Princess Catania
Princess Catania is the name of the Fairy Princess. She is the princess of Shimmervale, a kingdom in Fairytopia powered by crystals. Catania and Mariposa become friends and save Shimmervale from Gwyllion, who wants to steal all the crystals in the kingdom.

Catania has light blue eyes and blond hair and pale skin. In the teaser trailer, Catania wears a long violet dress and a silver crown with square-shaped pink gems. She also has a white and pink long necklace. Her wings don't seem to be butterfly wings, and they're light blue, pink and white.

Talayla is a crystal fairy from Shimmervale.

Talayla has long pink hair tied in a high ponytail, pale skin and hazel eyes. Her wings are of pink and light blue shades with fuchsia decorations. She wears a short light blue and pink dress with pink gems in the top. Her shoes are pink ballerinas with ribbons.

Gwyllion is the main antagonist in Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess. She tries to steal the crystals of Shimmervale.