wants me back that bad?”
Star heard his phone ring. He answered.
“Yo, brother! I’m alive! I need picked up.”
“Sure, I’ll pick you up in the Mig 31.”
Star went to the driveway, got in the plane, and taxied to the hospital.
“Hey bro, welcome back to Earth.”
Kaltag got in, and the plane took off.
“Whoa, Star where are we going?”
“An adventure, to make you feel alive.”
Star flew at 1,000 miles per hour, just feet above the ground.
Just then, an American fighter intercepted them. They were locked on missile target. Star pulled up, leveled out the plane, and locked the American fighter on target.
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Steele is a good guy, and the dogs and humans can talk to each other.

It was early morning in Nome, about 5:45, and Star and Kaltag were out playing. Kaltag was on top of Star, when he smelled Kaltag’s breath.
“Oh God, Kaltag, you’re breath is horrible. So are your teeth.”
“Hey, yours too.”
Just then, Ralph came by.
“I’m glad I got rid of him.”
He went into the park where he tries to meet girls. Kaltag went back to the house. Star called Nikki.
“Yo, Nikki, Wanna go play darts?”
“Don’t youse sleep? Youse woke me up.”
“Oh sorry, I lost time.”
Star hung up. He called Balto.
“Dude, Balto, wanna go play darts?”
“You woke me up, but who cares. Come pick me up.”
Star got a police Charger, picked up Balto, then went into town. Star won the first game, Balto the next 2, then Star again.
“Whoo, that was fun, take me home.”
Star took Balto home, then he went home.
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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Steele goes from bad to good throughout the story.

Star was sitting on his couch watching a baseball game with Ralph. The Seattle Mariners were playing the Oakland Athletics. The score was 5 to 6, Athletics. The game ended.
“Damn it! The Mariners lost,” Ralph said, “And they’re playing the undefeated team next week, the New York Yankees.”
Star texted the dogs about the news.
Star: Brother, the Mariners lost and are playing the Yankees next week.
Kaltag: Oh Crap, that sucks.
Star: Dude, the Mariners lost.
Balto: You’re kidding right?
Star: No, and next week they’re playing the Yankees.
Balto: That sucks.
Star: Hey, Dixie, the Mariners lost.
Dixie: NO!!!!
Star: And they’re playing the Yankees next week.
Dixie: Crap.
Star: The damn Athletics beat the Mariners.
Nikki: Crap.
Star: And they’re going to play the Yankees.
Fan fiction by LazyWolf posted over a year ago
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It was a cold summer morning in Nome Alaska when Nikki over heard his owner say something to a man in a suit and tie. What Nikki heard made him speechless. The man in the suit and tie talked about a space program,
“We have had animals in space before, but recently there has been competition in the space run for their countries’ space station. And ehh, having Balto and the other one, umm, Star, would bring us in a lot of publicity. We could get our space station commissioned for sure.”
Nikki couldn’t quite understand everything they meant so he snuck out and went to go see Balto. But when Nikki got to Balto’s boat nobody was there. Nikki wandered around and couldn’t find anybody, even Boris. For once, Nikki kept working, to find Balto. He decided to go to Star’s house to get Star. Nikki made the pleasant trek through Nome’s little town ally way, past the barber shop and the nick-nac store and he was a right turn from Star’s window. Star’s owner was out for the day so he was free to roam around.
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Steele is a good Guy. Ralph cusses.

Star was sitting on the couch watching TV when a commercial came on for a place called snug harbor.
“That looks cool. There’s even boats there.”
Literally the second after the commercial ended, a news flash came on.
“The dog Nikki that was recently assassinated by Steele, is back alive! I repeat, he is back alive!”
“I’m buying a phone for that guy.”
Star went to the phone store and bought a phone for Nikki. He went to Nikki’s house.
“Hey Nikki, I bought you a phone.”
“Thank youse.”
“No problem.”
“I have some apologizing to do’s. I’m sorry I’ve been so mean to youse, and I just want youse to except my apology dere.”
“Apology excepted.”
“You know, I always thought I was better than youse, but you’re the nicer, more forgiving one.”
“Youse are welcome.”
“Did I tell you that Kaltag and I are brothers?”
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Steele is a bad guy

Star was sitting on his couch watching the news, when a thing came on.
“Warning,” the announcer said “The famous dog ‘Steele’ who has been going from bad to good is now bad again. But he’s threatening to kill people. People at Nome watch out!”
“Oh God!” Star yelled. “I got to tell the dogs about this.”
Star went to Kaltag’s house. Kaltag was watching the news as well.
“Did you see that news flash?” Star asked.
“About Steele?”
“Yup. We’re in danger.”
Star went to Balto’s boat and saw he wasn’t there.
“CRAP!” Star yelled.
He went to Jenna’s house. He could hear some yelling.
“OH YES!” Jenna yelled, “Come on! Go, go keep going, OH YEAH!”
“Ahh Heck yeah!” Balto yelled.
“Ok, good Balto’s here. But are they doing what I think they are doing? Oh God.”
“YES YEAH!” Jenna yelled.
“Dang this is going good.” Balto said.
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Steele is back as a good guy.

Star saw a commercial on that had a space jet that looked like a normal plane.
“That’s cool.” Star said.
“Hey buddy” Ralph said. “Hey look an ERJ-190 spacecraft.”
There were a words on the tail that said “Jetblue.”
“Awesome plane.” Ralph said. “I still can’t believe you and Dixie are married.”
“I have to go tell the dogs about this.” Star barked.
Star ran to Kaltag’s house, Kaltag was still recovering and in the cast from when Balto broke his arm.
“Hey Kaltag, there’s an aircraft that goes into space but looks like a normal plane.”
“Do I give a crap?” Kaltag replied.
“I was just telling you.”
“Well I don’t.”
“I’m going to tell Balto.”
Star went to Balto’s boat.
“I saw a spacecraft that looks like a normal plane.”
“I’m going to tell Steele.”
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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One afternoon Star was laying on the couch watching TV. Just then commercial came on with a giant cruise ship. That caught Star’s attention.
“We go to Seattle, Washington in the summer and Sydney, Australia in the winter.” the commercial announcer said. “So go to norwegiancruislines.com today!”
Star’s owner, Ralph came in. “I can’t believe Rosy’s dog had puppies.”
“I know.” Star tried to answer.
“I need to get a girl. I can’t just have a dog with me. I can’t even understand him.”
Star went to his food bag. He couldn’t get his head to the food level. He ripped the bag slightly so he could get his head there.
After he was done he went to go see Alue while the movie while Balto 2 wasn’t shooting.
“Hey Alue!” Star yelled.”
“Hey Star.”
“How are you?”
“Are you really half wolf like on the movie?”
“Do you want proof?”
Review by simmy240 posted over a year ago
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Balto: The Video Game

A Balto Video game everyone will enjoy. Or hate.

Red XIII :

Yes, I indeed program videos games myself. Just browsing one day and found no games in the Fan Game section. So I have decided to donate my skills, and yours, to create a video game.

I have already been working on it, just the basic 2d-side-scrolling adventure game.

The balto sprite has indeed been changed, too look more. . wolfish like. Unfortunately, the sprite editor that I use has brown, but not the different shades of it.  


  Balto: 80x35

Basically Balto must collect the medicine to proceed to the next level. (It will be child-friendly, so no attacking- mostly dodging perils as Balto had done to get the medicine home.) Since all of you have been waiting patiently, I will indeed make a health HUD. Since the new balto sprite is large, he can't squeeze through boulders like the previous balto sprite.
Article by simmy240 posted over a year ago
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I found out how's balto's dad here somting

 I was reading Nymphadora's article about the pups' eye colour when I realised something...

Ok, first, three pups have blue eyes. Agreed. Three have brown. Agreed. Balto and Jenna both have brown eyes. Agreed (well, I slightly disagree, as her eyes seem more orangey, nevermind). So why has it happened? Apart from the crummy animation in B2WQ, what if Jenna's or Balto's mum/ dad's eyes were blue? These things can skip generations. Or, Aniu has blue eyes (or not, bad animation again) so that could help.

So far, we have:

* Parents with brown eyes.

* Three pups with blue eyes.

* Jenna's parent(s) may have had blue eyes.

* Balto's parent(s) may have had blue eyes.

* Fetures can skip generations.


Now, onto 'White Wolf = Aniu' mystery.

Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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Note: Steele is a bad guy on this.

Star was at his house watching TV when a commercial for an international airline came on. The airline was called Jetstar. At the end of the commercial it said “Let’s do it, Let’s fly Jetstar!”
“Why do you watch that crap Star?” his cocky owner asked from across the room.
Star’s owner, Ralph Tyrant wasn’t a very cheerful man. He picked up the remote and changed the channel. “Ahhhh MTV my favorite channel,” he said.
Star grunted and got up. He approached his food bag, put a paw on it and let out a whine.
“Can’t you get it yourself?” Ralph asked “Oh it’s sealed, I’m sorry.”
Ralph opened the bag and left. Star reached his head in the bag and ate from that. After Star was done he set out and went to Balto’s Boat.
“Balto I found a Something cool,”
“What is it?”
“I saw a cool airline on TV.”
“What’s it called?”
“Nice go tell that to the other dogs.”
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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One late night, a dog named Star was walking through Nome. He could hear the sound of wolves howling a few miles away. He was enjoying the peaceful night when he heard a giant crash in a building. It sounded like a mix between glass dropping and a drum beat. The door was slightly open and he nudged in. When he got inside he saw 2 giant horizontal facing drums on the ground, 6 round thin gold things being supported by long bars, 7 cylinder looking things, and a seat behind the giant wonder.
“I wonder what that is.” Star said to himself.
There was a man in the distance who approached the giant thing. Star backed off to the nearest corner afraid to be seen. The man started bashing on the musical instrument of wonder. There were pedal looking things connected to the horizontal facing drums. Every beat the man would rest his foot up and down on the pedal. Star thought the man was angry because of the pounding.
“I have to get out of here.” Star said as quiet as possible.
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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This is what I wrote But the storyline isn't 100% mine though. The characters of Louis Ulrich, Burgan Hoskins and Francis Carter I own so Just ask me for them. But Ingram 'Wrong Way' Williams and Shadow I do NOT own. The rest are copyright to Universal Studios.

Williams was off looking for the lost team. They took some assault rifles with them Meanwhile The team was taken to an internment camp. Kaltag was glad not to have Star or Shadow with him to interrupt his rant.

“This is the best, awesomest, day of…”
“Shut up Kaltag!” Nikki yelled.
Kaltag not thinking went up and bonked Nikki on the head.
“Man I did it again!” Kaltag said starting to get mad at himself.
Steele punched Kaltag’s arm.
“Oww!” Kaltag yelped. “That hurt!”
“You have to control your hitting!” Steele growled.
Nikki gained consciousness.
“Guys break it up.” Balto said calmly.

Opinion by simmy240 posted over a year ago
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The Story of Balto:
In 1925, a life-or-death race to deliver desperately needed anti-toxin from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska turned a sled dog named Balto into a hero.

Balto was a Siberian husky born in 1923 in Nome, Alaska. He spent the early part of his life as part of a dog team that transported supplies to miners in the surrounding area. Balto was actually considered to be a "scrub dog," meaning an inferior or slow-working dog.

On January 21, 1925, several Inuit children in Nome, Alaska were diagnosed with diphtheria, a disease that was still common, widespread, and greatly feared in the 1920's. Caused by bacteria that invades the nose, mouth, and throat, the disease usually develops in the throat and can make it hard to swallow and even cause a patient to suffocate. If diphtheria is not properly treated in time, the bacteria then produces a powerful poison that spreads throughout the body and causes serious complications such as heart failure or paralysis.
Article by UriahA posted over a year ago
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This is the best artical you will ever read I do not own this. Writer of this gets full credit I get none. This is a to be continued thing but I can't find the second part but as soon as I do I will post it. Again I just copy and pasted this I did not write this. Well here it is.

It was early morning in the town of Nome. The snow was falling and the slim profile of a grey husky, who had a slightly emancipated appearance, could be seen padding along the fresh snow. He rounded a corner, and went and sat in front of a closed basement window that only came 1 foot from the ground.

“I sure am hungry.” The husky, Star, spoke said to himself. “I wonder if there is anything left at the butcher’s.”

He was about to leave when he heard the faint, but unmistakable sound, of someone sobbing.

“I wonder who that is?” Star said as he turned around looking for the source of the noise.

Article by simmy240 posted over a year ago
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Balto 4 4:12am 29
it is just like 24 except on guns. So here I go

pevusely on balto 4
" I have to get away from here"says Balto "why" says Alue
The folowing takes place between 4:00 am to 6:00 am
" It's that idot Steel is why I am running" says balto "ohhhh" says alue "I only think thi-"says balto " DAD LOOK OUT !" says alue. He falls on to a lake with thin ice "eaaa don't worry I will get mom" says alue she gose all the way from Candova to Nome. " I have no intanchen to do this " says steel " were is Jenna ?mabe she is up with her new boyfriend Kaltag" says alue foolshely " I HERD THAT " shouts kaltag She gose to find her and tells her " HOLY crap " says Jenna" we have to help him" your right " says alue .when theay get there the ice looks like it will shatter. Alue gose to cross "ALUE " shouts balto and jenna "what" says alue then suddnley the ice and she falls thrugh balto gets across.over in nome "we have to kill Alue an-" steel says "status report she is all redy dead "says niju (makeing a face XO ) "so she is dead yeah great great " steel says...
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Steele is one of the sickest characters through out the whole movie. (sick as in awesome.) Kaltag doesn't compare to him and he is Awesome and cool. In fact Steele is my second favorite character. Steele gave the Balto characters airlines and originoly I gave Steele Delta which is the worst airline ever. But I gave him a new Airline. KLM Royal Dutch. That's a good airline not the 2nd best but good enough. What I'm getting at is Steele is one of the best characters through out the 3 movies. And to the person who says there is a Balto 4 it is fan made! But Steele is the best character next to Star and Kaltag. Of course I wouldn't want to have him as a pet unless I know he's not going to be a jerk to me. What am I saying He's not a jerk. well not at the end of the movie but he is awesome.
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6 fans
There were a team of dogs pulling a dog sled in a race. They thought they were safely in the lead when another team of dogs were right behind them. The lead dog of that team and Balto had been rivals for years. That dog’s name was Steele. The bad dog everyone thought was good. There were two cliffs a little ways up where both teams couldn’t make the clearance.
“Steele we’re not going to make it.” A dog named Star from behind called out to Steele.
“Shut up” Steele said as he kicked Star in the face.
Steele focused on the third dog’s feet on the other team. He had an idea. Steele snapped at the dog’s feet making the dog jump and get twisted up knocking the team out.
“Steele!” the team’s musher yelled punching the ground.
A man standing on another cliff fired a flare as the 3 mile marker.
“The three mile marker!” Balto yelled back in Nome.
He was climbing on to a balcony carrying his step dad’s head in his mouth. His step dad goose named Boris hated when Balto practically ate his head.
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Kodi is a Siberian Husky, but he's 1/4 wolf.

Kodi was named for either a) the Kodiak Islands, or b) the Alaskan town of Kodiak.

John's Bar was named after John Koch, one of the layout artists for Balto (1995).

During the E.D.A.S. sequence, a Kaltag look-alike and a Nikki look-alike can be seen in two open windows of the hotel, and a Balto look-alike can be seen on the roof of John's Bar next door. Additionally, the terrier from Balto: Wolf Quest (2002) (V) can be seen. Furthermore, the dog with the twitching eye, and the Saint Bernard-like dog from Balto (1995) can also be seen.

Dusty's voice was based on Aleu from Balto: Wolf Quest (2002) (V).

Kodi's full name is Kodiak.

Balto, Jenna, Boris, Muk, and Luk are the only characters to appear in all three Balto films.

Ralph was named for Ralph Zondag, one of the film's storyboard artists.
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CASTLE THUNDER: During the song, The Grand Design, with Niju and the other wolves.

Mary Kay Bergman's last film.

Aleu was named for the Aleutian Islands.

The howling wolves from Balto (1995) can be seen as members of the wolf clan.

Niju, Yak, Nuk, and Sumac's characters were based on Steele, Kaltag, Nikki, and Star from Balto (1995), respectively.

The plot was inspired by some of the lyrics to "Reach for the Light" from the previous Balto movie.

Niju's voice, mannerisms, and eyepatches were based on Steele from Balto (1995).

This is the last Balto film in which Aniu appears.

Niju's character design is based on Lip-Lip from White Fang (1997) (V).

The original script was slightly longer, so some scenes were shortened.

Saba, one of Balto and Jenna's pups, was named for the island of Saba, part of Netherlands Antilles.
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Brendan Fraser was originally hired to provide the voice of Steele, the evil dog. He did record his part but his voice-over was subsequently discarded and the role went to Jim Cummings.

The last feature by Amblimation, the animation studio run by Steven Spielberg in the early 1990s. The studio closed after Spielberg co-founded Dreamworks with David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg, and most of the Amblimation staff relocated to Dreamworks Animation.

The full cast of 'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare - Abridged' do various other voice acting parts in the film.

After the serum run, Gunnar Kasaan, the musher, sold Balto on a nationwide tour. Afterward, the real Balto and his team were sold to a movie producer named Sol Lesser, who made a movie called Balto's Race to Nome (1925), eulogizing Balto. After that, the team was sold again and put on exhibit as a kind of curiosity show. The dogs were abused, neglected, and forgotten until a Cleveland businessman named George Kimbal, with the help of Cleveland school children, bought the six remaining dogs for the then astounding sum of $2,000, which they raised in two...
List by UriahA posted over a year ago
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Continuity: In the first movie, Balto's eyes are medium-dark yellow. In the second movie, his eyes are pale yellow, but in this movie, his eyes are back to medium-dark yellow, even during flashbacks from the second movie, when his eyes were pale yellow.

Continuity: Stella changes from a pale mauve color to a pale white.

Continuity: A couple of switches in Duke's plane change color. At one point in the movie, two switches are white, but one changes to red. Later, both are red.

Continuity: The starting rotation direction of the propeller on Duke's plane changes throughout the movie.

Continuity: The position of the post office continually changes throughout the movie.

Continuity: The color of Dusty's eyelids changes throughout the movie. In some scenes they are the same color as her face (light gray), but dark gray in others.

Continuity: The color of the trim around the cockpit of Duke's plane changes color throughout the movie.
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Audio/visual unsynchronized: Throughout most of the beginning of the movie, the raven's beak does not move whenever it caws. When Balto is by the river talking to the raven, the raven caws several times but it's beak doesn't move, yet in a later scene, when it caws, its beak moves.

Continuity: In the beginning when the pups are being adopted, the box they are in changes size in some shots. In some shots the box is small. In others it appears big. The box also changes height.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Balto and Boris are at the totem pole with the raven at the top, Boris points out the raven and wolf, Balto says "Calm down, Boris. There's also a fox, a wolverine", his mouth doesn't move at all when he says "wolverine".

Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Aleu is running away, Balto says "Aleu? Aleu, come back!" but his mouth doesn't move while he's saying it.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Aleu says "Come on, guys." her mouth doesn't move.
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Continuity: After the grizzly bear crashes through the ice, a hole forms around Balto. After Balto goes under and the camera pulls back, there is no sign of the hole the bear left behind.

Continuity: When Balto and Boris are lying next to each other depressed on the ship, a flock of geese flies overhead. When we cut back to Balto and Boris, the blanket that was covering Balto has disappeared.

Continuity: When Muk and Luk come after Boris, he uses a bucket and broom to protect himself. But then Luk picks him up from behind and he drops the bucket and broom. When he escapes from Luk's clutches, the broom and bucket have completely disappeared.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Balto wins the race and Steele steps on his foot to make him growl while they judge him, the guy says that they can't trust him. The other guy then says, "See those teeth?" but his mouth did not move at all.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: In the beginning, when Dixie congratulates Steele, her mouth doesn't move.
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I'm thinking about making a balto movie with some differant characters and some new characters. The stories are mostly the same but some things will be changed up. I will try to get permission from Universal studios. There wiil be versions of all three plus some new ideas. It will be kind of a goof because there will be modern technology. I don't think I should tell you any more. I could tell you more if I get the chance.Again I need permission from Universal studios. I forgot to add these aren't exactly parodies. There is two versions. A PG version of it and an adults version. That's all I'm going to tell you. aand if I get permission for a parody I will tell you. Hopefully I do