Balto, Star, Kaltag, Nikki, Steele, Max, and Comet go to Seattle, but the trip goes wrong. Boris, Stella, Muk, and Luk appear in this story for the first time, but they die. Again, I wrote the last 3 pages on my plane back to my home state.

Tony was taking the crew to Sacramento airport. On the way, he stopped at a Sonic.
“Now this is genetically different!” Kaltag yelled.
“Best tots ever!” Star added.
Tony took the dogs to the airport. The dogs checked their bags in, Tony got a security pass, then they went to security. Kaltag still had his Cherry Limeade.
“I don’t want to throw this away!”
“Then finish it.”
Kaltag finished the Limeade, then went through security.
“There’s our plane!” Star yelled.
“It’s a 700!” Kaltag added.
“You’re right, it has winglets,” Balto said.
“It could also be a 300, but I know it’s a 700 because it has red on the wing.”
The 7 dogs boarded the plane.
“These seats are the nicest, the comfiest, colorful…” Max ranted.
“They’re awesome but small!” Comet interrupted.
Max hugged Comet.
Max, Comet, and Balto were at 2 FED. Max was F, Comet was E, and Balto was D. Star, Nikki and Kaltag were at 3 CBA. Star at C, Kaltag at B, and Nikki at A. Steele was at 2 A.
“Welcome aboard Southwest flight 2332!” The flight attendant said.
There was a Jet Blue A320 coming in, then a Delta 757 going out.
“Whoopee!” Comet yelled.
The flight was only about 45 minutes. When the dogs got to the airport, they rented a minivan to carry the 7 of them. Kaltag drove to the hotel they were staying at with out getting pulled over.
“Good Job Kaltag,” Star said.
“Hey, are there bars around Seattle?” Steele asked
“Yeah, we past one,” Balto replied.
“We should go,” Nikki said.
“Good idea,” Kaltag agreed.
They went out and found a taxi.
“Yellow Car!” Star called.
“So where to?”
5 of the dogs got into the back and 2 in the front seat.
“Take us to a nearby bar.”
“Alright then, let’s do it.”
The taxi driver took the dogs to the bar.
“Here we are, tip please.”
“Alright, let’s get wasted.”
All 7 dogs got drunk,
“Shit, I’m drunk!” Star said.
“Cool,” Comet replied.
“I’ve always liked you.”
“Mr. Man!” Kaltag called out to a taxi.
“Where you wanna go?”
“That’s not specific enough.”
Max was less drunk.
“Hampton hotel near Sea/Tac airport.”
Lights flashed in the taxi.
“Congratulations, you are in the Cash Cab! You have 45 blocks to go, first questions will start at 25$! If you get 3 strikes, you’re out. You’ll be put out at the spot. You in?”
All the dog’s drunkenness wore off.
“First question…”
“Youtube!” Kaltag quickly replied.
“I didn’t ask the question and you got it right.”
“Alright next question…”
“Continental Airlines!” Star said.
“Are you reading my mind?”
“No, we’re just guessing.”
“John Travolta!” Max said.
“Stop that!”
“Alright, let me ask the question this time. Who has the most subscribers on Youtube?”
None of the dogs answered.
“Now you can say the answer.”
“Nigahiga!” Balto blurted out.”
“Motley Crue.”
The rest of the way back, they answered every question correctly.
“Alright, here’s your 4,000$.”
The next day, the 7 dogs set out to Boeing Airfield.
“Kaltag, there was a cop back there!” Star pranked.
“What ever.”
The dogs got to the airfield.
“Oh my God! It’s the 787!”
They were at least 200 yards away from the 787 but it was still an amazing sight. They got back in and went to the museum of flight.
“Holy shit! The Blue Angles!” Max yelled
“What are they doing parked here?” Star asked.
“It’s so people can look at them,” Balto said.
“Is that a Concorde over there?” Kaltag asked
“Where? The one on display next to the retired Air Force One?” Steele replied with a question.
“I’ve heard about that, you can go inside them,” Balto said.
“Even the 737-200, the 747-100, and the 727?”
“No, actually.”
“That sucks!”
It took them an hour just to look into the two planes.
“Alright, now it’s museum time!”
They got done with the museum.
Kaltag was driving back home. He was doing 80 in a 65. He sadly got pulled over.
“License and registration.”
“Am I still supposed to show you the registration if I’m in a rental car?”
“Listen, I like to bust people’s balls! I’m giving you a 400$ rental car fee. Do you know how fast you were going?”
“80 mph,” Kaltag confessed.
“You’re ticket will cost you 1,200$ plus the rental car fee which will equal 1,600$.”
Kaltag un noticeably put the van into drive. The cop was too busy writing the ticket to notice the tail light go on. Out of nowhere, Kaltag sped off.
“Kaltag, slow down!” Star yelled extremely terrified.
“No, I’m not paying 1,600$”
“Where are we going?”
Kaltag made an illegal turn-around.
“If I could get across this divider, we’re going to Boeing Airfield.”
They saw the Blue Angles pass over.
“They’re landing!” Balto pointed out.
They came upon 5 cops blocking each lane.
“I’m glad we aren’t going to Sea/Tac,” Max said.
“Thank God.”
Kaltag quickly turned through the divider. He passed all the cars in his way, then took the Boeing Airfield exit. There was a 3 inch clearance from the minivan bumper to the fence. They jumped the fences of Boeing Airfield.
“Go 5 more feet into that airfield, and you’ll be in trouble with every single police department in Washington!” an officer yelled.
Each dog took 5 steps forward.
“That’s it! We’re coming after you!”
“Run!” Kaltag commanded.
“The Blue Angles!”
“There’s 7 of them! How freaking convenient is that!?” Star yelled.
True Trivia: There really are 7 Blue Angles.
“Star, you aren’t thinking what I think you’re thinking?” Balto asked
“I am.”
“Let’s do it!”
“Step 5 feet closer to the Blue Angles, and we shoot!”
“Change of plans! Sprint to the 787!”
There was a ladder against the nearest 787. They pushed the guy about to step on away.
“Anyone in here!?”
They inspected the plane.
“No one.”
There was a CNN helicopter in the air. Meanwhile, in New York City, Muk and Luk came running to Boris.
“Uncle Boris! Uncle Boris!”
“What is it!? Get it over with.”
Luk let out his whimpers.
“What did he say?”
“He said ‘hi.’”
“That’s what you douche bags came here for!?”
“No, it’s what Luk said. Balto is on the run!”
“What Ever.”
“No he is!”
“Luk turn it to CNN.”
“7 dogs are on the run here in Seattle. One of them is apparently Balto, who saved Nome!” The reporter said.
Duke came in.
“I heard about Balto. I’m going to get him. He should take off in that plane any minute.”
Kaltag opened the cockpit window and pointed his M16 at the tow vehicle operator.
“Push the plane back!” Kaltag ordered.
“I’ll get fired!”
“Push the God damn plane back.”
“Ok, ok.”
The man pushed the plane back, then unhooked it.
“Thanks for firing me!”
Kaltag taxied the plane at 15 mph.
“Go faster! They look like they’re about to fire!”
“Sorry, Star the speed limit is 15.”
“Go 30!”
Balto came to the Cockpit.
“We don’t have Nikki!”
They felt knocking on the floor.
“I’m in the cargos hold, dere!”
“What are you doing down there?”
“I put da bags in dis cargo hold!”
There was no answer from Nikki.
“How did you get up here so fast?”
“There was a door.”
“Hey Boris, I’m setting out to find the 787. Do you want to come with me?”
“Of course! I need to find my little pup, and spank him for this.”
“Hop in.”
They’ve been in the air for an hour and a half and are in Idaho.
“Hey guess what?” Kaltag asked.
“What?” Star replied.
“We need more gas.”
“You fly, I’ll get Balto. Be sure to keep it under 600 meters and slower than 300 knots.”
“Got it.”
“Oh and put the flaps at 2.”
“Got it.”
“Warning, fuel low!”
Star tried to stay calm. They were in the middle of now where.
“Balto, we need a co-pilot. I’m moving to Navigator.”
“Alright I’m coming.”
“Warning, fuel level critical!”
Star couldn’t stay calm. He felt a few tears of fear go down his cheek.
“Kaltag! We might crash!”
Kaltag heard a cry in Star’s voice.
“I’m coming!”
“Fuel almost empty!”
“Balto you fly I’ll calm Star down and navigate.”
“Star, it’s ok, we’re in safe hands.”
Star was heavily trembling. Kaltag sat Star in his lap with one arm around him while he navigated.
“There’s an abandoned airfield 7 miles away.”
“No Fuel left, going on reserve tanks!”
“We don’t have 7 miles.”
“Go faster then. Speed up to 325 knots.
“There’s a jet fuel tank there.”
“Good. Star, go to co-pilot.”
Kaltag gave Star a lick.
“We’re landing now!”
Balto successfully landed the 787.
“Now taxi to the fuel tank.”
“Got it.”
The plane ran out of fuel and didn’t make it to the fuel tank.
“FBI Closing in!” Kaltag yelled
“Three helicopters in the air!”
“Not to mention three enforcers!”
“Shit, they’re here!”
Every FBI came to the plane. There was a ladder truck big enough for the 787.
“All of you get down on the ground!” Michael, the leader yelled, “I’m checking the cockpit!”
“Sir, where will we check?”
“You check the rear seats, the only seats on the plane so far.”
“Got it.”
“Open the Cockpit door, or we’ll bust it open!”
There was no answer.
“So that’s how you want it to go!”
Michael pulled out a long hook to stick through the door. When the hook first made contact with the door, it opened. Star, Kaltag and Balto were not there.
“What the hell?”
Meanwhile, Dutch was watching CNN back at his Vacaville house.
“In Idaho, 7 dogs stole a 787. One of them was Star, the dog that saved Metallica, another one Balto, who saved Nome, and another Kaltag, who revived Metallica when they died. Now them and 4 other dogs are on the run,” the announcer said.
“Uh, Lord? I really like that little purple guy. Tell me he’ll get away from the cops.”
A police car passed by his house.
“So, was that a yes or a no?”
The police car came back and crashed. Dutch knew it meant yes.
“Amen, thank you.”
Michael had no patients.
“Search this entire damn plane!”
“Got it.”
“Even the lavatories, the galleys and even the cargo hold!”
Meanwhile, Star, Kaltag, and the rest were out in a forest and found two wolves separated from their pack.
“No way!” Star said.
“Yes,” Humphrey, the Omega of the pack said.
“So you were shot with a tranquilizer dart, then transported here to Idaho.”
“Yes, and she’s the Alpha. Alphas aren’t usually girls.”
“Well, if you think that’s crazy, we’re on the run. We stole a plane, and ran out of fuel. Luckily we successfully landed.”
“We’ll go with you!”
“We really need 2 more people because we need to push the plane.”
They all went to the plane’s position.
“We’ve received word from the FBI leader. No one was on this plane. The FBI did find a brown dog hair on one of the back seats. The FBI will look at the hair and test the DNA.”
“There’s the plane. The FBI has cleared out!” Kaltag whispered loudly.
“Move!” Humphrey ordered.
Everyone but Kate, the Alpha, obeyed.
“Kate, move!”
“I’m the Alpha, you’re the Omega, I don’t follow your orders.”
“You have to come!”
“Kate you get in the cockpit and put the plane in idle,” Kaltag said.
“Got it!”
“Humphrey, Steele, you get the nose wheels.”
“Star, Nikki and I will get the left landing gear, and Balto, Max, and Comet get the right landing gear.”
“Put your ears down, this is going to be loud.”
“Come on, you piece of crap, start!”
The engines clicked a little.
Kate opened the cockpit window.
“It won’t start!” Kate yelled to Kaltag.
“Alright, put the flaps all the way down. And release any brake that deployed.”
“Got it!”
Wind came to the plane.
“Yes! Thank you lift!”
The plane got to the fuel tank in 30 minutes.
“Fuel her up Humphrey!” Kaltag said.
“Hey!” Kate yelled.
“Not you, the plane.”
“Oh, ok.”
“Why me? I don’t know how to do this!”
“I thought you’d want to.”
“I do things by the book.”
“Well I need to know how to do this.”
“Hook the hose up to the fuel cap on the plane, turn the fuel on, on the tank, then turn the trigger on the hose.”
Humphrey completely refueled the plane. Nikki couldn’t make the jump to the door of the plane.
“Can someone help me, dere?”
“I’m coming,” Kate Volunteered.
Kate jumped down.
“Get on my back.”
Kate felt Nikki’s but on her back, and let out a gag.
“You’re worse than Humphrey!”
Kate jumped up, then Nikki jumped into the plane.
“Thank youse, dere!”
Kate jumped up. Kaltag got to the pilot seat.
“Alright, time to move out.”
Star turned on the radio of the plane. For a change, he put on Motley Crue. “Use it or Loose it” was the first song.
“You know, I can’t pronounce it right. Idawho?”
“Idaho,” Star corrected.
“That’s a whole other state.”
“Forget Humphrey’s Idaho problem, The plane won’t start. The gauge says the fuel is full.”
“Is the APU on?”
“I made sure I turned it on when I landed,” Balto said.
“I’ll check the APU,” Kaltag said.
Kaltag got to the APU compartment.
“Oh shit, it needs fixed.”
“You know, I know a little about COM/NAV Comet said.
“Fix it.”
“Got it.”
“It’ll take a day or so.”
“We have time.”
Kaltag got back to the cockpit.
“The APU needs fixed.”
“We have time.”
Humphrey sat next to Kate.
“You know I don’t like you.”
She got up and sat next to Steele.
Steele got up. He has two girls, he doesn’t want to be a player.
Meanwhile, Duke and Boris landed at a regional airport.
“We have to refuel and take a break. We’ll continue tomorrow,” Duke said.
“Ok,” Boris agreed.

Part 2 will start 2 days later.