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B.A.P Wall

Ieva0311 said …
I'm happy that B.A.P is interacting with fans around the world but 4th WORLD TOUR in 4 years?!
Firstly they need to rest because they r working way too much in Korea and Japan
Second Bang Yong Guk is having mental health problems
Third they need to have more Korean activities
It's just feel like we are going back to 2014 where they filled lawsuit because overworking and not getting enough pay
Even if they say there are okay, fans will always be worried
Posted 18 days ago
Ieva0311 commented…
It's just doesn't feel right. B.A.P are always know as hard-working idols but this is too much even for them. Please TS let them rest 18 days ago
Ieva0311 commented…
My heart will break if I will need to see them suffer again :( 18 days ago
GDragon612 commented…
stay healthy bap =( and don`t foget to rest enough boys ❤ we stay beside you❤ 17 days ago
Ieva0311 said …
Happy 5th Anniversary to my ultimate favourite boy group
The past 5 years was full of falls & ups, but you all 6 staying strong despite all hardships
I can't wait wait to see you again on stage not as 5 but as 6
I hope 2017 will be your year & Bang leader will come healthy and happy
Thank you for always sharing your happiness with us
Thank you for staying strong!!!!!!!!
Posted 25 days ago
TheAnimeQueen said …
I love the banner so much! Please don't change it ever! <3 Posted 3 months ago
Ieva0311 commented…
Thanks♥ 3 months ago
GDragon612 commented…
I love the banner and the icon its so wonderful><♥♥♥ 3 months ago