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Fan fiction by nmdis posted 10 months ago
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This is a fan fiction written by me and I hope you will like this. I won’t tell you the name of characters now because I want you to know their name when you will read it.
A Strange Day

I was walking by when I saw a girl who was standing there; it seemed like if she was tensed. But I was not sure if I should go and ask her if she had any problem or if I can help her in any way. I stopped at the shop for buying some veggies (My refrigerator was empty like nothing was left in it) and then I saw her coming towards me, I was feeling like I should ignore her, you know these days we can’t trust “strangers”. She came closer to me and asked “Do you know where <i> Hotel Alfea is?” </i> after hearing this I felt that she is new to the city and I replied her “10 km away from here” after waiting a while I continued “You seems to be new in the city” She was looking in a hurry she replied quickly “Yes, I am. Thanks for the help but sorry I am in a hurry.” and then just in few seconds she disappeared from my eyes. I went back to my sweetest home Yep,...
Opinion by CRaZy_rawR posted 11 months ago
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10. Rowena (12 Dancing Princesses)
I think Rowena is quite pretty. It kinda relates to the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. If Rowena had better hair and wardrobe, she'd be soo pretty.

9.Lydia (The Diamond Castle)

I love Lydia's sharp angles. Her makeup is a little out there, but I love her wardrobe also.

8. Miss Privet (Princess Charm School)

If she wasn't so plain, she'd be a lot prettier. Her wardrobe is very bland though.

7. Raquelle (Fairy Secret)

I cannot stand Raquelle, but she's kinda pretty. I think her lips are little too disproportionate for me, though.

6.Alexa (The Diamond Castle)

I'm disappointed she ended up here because in her movie she's stunning (: I think some scenes she lack that oomph.

5. Melody (The Diamond Castle)

Fan fiction by pinpurlnitya posted 11 months ago
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Meridith and Trevi come in
Trevi- Tori, Do something!!
Meridith- dad is missing! Aunty A too!!
Tori- When what how who?
Keira- Its gotta be Saneffa.
Tori- What if she uses Ilious?What is the antidote to it?
Keira- I am on it! You read?
Tori- A bit.
Keira- Fine. You remember What you heard at the cave.
Tori- mmmm....yeah yes I do
Keira- where do we go next?
Tori- Follow me.
(they enter the code in the milleana portal)
Tori- looks like we are in..Hey where are we?
Keira- Paris
Tori- Whats their language?
Keira- French. How many questions? You said you read!
Tori- Ooops..Caught. Whoa what is that big tower?
Keira- Its the tallest structure here. I remember my concert on it.
Tori- you have visited this place before! you must know french then!
Keira- oui.. Somewhat. excusez madamoiselle où est chique et belle?
The lady- tête Ouest. Vous etes Keira? Vous etes tres tres tres chic ,belle et bonne.