BARBIE: (SINGING) so rare to find a friend like you.
TERESA: (SINGING) somehow when you're around the sky is always blue.
The way we talk, the things you say.
The way you make it all okay.
And how you know all of my jokes, but you laugh anyway.
(BOTH SINGING) If I could wish for one thing.
I'd take the smile that you bring.
Wherever you go in this world I'll come along.
Together we dream the same dream.
Forever I'm here for you, you're here for me
Two voices, one song.
BARBIE: I really like that Teresa. And for the bridge, let's try E-flat for two bars, then D-flat then back to A-flat.
TERESA: Yeah, nice. Let's try it.
(GRUNTS) I never wanna see her again. She's so not my friend anymore.
TERESA: Hey, Stacie.
BARBIE: Had a fight with Courtney?
STACIE: You mean the backstabber?
BARBIE: You're best friends. Can't you two work it out?
STACIE: What's the point of even having friends? They just turn on you.
BARBIE: Not real friends. Real friends care even if you make a mistake.
STACIE: Yeah, right. I think they let you down when it counts.
BARBIE: You're not the only person to think that. I know a story about best friends who thought that, too. Of course, they lived in a world with good and bad magic, flying serpents and a diamond castle.
STACIE: Yeah...
BARBIE: One day, they had a terrible fight. That's what put them in danger.
STACIE: What happened?
BARBIE: Well, it started with music.
STACIE: Music? What do you mean?
BARBIE: They loved to sing together. Like Teresa and I do.
(BOTH SINGING) If I could wish for one thing, I'd take the smile that you bring.
Wherever you go in this world I'll come along.
Together we dream the same dream.
Forever I'm here for you, you're here for me.
Two voices, one song.
And anywhere you are,
You know I'll be around
And when you call my name,
I'll listen for the sound
LIANA: If I could wish for one thing. I'd take the smile that you bring.
ALEXA: Wherever you go in this world, I'll come along.
(BOTH SINGING) Together we dream the same dream,
Forever I'm here for you, you're here for me.
Two voices, one song
ALEXA: (SIGHS) I really like that.
LIANA: So do I.
ALEXA: It sounds magical somehow.
LIANA: (CHUCKLES) everything sounds magical to you, Alexa.
ALEXA: That's because I believe in magic. And wishes.
LIANA: And dreams that come true?
ALEXA: Always dreams that come true.
LIANA: Good, then it's your night to do the dishes.
ALEXA: What?
LIANA: My dreams come true.
ALEXA: You know, Liana, I also believe in witches. Evil witches who chase unsuspecting girls with soapy dish cloths!
LIANA: Alexa, look.
ALEXA: What?
LIANA: Come here. Oh, watch out for that slippery spot. Now, look.
ALEXA: They're beautiful.
LIANA: Two perfect hearts.
ALEXA: They are perfect. They almost look...
LIANA: Magical?
ALEXA: Precisely.
LIANA: (CHUCKLES) I think they look pretty magical, too.
ALEXA: (GASPS) What if we made them into necklaces?
LIANA: Necklaces that have the secret power to grant...
ALEXA: A wish!
LIANA: Exactly.
ALEXA: Best friends today.
LIANA: Tomorrow.
BOTH: And always.
LIANA: What is it?
ALEXA: My stomach's growling and all we have at home is bread and jam.
ALEXA: Whoa!
LIANA: Flowers.
ALEXA: I don't like this, Liana.
ALEXA: Do you think it'll be over soon?
LIANA: Maybe if you wish on something magical.
ALEXA: Liana, it's beautiful.
LIANA: I love it.
ALEXA: What about yours?
LIANA: The perfect match.
ALEXA: Oh, Liana...
LIANA: I know.
ALEXA: Well, let's salvage what we can.
LIANA: That's it. All the flowers we have.
ALEXA: Even if we sell them all, the money will never last us until next growing season.
LIANA: Of course it will. It has to. Now what would you like for lunch? Looks like we have bread and jam or jam and bread.
ALEXA: You know what I would wish for, if these stones were really magic? More. More food than we can possible eat, more house than we could ever explore, more clothes than we could ever wear. Then we'd never have to worry about another thing ever again.
LIANA: Except how insufferable we'd be. "Butler, I can't possibly wear all these beautiful dresses. It's horrible."
ALEXA: "How dare those princes invite me to five different balls on the same night? I can't possibly go to all of them."
LIANA: Good day, ma'am.
OLD WOMAN: And to you, Miss.
ALEXA: She looks...
LIANA: Starving. Excuse me, ma'am. Please, may I share this with you?
OLD WOMAN: But it's your lunch.
LIANA: I'm not very hungry. Go ahead.
OLD WOMAN: Thank you. Please, take one of my treasures.
LIANA: I couldn't.

ALEXA: (WHISPERING) you don't want to hurt her feelings.

LIANA: Well... Maybe this. (PICKS OUT MIRROR)
OLD WOMAN: There you go then, a nice present for a nice girl.
LIANA: Thank you.
ALEXA: One, two, three. I guess the fancy carriage will have to wait until next year. Right, Liana? Liana? Now, that is magical.
LIANA: Isn't it? We should give it back to that poor old woman. She didn't know what she had.
ALEXA: Unlike us. We have bread and jam.
LIANA: And jam and bread. And a ruined garden. (SIGHS) We have work to do.
LIANA: (SINGING) I'm blindfolded on this carriage ride that they call life
ALEXA: (SINGING) Keep trying to make it through that next turn. Knuckles white and holding tight
LIANA: So here I go, taking the curve
ALEXA: But I know that I'm never alone
LIANA: I think of you
BOTH: And how you never let me go.
LIANA: I feel connected
ALEXA: Connected
LIANA: Protected
ALEXA: Protected
BOTH: It's like you're sitting right, with me all the time
LIANA: You hear me
ALEXA: You hear me
LIANA: You're near me
ALEXA: You're near me
BOTH: And everything else is gonna be all right
LIANA: 'Cause nothing can break this
ALEXA: Nothing can break this
BOTH: Nothing can break this tie. Connected
WOMAN: (SINGING) Connected
BOTH: (SINGING) 'Cause nothing can break this, nothing can break this, nothing can break this tie. Connected
ALEXA: This is weird.
BOTH: (SINGING)'Cause nothing can break this. Nothing can break this. Nothing can break this tie. Connected. Connected inside.
WOMAN: Sing the chorus again, please? It's beautiful.
LIANA: Uh... Sure. And you have a beautiful voice.
WOMAN: Oh, thank you. I haven't sung anything in so long. I really miss it.
ALEXA: Are you real?
LIANA: How did you get in the mirror?
WOMAN: Oh, I'm nobody. Nobody at all. Just pretend you never saw me.
LIANA: Wait! Don't go.
ALEXA: Yes, stay please. Two Voices. One, two, three.
BOTH: (SINGING) if I could wish for one thing. I'd take the smile. That you bring. Wherever you go In this world. I'll come along
WOMAN: (SINGING) I'll come along
BOTH: Together we dream. The same dream.
WOMAN: (SINGING) Dream the same dream
BOTH: Forever I'm here for you. You're here for me
WOMAN: Three voices. One song
BOTH: Three voices. One song
SLIDER: She's singing. Melody, the Muses' apprentice.
LYDIA: (LAUGHING) (SINGING) I love. Singing solo. Don't miss. Our old trio. I'll have the castles. All to myself. You'll remain trophies. I've put on my shelf. The world will be wicked. And all will bow to me.
SLIDER: Bravo, mistress. Bravo!
LYDIA: Interrupting me again, Slider.
SLIDER: She's alive. I sense her singing somewhere. See?
LYDIA: The apprentice is living? Hmm... Did you really think I wouldn't find her? Always the optimists. But the world is really a very small and dark place. Just how I like it. (LAUGHS) Slider, bring her to me.
SLIDER: With pleasure, mistress.
BOTH: (SINGING) Together we dream. The same dream
MELODY: (SINGING) Dream the same dream
BOTH: Forever I'm here for you. You're here for me.
ALL: (ALL SINGING) Three voices. One song
LIANA: Wait, please don't go away
ALEXA: I won't. This is too much fun.
LIANA: I'm Liana and this is Alexa. Can you tell us your name?
MELODY: It's Melody.
LIANA: You must have a favourite song. Would you teach it to us?
ALEXA: Please, we'd love to sing with you.
MELODY: I... I shouldn't.
LIANA: We're fast learners.
MELODY: Well... It goes like this.
MELODY:(SINGING) Believe. In all that can be. A miracle starts. Whenever you dream. Believe. And sing from your heart. You'll see. Your song will hold the key
ALL: (ALL SINGING) Believe. In all that can be. A miracle starts. Whenever you dream. Believe.
ALL: (ALL SINGING) and sing from your heart.
SLIDER: She's in the mirror.
ALL: (ALL SINGING) you’ll see. Your song will hold the key
MELODY: (GASPS) you have to hide me, he's seen me in the mirror!
LIANA: Who's seen you in the mirror?
MELODY: Slider. We have to hide. We have to hide now.
LIANA: The cellar, go.
ALEXA: Liana.
LIANA: Just go. I'll be right there.
SLIDER: Come out, come out, wherever you are. (CHUCKLES)
SLYDER: Sing, why don't you?
MELODY: (GASPS) I led him here.
SLYDER: A-ha! Some friends you have, leaving you behind like that.
LIANA: No. No.
ALEXA: No, no, no! There's nothing left. Nothing.
LIANA: It can't be.
MELODY: This is my entire fault. Throw me far away before he comes back.
LIANA: Why? What does he want with you?
MELODY: It's Lydia, his mistress. She must know I have the key.
ALEXA: The key to what?
MELODY: The Diamond Castle.
LIANA: A diamond castle?
MELODY: My home. The birthplace of music. Every time a new song is sung anywhere in the world, a diamond appears on the walls. I lived there with Dori, Phaedra and Lydia. The three Muses of music. They took care of the Diamond Castle and I studied as their apprentice. They were all friends, playing different kinds of music, but Lydia wanted to be the one and only Muse.
LIANA: What happened?
MELODY: Dori and Phaedra believed music was for everyone. Lydia was furious and vowed to get the Diamond Castle for herself. She found an ancient cave filled with magic, and transformed her flute into an instrument of dark magic. With her new powers, she came back for the Diamond Castle, to spread her darkness everywhere.
The Muses hid their musical instruments along with the castle, and gave me the key, in case anything should happen to them. The Muses tried to reason with Lydia, but she just turned on them.
MELODY: I ran and ran, but Slider was chasing me. And then, I saw my only chance. I hid. But I dropped my whistle and Slider broke it, trapping me in the mirror. I was so afraid. I never said a word, until I met you two. And now, look. I've ruined everything.
LIANA: But if you have the key... Do you know where the Diamond Castle's hidden
MELODY: Yes, near the Seven Stones, far to the west.
LIANA: Can Lydia be stopped?
MELODY: I hope so. I think if I play the Muses' instruments, I can break her spells.
ALEXA: No. No. Liana, we've never been farther away than the village.
LIANA: Melody, what happens if Lydia destroys the Muses' instruments?
MELODY: She wins. She has it all. Our world will be nothing but shadows and sorrow.
ALEXA: Kind of like our home.
LIANA: Exactly like our home. Lydia and Slider did that to us. They'll do that and worse to other people. Can we let that happen?
ALEXA: You want me to say no, don't you? It's the three of us now, Melody.
MELODY: Really? The three of us? I like that.
ALEXA: What about that serpent? Will he come back?
MELODY: Not if I don't sing. And I love singing.
SLIDER: I found her, mistress. (CHUCKLES)
LYDIA: (SCOFFS) Where is she? I'm in no mood for games, Slider.
SLIDER: Here, here. She's hiding in the mirror. I saw her singing in the mirror.
LYDIA: Oh, really? Melody... Auntie Lydia would like to have a word with you. Melody? (EXCLAIMS) Where did you find this?
SLIDER: She was singing with two other girls near a cottage. One with light hair and one with dark hair.
LYDIA: Take me to them.
ALEXA: It's beyond beautiful.
LIANA: Look, Melody.
MELODY: We made it, the Valley of Flowers.
LIANA: Mmm. I smell roses.
ALEXA: Liana. Snake!
LIANA: Cutest snake I've ever seen.
ALEXA: Okay, okay, I was only trying to protect you.
ALEXA: Look at you. Aren't you the cutest thing?
LIANA: Where'd they come from? There's nobody for miles.
ALEXA: They must be lost. Look, they're friends.
LIANA: We can't leave them here. They'll starve.
MELODY: Hey, hey, that tickles.
LIANA: What do you think, Melody? She's a keeper right?
MELODY: Aw, look at her sparkly little eyes.
LIANA: Sparkles, I like that. I hereby name you Sparkles. And what should we call that little one?
ALEXA: Your name is Lily, like the beautiful flower.
MELODY: Can we keep them? Can we keep them?
LIANA: I think we have room for two more. Oh, I bet you little guys are hungry though, aren't you?
ALEXA: Don't even talk about food, my stomach has been rumbling for miles.
MELODY: Ah! So, that's what I was hearing. I thought it was thunder.
LIANA: Or stampeding horses.
ALEXA: Enough.
MELODY: Or jump roping elephants.
ALEXA: Mmm! Smells like roast chicken.
LIANA: I'm starving.
MELODY: Go ahead, you haven't eaten all day.
LIANA: We'd love to, but we don't have any money. That's where the smell is coming from.
ALEXA: Am I drooling? I think I'm drooling.
MAN: Have you seen him? Well, have you?
MAN: Those good for nothing musicians. They were due here an hour ago. I should never have hired them. I told myself, "Edgar, don't hire those rascals again." Oh, but did I listen to myself, no!
WOMAN: When are they coming?
EDGAR: They're getting restless. Hold your horses, they're coming.
LIANA: Actually, they're here. That is, we're here. We're the substitute rascals. Uh... Musicians.
ALEXA: We are?
LIANA: We are. We're very good and we'll only cost you...
ALEXA: A meal. I mean, two meals.
ALEXA: And two doggie bags.
EDGAR: Hmm... How do I know you can play?
MAN: Where is the music?
EDGAR: You're hired.
MAN: Hey!
ALEXA: Perfectly good mashed potatoes. Think I could get them to throw some gravy this way?
LIANA: Come on.
MAN: Give us some music, will you?
WOMAN: Who are they?
LIANA: Good evening.
ALEXA: Hello.
LIANA: (SINGING) here we are. Far from home. Little bit hungry. And a little alone
ALEXA: But it's all right. Yes, it's all right. 'Cause in this room. There might be friends. Can't see how the story ends
LIANA: But it's all right. Yeah, it's all right
BOTH: We can start. Anew. Can't go back so we gotta go on. We'll stick together staying strong. There's a diamond castle in my mind. And someday soon we're gonna find it.
ALEXA: We're gonna find it
LIANA: We're gonna find it
ALEXA: We're gonna find it
LIANA: Somehow things are looking up
ALEXA: Feeling like we've changed our luck
BOTH: I can see life. In a new light
LIANA: Can't stay long
ALEXA: Can't stay long
LIANA: Passing through
ALEXA: Passing through
LIANA: Don't know where we're
BOTH: Going to! But it's all right. 'Cause we just might. Find a way. That's true. Can't go back. So we got to go on.
GUYS: Cheeky they are, taking our place. Not bad though. Not bad, for girls.

BOTH: And someday soon. We're gonna find it.
ALEXA: We're gonna find it
LIANA: We're gonna find
ALEXA: The perfect place for us to be
LIANA: And hear our Melody set free
SLIDER: Wait, wait... I feel something. It's very faint. Can't quite make it out, but it's just about...Oh, I think I got it.
LYDIA: Oh, just take me to her. Now!
SLIDER: Yes, mistress.
BOTH: We're gonna find it
LIANA: Can't go back so we got to
BOTH: go on. We'll stick together staying strong. There's a diamond castle. In my mind. And someday soon
LIANA: We're gonna find it
ALEXA: We're gonna find it
LIANA: We're gonna find it
ALEXA: We're gonna find it
LIANA: We're gonna find it
ALEXA: We're gonna find it
LIANA: We're gonna find it
ALEXA: Someday soon
LIANA: Thank you.
ALEXA: And for our next number... Mashed potatoes. We're going to take a little break.
EDGAR: You've earned your keep.
BOTH: Thank you.
JEREMY: (SINGING) Two maidens were stealing.
IAN: (SINGING) a gig from two kind men.
JEREMY: Whose singing was magic.
IAN: They were both so handsome.
JEREMY: How did you get to be so good-looking?
IAN: Genetics.
JEREMY: Ah! One girl fair and pretty.
IAN: And one a dark beauty
JEREMY: One wearing orange.
IAN: And one... Well, you know perfectly well nothing rhymes with orange.
BOTH: In this song you belong. With lads like us. In this song you belong. You belong. You belong. With lads like us
WOMAN: That's for leaving without a goodbye.
IAN: (CHUCKLES) Sorry that was meant for me.
JEREMY: I feel for you.
LIANA: Far be it from us to spoil a happy reunion. Come on, Alexa.
IAN: No, no, my apologies. That was ancient history.
JEREMY: Uh… Ian.
ALEXA: Smells like mashed potatoes, too.
JEREMY: They skipped out.
IAN: Incredible. We always get the girl. Ah! Wait, the story is not over.
JEREMY: I'm guessing they left it on purpose.

IAN: So, we could return it.
JEREMY: Would a girl do that?
IAN: It is possible.
JEREMY: The only polite thing to do is find them.
IAN: Definitely. Nice to see you too, Bertha.
LYDIA: I'm looking for two girls. One light haired, one dark haired. Did they pass this way?
EDGAR: I... I don't remember.
LYDIA: Really? Memory escapes you, does it? Oh, look at all these sad, sad faces. So, deliciously dreadful. Let's try again, shall we? Where are the girls?
EDGAR: Out back, down the trail.
LIANA: You have to be kidding.
MELODY: No, they were really cute.
LIANA: Too cute for their own good.
LIANA: What is it, Sparkles? We better get out of here.
ALEXA: Why? What's wrong?
BOTH: Slider!
LIANA: Lydia.
LYDIA: So, you know my name. I wonder who could have told you.
MELODY: Leave them alone.
LYDIA: Ha! Doesn't take much to fool Slider, I see. Give me the mirror. The mirror, now!
ALEXA: I don't think so.
LYDIA: Oh, you won't. What will I do?
LYDIA: The mirror.
LIANA: Never!
LYDIA: (GASPS) How on Earth...
LIANA: Run, Alexa, run!
LYDIA: Slider, get them!
SLIDER: Don't look back!
JEREMY: Up we go.
IAN: Not late, am I?
ALEXA: Not yet. Go, go, and go!
LIANA: Watch out!
JEREMY: Ye of little faith.
LIANA: Wherever did you come from?
JEREMY: Is that how you say thank you?
LIANA: I'm sorry, thank you.
ALEXA: We were almost...
IAN: But you weren't. Timing is everything. Your handkerchief.
ALEXA: Thank you.
JEREMY: Jeremy.
LIANA: Liana.
JEREMY: My brother Ian.
LIANA: My friend Alexa.
IAN: An honour, milady.
ALEXA: You're twins.
IAN: What? No! Really?
JEREMY: Mum should have told us. I feel cheated.
IAN: Duped.
JEREMY: Hoodwinked.
LIANA: They think they're charming.

ALEXA: Rakish.
LIANA: Roguish.
MELODY: Is he gone? Is anybody hurt?
IAN: Hmm?
MELODY: I don't understand, how'd you escape Lydia's flute?
LIANA: I don't know.
MELODY: I avoided the spell by disappearing, but you... I just don't get it.
JEREMY: Mind us asking what we've gotten ourselves into?
SLIDER: There were two... No, no, 20 men. Uh... Soldiers. Lashing swords everywhere. I finished off scores of them. But in the end, the girls escaped.
LYDIA: Quiet, I'm thinking.
SLIDER: Oh, that's good. You go right ahead. Think away.
LYDIA: Hmm... Has to be, yes. They wear stones from the Diamond Castle.
JEREMY: And here we are, the Grand River.
LIANA: Do you know this place, Melody?
MELODY: This is good. Really good. We just have to make it across to the Seven Stones.
JEREMY: I wonder... Ian, do you remember those odd rocks we passed last spring?
IAN: Yes, I do. Something almost magical about them.
LIANA: Melody, what do the Seven Stones look like?
JEREMY: Well, there you go, same place. I know exactly where it is.
ALEXA: Wait! The sign shows a bridge.
JEREMY: Probably washed out long ago.
LIANA: But it would be so much faster.
JEREMY: No, not really. We're doing fine. Shall we carry on, Ian?
IAN: Oh, straight ahead, old boy. Straight ahead.
LIANA: Sparkles.
ALEXA: Lily.
LIANA: Be right back.
JEREMY: We could just keep going.
IAN: We could.
JEREMY: But we won't.
IAN: No.
LIANA: Here, Sparkles! Here, girl.
ALEXA: something's wrong.
TROLL: Looking for these morsels?
LIANA: Put them down.
TROLL: (CHUCKLES) Now why would I choose to do that?
IAN: Common courtesy.
TROLL: (EXCLAIMS) I know you and you. Double trouble. You owe me!
IAN: Ancient history, mate.
TROLL: Meat, you two.
JEREMY: He's got a point.
IAN: And a rather sharp one, at that.
LIANA: Thank you for releasing the dogs, you'll free the gentlemen, next.
TROLL: (LAUGHS) free them? I'm gonna eat some.
LIANA: Those boys? They'll give you indigestion.
TROLL: Don't care. Collecting on an old debt.
LIANA: They owe you money?
TROLL: No, lives. They wanted to cross my bridge.
LIANA: But there isn't any bridge.
TROLL: Course there is, if you answer my riddle. And they failed, just like everyone else.
LIANA: Ask us your riddle. If we answer correctly, you let them go.
If we don't, you have dinner for tomorrow night, too.

TROLL: It's a deal. Are you ready?
LIANA: Of course.
TROLL: (CLEARS THROAT) What instrument can you hear, but can't see and can't touch?
ALEXA: It's a trick. There's no instrument like that.
TROLL: Final answer?
LIANA: No. Melody, what do you think?
MELODY: I don't know. You play every instrument I know with either your hands or your mouth.
LIANA: Right. Your hands or your mouth...
TROLL: Your time is...
LIANA: The answer is, your voice. You can't see it or touch it, but when you sing, everybody can hear it.
TROLL: Yes. No! No, no, no. Can't be done. Can't be done. No! No! No! (TROLL GRUMBLING)
ALEXA: Is it real?
TROLL: Nobody knows my riddle. Impossible. Unthink...
JEREMY: Pity, I was rather looking forward to dinner.
JEREMY: Hey! Girls...
IAN: Wait for us.
ALEXA: We can't.
LIANA: Meet us at the Seven Stones.
JEREMY: What's wrong with that picture?
IAN: Everything.
ALEXA: I can't do it anymore, Liana. We've been walking for hours.
LIANA: Are you okay?
ALEXA: Do we have a little water?
LIANA: We ran out. About an hour after we ran out of food. Oh. I know. Alexa, I see something. And it's not that far.
ALEXA: This mansion, it's beautiful. I wonder if someone royal lives here.
LIANA: Hopefully someone generous and royal. Who can spare a bed and some food.
BUTLER: You've come at last.
WOMAN: Welcome. Welcome, miladies.
LIANA: Sparkles, no!
BUTLER: What may we serve you?
LIANA: Could you spare some bread and water?
BUTLER: Please, this is all yours. The grounds, the house, everything.
ALEXA: Ours?
BUTLER: The legend. It's been foretold two friends, best friends, will come to live in the hall. For years, we've been tending the hall until the rightful owners arrive.
LIANA: You must be mistaken.
BUTLER: No. It's just as the legend foretold.
ALEXA: I can't believe it.
LIANA: I don't believe it. What do you think, Melody?
MELODY: You know, the Muses sing songs about legends and destiny. This really could be yours.
LIANA: So, if it's ours...
ALEXA: Do you think we can eat something?
MELODY: Yes. Go, eat.
LIANA: Oh, of course you get your share.
ALEXA: (LAUGHS) you don't have to do tricks for your supper. What's mine is yours. Oh!
LIANA: They're beautiful.
MELODY: Try one on.
ALEXA: I look like a princess. Oh, Liana, it's a perfect home for us. More food than we could ever eat, a beautiful dress every day and a gorgeous garden.
LIANA: But we can't stay.
ALEXA: Why not? It's ours. We're finally having some good luck, why can't we enjoy it?
LIANA: Maybe we can come back after we take Melody to the Diamond Castle.
ALEXA: If we come back.
LIANA: What do you mean?
ALEXA: Trolls, serpents, evil magic. We may not live to come back.
LIANA: We promised Melody we'd help her.
ALEXA: And we did. We've taken her this far. I can't go any farther. I can't.
LIANA: But, we promised. You gave your word.
ALEXA: Let Ian and Jeremy do it. I'm staying here.
LIANA: You don't mean that.
ALEXA: Yes, I do.
MELODY: Please, don't argue. You've done enough.
ALEXA: See, even Melody thinks so. Stay with me.
LIANA: If we don't stop Lydia, we'll all be living under a dark cloud. No laughter, no music, just sadness everywhere.
ALEXA: Why us? Why can't somebody else do it?
LIANA: Because Melody is our friend.
ALEXA: You're choosing Melody over me.
LIANA: No, it's not like that.
ALEXA: If you were really my friend, you'd understand.
LIANA: You're right, I don't understand. Come on, Sparkles. Ready, Melody? We are going to the Seven Stones.
ALEXA: No, Lily. I can't believe she did that. Liana?
LYDIA: Liked the manor, did you? So terribly tempting.
ALEXA: How did you know?
LYDIA: Because I was there first. Did the servants tell you about a legend?
ALEXA: Yes, they said that two... They were under your power.
LYDIA: Mmm-hmm. Now, give me the mirror.
ALEXA: I don't have it.
ALEXA: You hurt her.
SLIDER; No mirror, mistress.
LYDIA: So, the other girl has it. Where is your friend, or should I say ex-friend?
ALEXA: I don't know.
LYDIA: That doesn't work on me. Bold words for a girl who no longer wears her necklace. As long as you and your friend wore your guardian stones, you were protected. But now... Where is she?
ALEXA: Going to the Seven Stones.
LYDIA: Slider, get the girl and the mirror. And this time, do it right.
SLIDER: Yes, mistress.
LIANA: This must be it, right?
MELODY: The Seven Stones! We're here! We're really here. You did it. Just down there is the misty glade and the Diamond Castle. I wish Alexa were with us.
LIANA: Yes, well, she made her choice.
MELODY: Liana, I know you miss her.
LIANA: Miss her? Why would I miss her? We've only been friends for as long as I can remember. She's been with me through the best and worst times of my life.
She knows me better than anyone else in the entire universe. I feel like a part of me is gone.
LIANA: What is it? (GRUNTS) Put me down.
SLYDER: Mistress Lydia will be glad to see you.
LYDIA: Welcome, darling.
LIANA: I have nothing to say to you.
LYDIA: Aw! That must be because you're lonely. Alexa, won't you join us?
LIANA:Alexa! Alexa!

LYDIA: She told me where to find you. Friends are highly overrated, don't you think? And here it is. Ah! So much trouble for such a little apprentice. Melody, I know you can hear me. Melody, come out now. Oh, stubborn girl. Walk, Alexa, walk.
LIANA: Alexa, no! Stop, stop!
LYDIA: She only listens to me. And I'll only stop her if Melody asks me to. Anything to say, Melly Belly?
MELODY: Stop her, Lydia.
LYDIA: Girl, wait. I want the key to the Diamond Castle.
MELODY: Let my friends go.
LYDIA: Ha! The key first, and show me where the castle is, then I'll release them.
MELODY: Okay. But we come right back to let them go.
LYDIA: Oh, there's a good girl. Meet me outside, Slider. When you're ready.
LIANA: Alexa, Alexa, wake up. It's me, Liana.
SLIDER: On behalf of my great mistress, the one and only Muse.
SLIDER: Aw. Nothing like a sad ending.
LYDIA: West, I presume?
JEREMY: (SIGHS) No sign of them.
IAN: Must have gone without us.
JEREMY: Disappointing.
IAN: To say the least.
IAN: Oh, hang on.
JEREMY: Okay, okay, what's the rush? Where's Liana? Why do I have a bad feeling?
IAN: Where are they, girl?
LIANA: I'm sorry, Alexa. Why did I ever leave? I'm so sorry.
LIANA: Lily? That's Alexa's necklace. We were both wearing the necklaces when Lydia couldn't mesmerize us. Drop, Lily, it’s okay. Please let this work. Best friends, today, tomorrow and always.
ALEXA: Liana, where are we?
LIANA: In trouble, but then, what else is new?
ALEXA: What happened?
LIANA: Lydia has Melody.
LIANA: They're on their way to the Diamond Castle.
ALEXA: We have to stop them, but how?
LIANA: We're going to climb up, together.
LYDIA: If you want me to believe the Diamond Castle is here, give me the key.
MELODY; The key...
LYDIA: Now, or I throw you in the pond and your friends never come out of the cave.
MELODY: The key... Is to place diamonds in the diamond.
LYDIA: And that is...
MELODY: The boulder.
LYDIA: Ah, I see it. Now what?
MELODY: Each slot holds a diamond. Placed in the proper order, the castle will then be revealed.
LYDIA: Where do I begin?
ALEXA: I'm so sorry, Liana, about everything I said.
LIANA: Me, too. Me, too.
ALEXA: Lily, come back.
IAN: Whoa!
LIANA: Jeremy.
JEREMY: Liana.
LIANA: I see you'll follow us anywhere.
ALEXA: Look at that. Again you show up just when we need you.
IAN: Timing is everything.
LYDIA: Here.
MELODY: Mmm-hmm. And then to the right, two spaces.
LYDIA: Ooh, the last one. So horribly exciting. Where's the castle?
MELODY: You see, there are a few more steps.
JEREMY: You actually think this mad plan will work?
LIANA: It has to. Once Lydia finds the castle and destroys the musical instruments, nobody will ever be able to stop her.
JEREMY: What you think, Ian?
IAN: Doom, disaster, catastrophe.
JEREMY: So, we're in then?
IAN: Definitely.
LYDIA: You've been playing with me.
MELODY: I just...
LYDIA: Diamonds aren't the key at all. You think your friends will come rescue you. (LAUGHS) You fool.
MELODY: You can't be the only Muse, Lydia, it isn't right. The Diamond Castle's meant for everybody.
LYDIA: Great singers don't need a chorus.
SLIDER: Mistress?
LYDIA: Go, Slider, and make it snappy.
LYDIA: Slider, what is it? What?
ALEXA: So far... So good.
MELODY: Oh, I knew they'd come.
LYDIA: A waste of a trip.
LYDIA: Come to me.
MELODY: No, don't listen to her
IAN: Back off, beastie. I liked that guitar.
LYDIA: Into the water and drown.
MELODY: No! Liana, Alexa, stop! Stop!
LYDIA: How did you...
LIANA: Do you believe in magic?
LYDIA: My flute, now, or I break the mirror, then she never gets out, never.
LIANA: Wait!
LYDIA: The flute.
MELODY: Don't do it. Don't let her have it.
LYDIA: You sound like someone who wants to stay in there forever.
MELODY: No, but I will to stop you.
ALEXA: Melody!
LYDIA: Pathetic child. Give it to me.
LIANA: Save Melody!
IAN: Hey, Slider, over here.
IAN: Nice serpent.

IAN: Nice. Nice. Well done, mate.
JEREMY: All in a day's work.
ALEXA: You good girls.
LYDIA: No! No! No! No! (SCREAMING) No!
LIANA: I... I can't believe it. She's gone.
ALEXA: It's over, finally over.
LIANA: Melody, can you hear us?
IAN: Everybody all right?
LIANA: Lydia's gone, but so is Melody.
IAN: There must be some way to bring Melody back.
LIANA: The Muses' instruments might do it.
ALEXA: But we don't have the key to the Diamond Castle.
IAN: I hate to be a spoil sport, but I don't see any Diamond Castle.
LIANA: I believe it's here.
IAN: How can you believe what you don't see?
LIANA: Sometimes what's real...
ALEXA: Is something you can't see. What if…
LIANA: Melody's song is the key?
LIANA: (SINGING) Hidden beneath the ground
ALEXA: (SINGING) is the spring that feeds the creek
LIANA: Invisible as the wind
ALEXA: That you feel upon your cheek
BOTH: And every breeze that whispers. Reminds us constantly. Sometimes what's real. Is something you can't see. Believe. In all that can be. A miracle starts. Whenever you dream. Believe. And sing from your heart. You'll see. Your song will hold the key
MELODY: Liana, Alexa.
IAN: Don't you look precious? Not a word about this to anyone.
JEREMY: Ian, have you seen this?
MELODY: The Muses' instruments are up here.
LIANA: If we play the instruments now?
MELODY: The Muses will come home. (GASPS) Lydia!
LIANA: Quick, the instruments.
MELODY: Believe
ALEXA: (SINGING) your song will hold the key
ALL: Believe. Believe. Your song will hold the key. Believe. Believe.
LYDIA: What? No!
ALL: Your song will hold the key. Believe.
LYDIA: Make it stop!
ALL: Believe. Believe. Believe. Your song will hold the key. Believe. Believe. Your song will hold the key. Believe. Believe. Your song will hold the key. Believe. Believe.
IAN: What happened? You're a tough act to follow.
PHAEDRA: Liana, Alexa, for the beautiful music in your hearts, which saved us all, we anoint you Princesses of Music.
ALEXA: Thank you.
PHAEDRA: No, thank you. Without your sacrifices, we would not be here.
PHAEDRA: And this is for you, Melody. You are no longer an apprentice. You are a true Muse.
MELODY: Thank you.
DORI: You have proven your worth. You now replace Lydia as the third Muse. For your courage and kind aid.
IAN: Thank you.
JEREMY: Many thanks.
IAN: Odd looking.
JEREMY: Whoa! Wicked! Oh, right.
MELODY: Will you stay with us? We can have rooms near each other. Live in this beautiful castle?
ALEXA: Once, I would have said yes in the blink of an eye, but now, I just want my old home back. It was more than enough.
PHAEDRA: We thought you might say that.
Plant these in your garden at home.
ALEXA: It's not an accident the time we spent apart
LIANA: But now we're so close I can always find you. Right here in my heart
ALEXA: You've given me something I need. And I don't ever want it to end
LIANA: Because of you
BOTH: I know I've found my strength again. I feel
LIANA: connected
ALEXA: Connected
LIANA: Protected
ALEXA: Protected
BOTH: It's like you're sitting right with me all the time
LIANA: You hear me
ALEXA: You hear me
LIANA: You're near me
ALEXA: You're near me
BOTH: And everything else Is gonna be all right. 'Cause nothing can break this. Nothing can break this. Nothing can break this tie. Connected
LIANA: Connected inside
JEREMY: Do you suppose they need an escort?
IAN: Someone has to keep them out of trouble.
BOTH: Goodbye.
PHAEDRA: Farewell.
DORI: Farewell.
MELODY: Thank you. I'll come visit.
STACIE: I would have hated it if Alexa and Liana didn't make up.
BARBIE: Me, too. Best friends stick together.
STACIE: Do you think Courtney's sorry for what she said?
TERESA: Only one way to find out. What do you think?
STACIE: I'm sorry for what I said.
BARBIE: Maybe you should tell her that.
STACIE: Yeah... Yeah. Thanks, Barbie. Bye, Teresa.
TERESA: Well done.
BARBIE: Timing is everything. Now, where were we?
Two voices one song