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News by 3xZ posted 10 months ago
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Congratulations to nmdis or usually known as Iti for winning the Fan of the Month in May 2014! Let's look at her answers to the interview questions!

Congratulations on winning, how do you feel to be the FOTM?

Thanks, well indeed I never expected it, I did won this title in 2012 I guess in month of December but then the holder of FOTM didn't continued it and I was really upset and I literally thought that it won't be opened again. Thanks to Helen for reopening it, and thanks to all of those who voted for me, they all mean a lot to me. This indeed is an incredible feeling for me.

How did you find the Barbie Movies club?

Well I was surfing about upcoming BM and I found a lot of stuffs about PCS here, and that movie's plot was actually attracting and the stuffs like picks, comments and quizes attracted me. I roamed here for a week I guess, (I was being a stalked xD) and I wanted to join but I was afraid to, then one day when I saw a comment or say a wal post where I wanted to give my view badly I signed up and whoa! It was a great decision. The funniest things is that I had a great fight here (I was...
Review by Lena_t posted 10 months ago
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Congratulations to 3xZ for winning the FOTM! Let's ask here some information!

Congrats on winning, how does it feel like to be the FOTM?

First of all, I would like to thank all who nominated and voted me. I am very grateful to you guys! <333 I already won FOTM on April 2012, yet... I still feel the same way like I am winning for the first time!

How did you find the Barbie Movies spot?

I was looking for pictures and information about Barbie Movies. And lo! I found this club is fulfilling my desire. :)

When and how did you discover the movies?

My dad was the one who introduced me to Barbie movies. I was only four years old if I recall it perfectly.

What do you like about the movies?

The friendship and romance. And the songs! Ah, so many that I cannot mention all!
Opinion by nmdis posted over a year ago
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"Although there’s not much that I love about her, but her character was amazing. And so she deserve to be in my Top 5 list."
List of My Top 5 Barbie Movies Protagonists

Okay guys, I think I must upload this because we all have our favourite’s right? You’ll find many of them from classical BMs and that’s because I loved Classical BMs more than modern ones. Modern ones are entertaining but the new protagonists aren’t able to compete the old ones, new animation CIG is good but still the way other protagonists showed their bravery was quite impressing. Anyway I am not here to criticize new BMs right now so I will let you all see my list now.

Elina and Clara

[i] Honestly I couldn’t choose to give 5 th place to one of them because of them deserves it. The reason is quite simple. Elina’s fairytopia series started a new career in BMs now BM aren’t only “sweet princess” movie who use to be in her palace and do romantic things. She showed different side of BMs. Her adventures were amazing, being different pissed her in the beginning but then she realised being different doesn’t mean you need to be isolated from the society but it means you’re one of the special kind and I loved the motto. Her dresses were pink (which I...