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News by Keira17 posted over a year ago
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All I really wanna do is be right here
And be just who I am
Yeah, I'm finally stepping up to center stage
To lent a helping hand

Every princess
Needs a story
This one will be mine
Cause I'm in the perfect place
And now's the perfect time

What's gonna happen
I can't wait to see
What's gonna happen
It's all up to me
I'm gonna turn the page
Prepare to be amazed
Now that I've got it made
Woah-ah oh
It's nothing I'd expect
What's gonna happen next?

Oh, yeah!

It's nothing I'd expect
What's gonna happen next?
Opinion by Asabala2 posted over a year ago
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My bed would make it self
New books on every shelf
And then I'd cast a spell, Abracadrabra
My pets would talk to me
And then we'd all have tea
Create a pair of shoes
That would know all the moves
I'd always find the groove, feel the beat now
And with the spotlight on
I'd twirl perfectly

If I had magic
Magic, magic
If I had magic
Magic, magic

I'd make a chocolate lake
Turn cabbage into cake
I'd text without mistakes, LOL Yeah
I'd dream a pair of wings
And I would fly away
I'd zoom across the sky
Make it snow in July
I wouldn't be so shy, "pleased to meet you"
I'd do just what I want
Like every single day

If I had magic
Magic, magic
If I had magic
Magic, magic

And I could do anything
Suddenly I would be
Everything that I dreamed I could be
Fan fiction by nmdis posted over a year ago
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The Beauty Of The Dark
Chapter 1
Stranger’s ride

Author's Note: <i> This is the first fan fiction series I am posting here as I saw we rarely get fan fictions on here.I hope you guys will support me in this new change. I hope it'll bring a good change to the spot and make it more active. I hope you'll like it. This fan fiction is a thriller one and I will post it chapter wise.Thanks you!</b>

“Taxi! Taxi!” I waved my hand and shouted in search for a taxi, rain drops were falling from my clothes and I was totally wet. I didn't dare to stand in the rain anymore; I was running here and there in search of a place where I can stay dry. But unfortunately I was in the middle of the road, where I could see only forest, deep dark forest, which wasn’t safe according to me.
A car stopped by and I went towards it to ask whether s/he will give lift. Suddenly the window opened and I saw such a handsome guy, he was around 25 and I was feeling attracted towards him. But I controlled my fluctuation and then he said “Come inside. I don’t think you want to get wet all day. “He said in such a way as if...