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"Do The Mermaid Lyrics" MT2

Article by rizwansait1 posted over a year ago
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Do The Mermaid lyrics
Do The Mermaid...
Everybody Jump, Jump right in.. Hula with the flow and then shimmy with the swim, Oh yeah !!
Do the mermaid hey-ey...
Grab your nose, snorkel down All the pretty mermaid girl are dancing all around Yeah Yeah !
Do the mermaid Hey-ey ...
Now everybody make the boat rock,rock,rock..
Everybody make the boat rock,rock,rock,rock,flip..
Do the surf girl,
Do the surf girl..
Everybody drop, drop right in..
Join the party wave and take a turtle for a spin...
Oh yeah, Do the surf girl...
Now everybody nose,nose right down..
All the pretty surfer girls are dancing all around Oh yeah, do the surf girl..
Now everybody make the boat rock,rock,rock..
Everybody make the boat rock,rock,rock,rock...
Do the surf girl, do the surf girl ..
Join, join, join the party wave..
Ride, ride, ride the party wave..
Give, give, give the party wave..
Live, live, live the party wave..
The party wave ..................
Oh !
Now everybody make the boat rock,rock,rock...
Everybody make the boat rock, rock, rock, rock...
Do the mermaid...
Do the surf girl...
And we'll all make the boat rock.....
Singer : Kiana Brown.

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manu962 said:
I think that Olivia has to be credited here .Because this article is based in her video,isn't it ?
posted over a year ago.
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Looks like it Violet
posted over a year ago.
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Tramer said:
Merlaih and Sequin I wanna be a mermaid now
posted over a year ago.