Chelsea: I'll wear my new pink boots in Central Park i just can't wait I'll Feed the Sea Lions and Everyone will think I'm great,It's gonna be amazing.

Stacie:Can't wait to Rock the Rockefeller Center Skating Rink I'll do double Axel Betcha i won't even Blink,It's Gonna be Amazing.

Chelsea: So Here I go Right to the Zoo.
Stacie: There on the ice I'll be Spinning and Spinning.
Chelsea: It's gonna be my dream come true.
Stacie: Every minute Custom-Made for me
'' And This'll be my perfect Christmas''

Skipper: Can't wait to go Hang out with Zoe and I'll Hear Her band.I'm gonna stream them Live So everyone can See First Hand.
''They really are amazing''

Barbie:I'm gonna see a board-way show on 42nd Street, I can't believe Aunt Millie Got me in a Front-Row Seat.
''It's gonna be amazing''

Skipper: They Hit the Stage they Play all night.
Barbie: The light are down and the Curtains Rising.
Skipper:It's gonna be my Dream come true.
Barbie:Every Minute Custom-Made for me.
Both Together:
''And this'll be my Perfect Christmas''

Skipper: But the coolest of all is the band's gonna Sing The song that i wrote every word, every note.Then they''l call me on stage and I'll take a bow and the crowds goes Crazy i can see it now.

Chelsea: So here i go.
Barbie: a front-row seat.
Stacie:There on the ice.
Skipper:They hit the Stage.
Barbie:The light go down.
Stacie:And I'm spinning and Spinning.
Skipper:They play all night.
Chelsea:Right to the zoo.
Barbie: A board-way show.
Stacie: Won't even Blink.
Barbie:I see it now.
Stacie: And it's gonna be amazing.
Stacie and Chelsea: I'm gonna see, I'm gonna see.
Barbie and Skipper:My dream come true,My dream come true.
All: Every minute custom-made for me.
''This'll be my perfect Christmas''(x6)
Barbie PC it's gonna be amazing.