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Opinion by Annabethandco posted 9 hours ago
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This was the first movie I re watched, and I was really pleasantly surprised. This movie have aspects of the second generation which makes it refreshing and nostalgic. On the whole, I found this film uplifting, sweet, and colourful.

Firstly, the return to ballet was amazing. The animation and choreography was stunning and reminded me of the Nutcracker and the 12 Dancing Princesses. It seems whenever Barbie returns to its roots, the result is either great or disappointing - and in this case I think the dancing was a success.

The concept of the film is actually super intriguing. Is everything she does while wearing the shoes part of her imagination? I'm guessing not, because Hailey experiences everything with her - but that doesn't explain why all the characters are people she knows in real life. Realistically, analysing the magic in Barbie movies is never a sensible idea, but in this case the logic seemed a bit TOO sketchy. Also, when the seamstress packs away the pink shoes at the end - why are there so many other pairs? Is sending dancers on journeys of self-discovery a regular occurrence or what?
Opinion by pinkydoll posted 17 hours ago
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I love this movie.
I really like the plot that how the Sisters come to their Willow city and was refreshing their memories this thing filled tears in my eyes whenever I go to my cousins I do all those things hanging out with my childhood close cousin,Eating my favorite dishes going to my old memorial places.The plot is very interesting how the villains tried to steal the treasure and how the sisters with the cute puppies got the way..The plot is solid with no mistakes and has a bundle of morals in it..This is the movie I was waiting of from many months.
Barbie's character is really interesting.She loves her family she loves her friend and the Willowfest..She is looking very cute in the movie Her hairstyles won my heart and the best part is no bright pinkish color in her personality.
Skipper's character is very amazing I love her personlity and I like her better here then the past few movies..She was intelligent and helped her sisters in finding the treasure,Her look in this movie is better then past movies..
Opinion by Annabethandco posted 3 days ago
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As some of you may or may not know, I have started to re-watch all the Barbie Movies. I adored them as a child and watching them again makes me feel very happy <3 I thought I would record my thoughts on them as I watch them.

Firstly, I thought this movie was a touching homage to the original. Everything from remixes of the old songs to Keira being an anagram for Erika, it was a comforting reminder of my favourite childhood film. I also appreciated aspects that kind of made fun of it, like when Keira tries to pick a lock and says it always works in movies as a reference to the time Erika stole a key by using her hair as a hook, which never would have worked in real life lol.

I also really like Keira. I think she's really fun and rebellious while also having flaws (such as being a bit of a control freak). She likes having fun, but she's a genuinely good person. However, I don't like Tori as much. Sure, she's likeable, but her lack of responsibility irritates me - especially when duty was such a big theme in the original Princess and the Pauper. When she admits she didn't...