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Hey New Kids!!

Opinion by iHeartJesus posted over a year ago
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When i was younger i made an account on fanpop and hade no idea what i was doing. I was a bad speller so i would always spell something wrong and people reported me because they thought i was to young to be on fanpop but i wasn't. So i deleted my account and started over but dint say anything or add stuff to the site i just poked around and and after awile i understood that i was doing everything wrong on my old account. for all the new kids just saying before you do any thing on fanpop just poke around and understand what to do before you do something. And when ever i do something wrong or spell something wrong please understand and if you want you can correct me =)
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I'm sorry you got reported for just making mistakes. That's not right. Reporting is for when someone's doing something abusive, wrong, etc. Good idea for an article, though!
posted over a year ago.
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Thanks for that comment it realy helps =)
posted over a year ago.