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Guide by VictoriaPearlin posted 10 months ago
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Mariposa is a Butterfly fairy of a magical fairy land named, Flutterfield. She already is the main person in her first movie - Barbie Mariposa ( Her Butterfly Friends ). This time, she visits a land named Shimmervale, where she becomes fast friend with a Fairy Princess - Catania.
This time, she glows with a new attitude and her face looks fresher than the old face. Her hair is Silky Golden, eyes are brown, and has a smooth face complexion. At the start, she wears her original dress, but later for the ball, she wears a dark purple and pink dress, with only one sleeve. Her wings are glitterized. After transformation her dress becomes of orange and pink frock, with her wings even more bigger with a real butterfly wing, pink in color, tingled with an amount of orange at the openings. Her hairstyle is also changed as a curled ponytale.
She also has a small cute little Puff Ball called Zee.
She makes a lot of fuss at Shimmervale. She always tries her best to overcome of those messes, but always fails in it.
Guide by VictoriaPearlin posted 10 months ago
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The film, Barbie and Her Sisters in a Ponytail, is a very enthusiastic movie, about horses. It is a family movie, full of refreshments and fun.
Barbie and her sisters set off for a journey in Rome, to the Horse Academy. There they stay with Aunt Marlene, and their cousins, Max and Marie.
Chelsea and Stacie are chosen by certain horses, Stacie by a blonde colored horse, and Chelsea by a small white horse. Chelsea seems not impressed by it, but later she makes up with her horse.
On the other side, Barbie, when going on a small horse ride, she notices a horse, completely different from the others. No one there saw the horse except Barbie.
On enquiry with Etienne sir, she gets to know that such horses where before considered as royal ones, which could jump higher than any other horse, and were the fastest.
With such information, she sets off early in the morning everyday, in search of that horse. One day, all of a sudden, wild wolves get to attack on Barbie, and that royal horse saved barbie from those wolves. So began barbie and the horses' friendship. Barbie named the horse as Majesty. She keeps it as a secret, so no other person could hunt the...
Opinion by islandprincess posted 11 months ago
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Quelles étaient nos chance
D'être là ce matin
Filles de mondes différents
Poursuivant leur destin
Voilà que sur nos lèvres
Naît le même rêve
Rien ne nous arrête
Rien ne peut nous résister
Le pouvoir de quatre
Rien ne peut le battre
Nul ne doit en douter
Dans cette aventure
Abattons tous les murs
Toutes pour une
Ensemble s'éclaire le chemin
Coeurs forts, coeurs droits
Toujours pour le bien on se bat
Nous ne serons jamais divisées
Toutes pour une
Une pour toutes
Nous jolies demoiselles
Le devoir nous appelle
Ne croyez pas à notre faiblesse
Nous avons une mission
En garde, touché, allons
Nous ne sommes pas
Jeunes filles en détresse
Attention au jupon