Everyone finally gets to California. Sola’s owner, Steve is in California. Note: he’s faceless.

Everyone got up and went to the airport. At the airport, they all got pastries, then went to an outside area where they’re going to board the planes.
“Hey, to make some room in the 737, should we bring some people into the Cessna?” Kaltag offered.
“Sure, how about Sola, Bella, and Lars,” Packie offered.
“Sounds good.”
Sola kissed Star. The two good kissers.
“Star, you’re a good kisser, you know that?”
“I agree,” Dixie said.
“Me too,” Jenna added.
“Man, Star’s a player!”
“Kaltag’s good, too!” Bella said.
“The best!” Jenna added, “Between Star and Kaltag is Balto.”
“Alright enough with this!” Steele interrupted.
“Oh, you’re just jealous, because you don’t have a girl,” Balto said.
Steele punched Balto. Everyone was loaded into their plane.
“Next stop: SMF (Sacramento) International,” Kaltag said.
“Isn’t it a small airport?” Star asked.
“Yeah, it’s surprising for a 777 to be there.”
About an hour later, they got to Sacramento.
“SMF International, do you have any available gates or parking spots? We’re an unscheduled flight.”
“We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we don’t have parking spots or gates. Hey, shouldn’t you be Celebrating? It’s the day before Christmas.”
“Our home got destroyed because of The Covenant.”
“Oh, sorry to hear that. Either way, we’re still sorry we can’t get you a spot. Do you want to go to SFO or OAK?”
“I don’t want to die in Oakland!” Star cried, “And San Francisco is too big of a city.
“We don’t want to die in Oakland, and San Francisco is too big.”
The control tower man laughed at the part about dieing in Oakland.
“Best of luck finding other places.”
“What’s the news?” Packie asked.
“They don’t have parking spots or gates. But there should be other towns around.”
About 5 minutes later, they checked to see if any airports are around.
“This is Nut Tree Regional Airport. What model are you?”
“We have 2. A Cessna 406, and, this will sound crazy, but a 737.”
“Oh, what model of a 737?”
“Oh God. You’re going to have to do a near stall landing.”
“Packie, are you going to be able to do this?” Kaltag asked.
“No, I’m not too good of a pilot.”
“Alright, I’m coming over.”
“No, Kal you can’t, I will,” Star said.
“No, Star, as a big brother, I’m not going to let you do this.”
“Kal, I jump further than you, and I run faster. You might not make it.”
“But Star.”
“Remember that Nome Jump contest? I won at 12 feet 2 inches.”
“Yeah, but I still…”
“You have too let me go.”
“Alright, fine.”
Star opened the door to the Cessna. Packie did the same with the 737. Star ran and jumped into the 737 and closed the door.
“Wow, good job, Star. Anyway, you know how to fly this thing, right?”
“Yeah. Kaltag, you go first.”
Kaltag landed. About 15 yards from the runway, Star started going stalling speed. He actually successfully landed.
“Wait, how are we going to get off?”
A ladder truck came.
“Already taken care of.”
Everyone got out.
“So, how long are you going to stay here?”
“Not long, I hate California,” Francis said.
“Shut up, Francis!” Bill yelled.
“We’re probably moving here,” Balto said.
“Hey, will Santa still come?” Star asked.
“Only one way to find out. Have you been naughty or nice?” Kaltag asked.
“I’ve killed enemies. Does that count as being naughty?”
“No, they’re aliens. You’re on the nice list.”
“We need to find a place to live.”
“I carry 250,000$ with me,” Niko said.
“Are you serious?” Star replied.
“Let’s go house hunting!” Balto yelled.
They had to get a few cars though. Out of nowhere, Kaltag saw his Armada.
“Ok, how the hell did it get here?”
The Armada could comfortably hold 8 people, but they only had 6 people in it to reduce weight. It was Tony and Lars in the front, Star and Kaltag in the middle, then Bella and Sola in the back. There was a used car dealership nearby. Metallica chose a full size Tundra for their car. They could put a canopy on it and store instruments in the bed. Packie, chose a GTO Brucie, chose an NSX, Little Jacob chose a 2 door Blazer, Niko and Michelle chose a Caprice, Mallory and Roman chose a Camry. Louis, Bill, Francis, and Zoey chose an MDX. Peter, Nikki, and Dixie chose a Civic, and Jenna and Balto chose a Charger. A regular, not a Daytona.
“I don’t get it, why are we getting a car with 4 doors when we omly need 2?” Jenna asked.
“We’ll have puppies.”
“Ok, let’s name one Kodi.”
“Sounds good.”
“I have 249,000$ left,” Niko said
“All those cars only costed 1,000$?” Star asked.
“Dude, these cars don’t have wheels or engines, it’s just the body.”
“At least I could take care of it.”
Star put the health cheat for all the cars.
“Next stop, a few houses and a warehouse,” Lars said.
“To be honest I don’t think we’re going to live here in Vacaville,” Zoey said.
“Why not?” Kaltag asked.
“We have a friend in that is in San Jose.”
Bill, Zoey, Louis, and Francis went to San Jose.
“Same with us,” Mallory said.
Roman, Mallory, and Michelle are out too.
They all went house hunting. Star, Kaltag and the rest found a house that costs 276,000$ that was perfect from them. It was a 5 bedroom 3½ bath house with a pool. The thing bringing the price down is, they’re in a ghetto, yet they have by far the best house in the neighborhood. Its 2 stories with a 3 car garage.
Nikki and the rest saw a 4 bedroom 2½ bath house, with a large yard. 2 car garage with 2 stories. The house costs 268,000$.
Metallica had to rent a warehouse and get a house. They had the money. 7 bedroom, 6 bath house with a pool hot tub and large yard. The house even had a separate apartment adding 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. 3 stories and a 4 car garage. The house costed 847,000$.
Packie and Brucie volunteered to be room mates. They had a 4 bedroom 2½ bath with a good size yard. 2 car garage which works out. This house costs 261,000$ with 2 stories.
Little Jacob and Niko were room mates. They lived in the same neighborhood as Packie and Brucie, same model, same price, but reversed.
Jenna and Balto saw a 3 bedroom 2½ for 200,000$. Large lawn, 2 car garage with 2 stories.
After everyone was moved in, Ralph came out of nowhere. He got a 3 bedroom 2½ bath with his own money. He got to Star’s new house.
“Star, you want to come live with me?”
“No, you have to make your promises.”
“What promises?”
“You might turn on me.”
“Do I look I’m going to turn on you again?”
“Star, don’t do it, remember all those times you were beaten!” Balto said.
Ralph grabbed Balto by his neck, and threw him outside.
“Now I’m definitely not going back with you.”
“But I need you!”
“How about you use your ‘promises’ to get another dog.”
Star closed the door, but Ralph kept knocking. Finally Tony opened the door and punched Ralph. He quickly closed the door. Ralph felt startlement, so he didn’t know who punched him. He went home… depressed. Dixie came to Star’s house to bitch to Star how much she wants him back.
“No, no madder how much you want me, you won’t have me. You called me gay, then just left me!”
“I hate you!”
Dixie punched Star, and Star slapped her back. Soon they got in a fight. The fight stopped a minute later.
“I have to discourage Nikki.”
Star was unsuccessful.
“Wha’gwan me bredas?”
“Hey Jacob,” Kaltag said.
“I is getting a lot o’ da stuff in ny house today. It was in a lot o’ storage in New York City, rasta.”
“That’s cool.”
Lars came in.
“Hey, Star. I got my St. Anger drum kit replaced thanks to the insurance, so here it is.”
“Thanks, Lars.”
“No problem.”
James came in. Kaltag licked James’ goatee.
“Dude, stop that.”
“I’m sorry, you might need to dye that.”
“Anyway, here’s the guitar you had. I got it replaced.”
“Thanks, man.”
Rob came to Nikki’s house.
“I got that Death Magnetic bass replaced, so here you go.”
Kirk went to Steele’s house.
“Hey, man. I got that guitar replaced.”
“Here you go.”
At the Vacaville telegraph station, the guy was goofing around.
“It’s 1927 so I know nobody uses a telegraph anymore. But are there any people on the line.”
“This is the Las Vegas telegraph station. What’s up.”
“Not much. Hey, here a number to dial on your phone. 1-800-465-cheats.com”
“There’s a .com at the end of the number.”
“That’s the joke.”
“Ok, using telegraphs in 1927. What noobs do that.”
“And me. I’m the telegraph man of Portland, Oregon.”
It was Christmas Eve.
“I haven’t wrote my Christmas list yet,” Star said.
“Santa still knows what you want,” Kaltag replied.
That night, Star heard a man. His voice was very familiar.
“Ho, ho, ho!”
“Star, you’ve been a good boy this year! Here’s a bone for you. Stay good!”
“Thanks Santa.”
Santa left to put the presents underneath the last minute tree. He did the same thing with Kaltag. The next day, they got up and opened their presents. As their tradition, they went to Jack in the Box, and went to a park. At the park, unfortunately, Tony got assassinated.
“Tony!” Kaltag yelled.
“Shit!” Star also yelled.
Ironically, the assassin was Stereotypage. The same guy that shot and killed Kaltag before The Covenant attack. The cops came to investigate.
“We’re sorry, but Vacaville is way larger than Nome, so it will take a lot longer to find the criminal,” an officer said.
“Wait, I’m a gun expert officer. Hand me that bullet.”
“We found a clue!”
“This bullet belongs to a sniper rifle that’s illegal in 4 states. California, Alaska, Oregon, and Florida.”
“Yeah, so you four dogs are going to have to find a new home.”
“I’ll go check if Bella and I could live with Nikki.”
“Who are we going to live with, Star?”
“I don’t like him.”
Kaltag: Hey Tony got assassinated.
Nikki: That is so sad, dere.
Kaltag: Can I stay with you?”
Nikki: Shit man, I can’t.
Kaltag: Thanks anyway.
Nikki: Youse are welcome.
Star: Hey Lars, Can I stay with you?
Lars: Sure why not Ralph?
Star: He’s a jerk.
Lars: Oh, well you and Sola can come live in the separate apartment.
“Sola and I are able to live with Metallica.”
“Nikki isn’t able to keep me over.”
“Oh, where are you going to live?”
“I don’t know.”
Star texted Lars again.
Star: Hey Lars, would Kaltag and Bella be able to stay?
Lars: Ask James. He’ll approve any day. But sure.
Star: Thanks for helping my brother.
Lars: No problem.
The 4 called a taxi.
“Hey, yellow car!” Kaltag yelled.
“Ok, where to?”
“Take us to 372 Diamond Avenue.”
“Hey, ok, yep problem.”
“Excuse me?”
“There be no problem.”
“Ok then.”
The taxi driver with the funny accent took them to Metallica’s house.
“Ok friend, here we are.”
“Thanks, hey can I have your card?”
“Here you are, pal.”
They rang the door bell, but there was no answer. The house had a basement, which mad it 4 floors, with another bedroom and bathroom. The 4 went there, to see Metallica rocking their asses off. There was a window only hardly large enough for Bella to fit through. When Metallica saw her, they were wondering what the hell. Kaltag fit his head through.
“Hey Kaltag!” James said.
Star also poked his head through. Same with Sola.
“Star!” Lars said.
“Wha’gwan me bredas?” Little Jacob asked.
“Jacob, what are you doing here?”
“Rasta, me saw Kaltag, and me was wondering, what was Kaltag doin’ here, so I just decided to join.”
“Well Rasta, I gotto’ go so me will leave you alone.”
“I’ll go open the door,” Kirk said.
Kirk opened the door and led them to the basement. That night, Lars told the dogs how to get to the separate apartment on the 3rd floor. Apparently the 4 got lost. James had to lead them. The separate apartment its self was large.
“Ok, should it be Kaltag and me in one room and Bella and Sola in the other, or Sola and me in one and Kaltag and Bella in the other?”
“To be honest, Sola and I don’t have a very good relationship.”
“We understand.”
Sola and Star made out a lot over the night. So did Kaltag and Bella. The next day, Lars was walking Sola and Star. A man named Steve, apparently Sola’s original owner freaked out when he saw her.
“Oh my god! Sola! It’s you! Ever since we were separated, I didn’t think I would ever see you again!”
“Hey, why don’t you have a face?”
Steve took that offensively and pissed him off.
“Why is your forehead so big!?”
That kind of joke pisses him off more than Dave Mustaine.
“Your head is all forehead!”
“You have a huge forehead but tiny brain.”
“Where is your face?”
Steve threw a hard punch at Lars, knocking him out. Steve took Sola.
Star ran to Sola.
“Get out of here stray ass!”
Star went back to revive Lars. On the ground, he dropped his wallet which had Steve’s address. They went home.
The next day, Star went to Steve’s house.
“Hey Sola.”
“Star, you’re going to get yourself killed.”
“I’m supported by the beam right now.”
“I don’t mean that. I mean Steve.”
“It might be best that you leave so he won’t kill you. When I’m able to get out, I’ll visit you.”
They kissed for about 6 seconds 3 times. Star got down. He fell and landed on Steve’s Skyline.
“That’s going to leave a mark on me and the car.”
“Alright Sola, you know the drill.”
“I hate this.”
Star was about 100 feet from Sola’s when he heard Steve star to yell.
“What! You’re pregnant! Sola, you are grounded! Who made you pregnant!? I’m going to seek and destroy him!”
Star ran as fast as he could to safety, despite his back pain. He came back and fell to the ground.
“Ahh, my back!”
“Star are you ok?” Lars asked.
“That depends on how bad falling from a 2 story building and landing on a Skyline sounds.”
“Aww, here let me rub it.”
“Oh, that’s relieving! More!”
“What’s going on Star?”
“I fell from a 2 story building and landed on a Skyline.”
“What’s wrong with Star?” Rob asked.
“He fell from a 2 story building and landed on a Skyline.”
“Here let me take care of it.”
Rob rubbed Star’s back using his strumming hand.
“Oh, Rob, you’re awesome at this! My back feels so much better! Thank you Rob!”
“Damn it, I left behind the Armada again!”
Kaltag went to go get his Armada. He came back and Parked it. That night, Star and Kaltag went back to Sola’s house. Steve was gone. Kaltag was able to pick the window lock. Sola was laying there crying.
“Sola, I’ve come do get you!”
“Star, if you take me, Steve will report it.”
“What can he do?”
“He’s a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force.”
“He’s also removing the puppies and getting me spayed tomorrow.”
“Crap! Come with me!”
“Alright, but we’ll most likely be hunted down.”
“Come on!”
They ran out and away from the house. Steve was pulling in.
“Hey! Sola, get back here!”
“Keep running!”
They made it to the Armada. They drove off and came back to Metallica’s house.
“Hey, we got Sola, but it turns out Steve is in the Air Force and can report it.”
“What! I’m really sorry, it pains me to say this but I can’t let you live here.”
“I understand. Just let us get Bella, and we’re out. I’ll still contact you.”
“Sounds good.”
All 4 were loaded up, and they headed out. About 2 miles from Metallica’s house, 3 police cars appeared behind them.
“I’ll stop.”
The cop came to him.
“Hi sir, look, all we want is Sola back. If we could have her back that would be great.”
“What do you mean no?”
“I love her too much.”
“Well, I have to give you 2 fix-it tickets. One for no front license plate, and one for you, a dog driving.”
Star floored it, and the 3 cops just left.
“If this were Alaska, I would have 4 police stars right now.”
“One word, nice cops.”
“Alright come back in.”
At least Star, Kaltag, Sola, and Bella have a good home.

Next story takes place 2 months later.