Okay appearances of main characters. Serenity has blonde hair that sometimes changes color with her personality, she has tan skin, and bright blue eyes. Sadie played by Theresa has tan skin, brown hair, and green eyes in this one sort of like Alexa. Scarlet has red hair, green eyes, and light skin like Aramina. Savannah played by Nikki has dark skin, dark brown eyes, and and black hair. All girls are smart, brave, kind, and have a sense of humor.


Queen Celine looked out the stained glass window as another ghostly green lightning bolt shot down from the sky. It was the sign of Lactea. Celine looked down sadly at her one-year old daughter, Serenity. It had been foretold by The Oracle that Serenity had the power to defeat Lactea, once and for all, and as they all knew The Oracle was never wrong. Even Lactea, who's been trapped for the last 5,000 years, knew that. And Lactea will stop at nothing to destroy Serenity. Even if it meant to go to battle with the King and Queen of Halloween and Magic themselves. She didn't care they couldn't defeat her, Serenity could and will unless she destroys her first.

Celine looked up as another lightning bolt hit the ground again. A wagon burst into flames. Celine quickly got up in shock and realization. Lactea was going faster then she thought. At this rate she'll be here in less than ten minutes. She raced down the stairs, and headed for her husband's study.

"Charles." She said breathlessly when she finally found him.

"What is it?" He asked.

"She's almost here."Celine said. Charles got up

"We better go." Charles said. Celine nodded. They than ran out of the castle. They soon reached the forest and the portal. Serenity who had been sleeping, suddenly woke up, and looked around. Curiosity in her bright blue eyes.

"Next stop, Montana." Celine said, hiding the little girl in the blanket. The glowing portal appeared, and Celine and Charles stepped inside. Celine looked around. Mountains, trees, mortal houses, and a street sign that says "Welcome to Montana." Yep, this was definitely Montana. Celine looked down at Serenity, sadly.

"She'll be alright, Celine." Charles said. Celine sighed.

"I know." She said quietly, and walked up to the closest house. It was a regular sized light blue house. She looked at Serenity again.

"You'll be safe here." Celine told Serenity. She felt Charles put a hand on her shoulder. She looked at him. He pulled out a gold necklace with a sparkling sapphire embedded on the pendent hanging from the chain. It was a protective necklace, that kept her immortal and made sure she couldn't be found. The necklace will stop working on her sixteenth birthday, though, but if the prophecy was correct she would be able to save the kingdom on her 16th Halloween.

"May the magic be with you, my dear." Charles said, smiling at his baby daughter. Celine hid the birthmark on her forehead so no one would suspect anything, and finally put the little girl on the doorstep she smiled one more time, and then knocked on the door. She then quickly ran away. The door opened, and a woman in her late 20s looked outside, and then down at Serenity. She smiled and looked around.

"Who would leave such an adorable girl, out here on her own." The dark-haired woman, whose name was Bellatrix, asked herself,"Thomas." She yelled.

"What is it, Isabella." He asked.

"Look." She said, gesturing at Serenity.

"Who left her here alone?" Thomas asked.

"We can't just leave her here." Bellatrix said

With that the couple went back inside with Serenity. In the forest, Celine and Charles smiled. Serenity will be safe there. They then left to go back to their world. As soon as they stepped through the portal they found themselves face to face with Lactea. Lactea didn't waste any time turning them into stone.

"Fools." She said, "You really thought you could escape me, ME the Mistress of Evil." She shook her head and cackled. She took the basket out of Celine's hands and looked at it. It was empty.

"No." She said, "NO!." She through the basket aside, and looked at the place where the portal was, "Take the statues to the others." She told her minions. They did as they were told, and took them to the graveyard.

"She can't hide forever. I'll find that girl." Lactea said, "I'll find her and destroy her if it's the last thing I do." She said and burned up the basket.

Chapter 1.

"Serenity, Serenity wake up we're going to be late." A frustrated Sadie said. She had been trying to wake Serenity up for the last fifteen minutes with no result.

"Don't make me do this, Serenity." Sadie said. Still no change, Sadie sighed, she took the vase sitting on Serenity's desk, took the flowers out, and poured the water onto Serenity.

"Ahhh." Serenity said as she got up, "Okay, I'm awake all ready, I'm awake."

"Good. Now, you better get ready." Sadie said.

"Yeah, yeah I'll be there in a second." Serenity said.

"And don't go back to sleep." Sadie said, and then left. Serenity sighed, and got out of bed. She looked outside like she always did. Suddenly her eyes spotted a little black cat by the tree. Serenity wasted no time getting outside. She ran downstairs and out to the back yard. When she got outside the cat was sitting in the same place... and was looking straight at her. Patience in it's eyes.

"Here kitty." Serenity said softly. The cat got up and walked to Serenity. Serenity was a bit surprised, she always had a way with animals, but she was never that good with animals. Still she couldn't ponder on about why the cat came to her so quickly. It needed water and shelter. She picked it up and ran inside.

"Mom." Serenity called. Bellatrix came quickly.

"Serenity, what's wrong?" She asked. Serenity showed her the small cat.

"I found it in the backyard." Serenity said. As if on cue Sadie, Scarlet, and Savannah walked in.

"A cat." Scarlet said, "Where did you find her."

"In the back yard." Said Serenity. Scarlet to her mother, a wide grin on her face.

"Can we keep her, can we, can we?" Scarlet asked."

"I don't know." Bellatrix said, uncertainly

"Oh come on please." Said Serenity.

"Well." Said Isabella. Serenity smiled, her adopted mother was on the edge of giving in. Let operation " If we don't" begin.

"Come on, Mom. If we don't she'll die. It's a cold world out there." Serenity said.

"We could just drop her off at the shelter." Bellatrix said. Serenity frowned, desperate times call for desperate measures. Plan Puppy Dog Face. She looked at Savannah, Sadie, and Scarlet, and they understood immediately. The four girls lined up in front of Bellatrix, and put on their infamous Puppy Dog Faces. After a minute Bellatrix sighed.

"Fine." She said quietly. The girls cheered and hugged Bellatrix. Bellatrix laughed quietly.

"Okay, okay I get it. I'll take her to the vet." Bellatrix said. The girls let her go, and went outside. Bellatrix got in the car with the cat, while the girls started to walk to school. While they were walking, Sadie had noticed Serenity had been a bit quiet. There must be something wrong. Sadie stopped Serenity.

"Okay, what's wrong?" Sadie finally asked.

"Nothing." Serenity said. Sadie raised an eyebrow.

"Don't do that." Sadie said, and looked down.

"Do what?" Serenity asked, confused. Did she do something wrong?

"The look." Sadie said.

"Well I can't see it can I." Serenity replied(Not questioned.) Sadie looked at the store window. Serenity followed Sadie's gaze, and saw her face reflecting of the glass.

"That's my face." Serenity said.

"Yes, and it's doing the thing. You're doing the 'I know that there's something wrong, but I don't want to tell anyone' face." Sadie said.

"Funny." Serenity said, sarcasm in her voice.

"Serenity, did you know that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit." Scarlet said. Serenity from Sadie to Scarlet to Savannah and back to Sadie.

"Okay, fine." Serenity said, "I've been getting weird dreams, lately."

"Like?" Sadie asked.

"I don't know. There was a person singing a song." Serenity said, trying to remember all the details.

"A song. Do you remember any of the words? Scarlet asked.

"Not all of them." Serenity replied, 'But who ever sang it sure sounded familiar, and than there was the face."

"What face?" Savannah asked. Serenity closed her eyes, trying to remember what the face looked like. Nothing came to her mind though. Nothing except a silhouette of a face.

"Can't remember. All I remember is the silhouette of the face." Serenity said.

"Maybe that's all you saw." Scarlet said, "A silhouette of a face."

"No, I'm sure there was more than just a silhouette." Serenity said. Not only trying convince her adopted sisters, but also herself. She didn't know what she saw. It was a dream, no one can ever remember every detail in dreams. Serenity sighed. Shame, maybe if she did remember everything she would've remembered who her real parents were. Sadie's voice brought Serenity back to Earth.

"Uh... Serenity, is it just me or is that old lady staring at us?" Sadie asked. Serenity looked around, but could not find any old lady.

"Uh... what old lady, Sadie." Serenity asked.

"The one over there..." Sadie said, but was cut off when she realized the old lady had vanished.

"But she was right over there." Sadie said.

"Maybe she was a magical witch and she disappeared before Serenity could see her." Scarlet said.

"Come on Scarlet, even if she was a witch why would she disappear before Serenity saw her." Savannah said.

"Because maybe, she's the person from her dream." Scarlet reasoned.

"Well, whatever it is, we can't think about it now. School starts at eight, and its 7:50. We've got 10 minutes." Serenity said, looking at her watch. It wasn't really the school that made her want to change the subject- truth be told, that wasn't the reason at all- it was the little voice on the edge of her conscience that told her that she should stop and keep going.

"She's right. We better get going." Sadie said. Though her purpose was thee school. She had never been late before and she wasn't planning on being late today.

"Come on, I know a short cut." Scarlet said, and they were off. None of them spoke until halfway through, a terrible storm rolled in.

"Oh come on!" Sadie shouted at the sky, and then continued in a quiet voice, "I can't believe this. We'll never get to school on time in this weather."

"Come on, Sadie, it's not the end of the world." Serenity tried to reassure her adopted sister.

"I know, but either the storm looks pretty bad and we have no where to go. It'll take forever to get home." Sadie said. Serenity looked around, and the she saw it, a small cottage with its windows glowing.

"Maybe we don't have to walk home. We could just go to that cottage, and ask if we could use their phone." Serenity said.

"Are you mad. We can't just barge into a cottage. Who knows who lives in there." Sadie said.

"Hey, if the person looks evil we obviously won't go in. Come on what's the worst that can happen." Serenity tried to convince her sister. Sadie looked at her two sisters.

"Savannah, Scarlet what do you think." Sadie asked.

"What have we got to lose." Savannah said

"Yeah, not like we have a choice. Unless, one of us has an even better idea." Scarlet said. Sadie looked down, and sighed.

"Fine." She said, reluctantly, but she was still a bit nervous. Scratch that she was very nervous. Serenity led the way to the cottage. When they were there she lightly knocked on the door. Footsteps were heard from inside the cottage, and the door opened. An old lady looked out, and then opened the door with a bright smile on her face when she saw the four girls.

"Oh, visitors wonderful." The old woman chuckled. She had bright blue eyes like Serenity's, and long white hair. She was short and had a kind face.

"That's her, that's her. It's the creepy old lady from the street." Sadie whispered in Serenity's ear. Serenity just rolled her eyes.

"Excuse us, but there's a storm, and we can't get to our school int this weather. Can we use your phone?" Serenity asked.

"Of course you can, dears. It's in the living room." The old lady said, cheerily. The girls walked in, and the old lady closed the door behind them. Serenity looked around the room. it was surprisingly large, and had many things that in stories were supposedly linked to magic. Things like pendants, and crystals.

"W-who are you." Serenity asked.

"Just a wood carver. Look around, see if there is anything you like. I'll get you four some tea" The old lady answered. Serenity nodded, and went to go find the living room. As Serenity walked through the dark hallway, she noticed the carvings on the wooden walls. One in particular caught her attention, it was a carving of a happy little girl with eyes painted bright blue sitting on a woman's lap. A dark-haired man was sitting by the woman. Undoubtedly it was a picture of a happy family. Serenity smiled to herself to herself and kept going. She found the living room about ten minutes later. It was nearly as large as the workshop, and was made of some kind of crystal. Serenity wondered how the rooms could be so big and the cottage so small. She shook her head and went over to the telephone. She dialed her Mother's phone number, but the phone didn't work. She got up, and went back to her sisters and the old lady.

"Did you reach her?" Sadie asked.

"No, the phone's dead." Serenity said, sadly. Sadie slouched in disappointment. Serenity tried ignore the disappointment in all her sisters' eyes. She hated seeing them disappointed, they weren't just her adopted sisters they were her best friends. Something suddenly caught her eye. It was a golden necklace, but not just any necklace it was an exact replica of her own golden necklace, except this one had a ruby not a sapphire, but the writing and design was the same.

"What is that?" Serenity asked, pointing at the necklace. The old lady had just come in with a china tea pot.

"What, that? Oh, just a small trinket." The old lady said.

"Oh." Serenity said, and looked down. She had been hoping it meant something more. The old lady stopped pouring the tea, and looked up, and the looked down and continued to pour the tea into the last two china tea-cups.

"A trinket with a past." The old lady spoke up again. Serenity turned to her, her eyes sparkled in expectancy of an exciting story.

"A past." Serenity repeated. The old lady nodded, and continued.

"It's an old family heirloom. There were four made, but we never found the other three." The old lady said.

"Are you sure it's your family's heirloom?" Serenity asked.

"Of course, why do you ask?" The old lady questioned.

"Because, I have one too." Serenity said, and pulled her own necklace out.

"May I see it." The old lady asked, and then took her microscope lens out. Serenity gave it to her. The old lady inspected it, and then smiled at Serenity.

"Welcome back, grand-daughter." The old lady said happily.

"Grand-daughter?" Serenity asked in disbelief. She found the thought of finding one of her real family members joyful yet terrifying.

"Yes I am your Grandmother Angelica." The old lady said, "Look at you, you look... mortal."

"Maybe that's because I am mortal?" Serenity said in a questioning voice. Grandmother Angelica laughed, and gave Serenity her necklace back.

"No you're not. You're immortal like me." She said.

"What do you mean?" Serenity asked. Grandmother walked out of the cottage. She snapped her fingers, and they were all somewhere else.

"Um, Serenity something tells me we're not in Montana anymore." Sadie said.

"Of course you're not Dorothy." Grandmother Angelica said.

"It's Sadie." Sadie said.

"Of course it is. You just started to sound like Dorothy." Grandmother Angelica said. The other three girls giggled. Sadie glared at them for a second, and all three girls put on serious faces. Grandmother Angelica led them to a cauldron.

"Never conjure where you carve." Said Grandmother Angelica, and then she started to chant in a foreign language. When she stopped a face appeared on the surface of the water.

"What do you want me to show you?" The face asked.

"Princess Serenity's past." Said Grandmother Angelica. The face disappeared and was replaced by a dark night. Two people(Charles and Celine) suddenly came out of nowhere. The two walked to a house and put a little girl wrapped in blankets on the footstep, and the father(Charles), put a golden necklace on the little girl's neck and smiled. The parents then looked down at the little girl, and smiled sadly. They then went back through the portal. The next thing they saw was a bright flash of light and a cackle and Lactea and the two statues appeared.

"So you're trying to tell me my parents left me on a stranger's doorstep, and then got turned into giant stone paperweights by an crazy, evil, power-hungry old witch." Serenity said.

"I was going to say it in a much nicer way, but yeah pretty much." Grandmother Angelica said.

"And?" Serenity asked. There had to be something more.

"Oh yeah, and you have to defeat the crazy, evil, power-hungry, old witch by Halloween or everyone whose been turned into stone will stay stone forever, and your kingdom will be doomed. Bringing chaos and disorder to the human world. You're everyone's only hope" Grandmother Angelica said blandly, as if this wasn't important at all. Serenity looked around, hoping to find that her grandmother was talking about someone else. She then pointed to herself.

"Who? Me?" Serenity asked.

"Yes you." Grandmother Angelica, "Now come on there is little time, and there are still things you need to know."

"One question, how am I supposed to defeat her?" Serenity asked.

"What do I look like an Oracle." Grandmother Angelica said, and then muttered something under her breath. She looked back, none of the girls had moved.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Grandmother Angelica asked. Serenity looked down, she couldn't do this. She was just a girl, she had no special powers. Serenity walked over to the cauldron, and looked at her reflection. Could she really defeat an evil power-hungry witch? Who knows, but just imagine if she does. She'd be with her real parents again, she wouldn't have to question herself everyday who she was, and never be able to answer the question. What else could she do, her people needed her? She couldn't disappoint them just because she was afraid and unsure. People were suffering, and they only had hope to cling on to. Hope that she would come someday, and defeat the evil witch. She touched her golden necklace. She was a Person after all. People must sacrifice somethings, it's one of the rules in life that you just can't bend. Serenity took a deep breath, and looked at her adopted sisters.

"Aren't you coming?" Serenity asked.

"Serenity, we can't come. We're not like you. We're human." Sadie said, looking down.

"Yeah, we don't have any powers." Scarlet said.

"There's no way we can help you." Savannah said.

"Who ever said powers had to be supernatural magic. I say you have something even better than anyone that has supernatural powers." Serenity said, the other three just looked puzzled, "You have courage, hope, and determination... oh, and you can get as far as anyone with supernatural powers without needing magic. Just think how a person that does have magic would deal without it. Besides I know I'll be needing your help."

"Good point." Sadie said. Serenity smiled.

"So are you coming." Serenity asked. Sadie, Scarlet, and Savannah nodded. Serenity smiled, and then followed her grandmother. Sadie, Scarlet, and Savannah exchanged nervous looks, and followed Serenity. They soon entered a dark house.

"This is where you'll practice your powers. Your Mother practiced her powers here, too" Said Grandmother Angelica. Serenity looked around like the cottage, the house was bigger than in looked.

"You may go to your rooms." Said Grandmother Angelica.

"How will we know witch room is ours?" Serenity asked.

"Oh, you'll know." Said Grandmother Angelica. The girls wondered what she meant, but left anyway. Serenity, and her sisters walked through the dark corridor that was only lit by a couple floating lights.

"What are they?" Savannah asked.

"Will-o'-the-wisps of course." Scarlet said. Serenity smiled to herself, Scarlet the Fantasy Expert strikes again. Scarlet had earned this name because she was romantic and believed in magic. If you ever have a hard time distinguishing magical animals, go ask Scarlet she'll probably know the answer. She also loves romance and read every romance novel the world had to offer.

"I think they're leading us somewhere." Serenity said, as she looked closer at the will-o'-the-wisps. Serenity reached out to touch it, but it suddenly floated away. Serenity quickly ran after it.

Author's note. Where do you think the Wisps will lead them?