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Article by Lena_t posted 6 months ago
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Chapter 8

As Lumina wondered what to do, the salon phone rang and the octopus lunged for it. “Salon La Mer! Madame Ruckus speaking. You bet, ma’am, we can squeeze you in before the ball—four o’clock tomorrow?” She penciled something in an appointment book with one tentacle. She used a second tentacle to apply more blush to a customer and two more to sweep hair from the floor and help a teenage mermaid pick a style from a glossy magazine.
Eight arms sure come in handy in this place, Lumina mused.
“Madame Ruckus!” another customer called.
“Hang on, honey,” she replied. “I can only do eight things at once!”
All this activity made Lumina dizzy—in a good way. Sure, she had styled Kuda’s mane hundreds of times, but it had always been just for fun. She couldn’t imagine being an actual stylist, creating new looks every day in such a busy and exciting place.
Just then, Kuda tugged on her arm and pointed out the front window. “Scylla’s coming!” the sea horse warned. “Quick—disguise hair!”
Article by Lena_t posted 6 months ago
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Chapter 5

A short while later, after they had packed only the essentials into Lumina’s pearl purse, Kuda and Lumina set off through the sea.
“This has to be the right way,” Lumina said, examining her surroundings. They swam through a colorful coral reef, passing schools of tropical fish and fields of anemones along the way. “I’ve seen Aunt Scylla head this way every time she goes to town.
Suddenly, Lumina stopped. Kuda bumped right into her. Oof! On the wall in front of them, red-orange fire coral rose as far as the eye could see.
“It’s a dead end,” Lumina stated.
“Darn,” Kuda said, pretending to be dis-appointed. “We gave it our best. Let’s go home.”
But Lumina wasn’t ready to give up. She examined the wall more closely, looking for some way around it. She noticed a tiny opening high above. “There!” she exclaimed.
“Where?” Kuda replied, not looking all that closely.
“That opening! I bet that’s her shortcut through the coral,” Lumina reasoned, swimming toward it.
Article by Lena_t posted 6 months ago
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Chapter 1

«Lumina the mermaid swam around her sea cave’s front yard, collecting shells and placing them on a pretend throne. Her best friend, a pink sea horse named Kuda, fashioned a tiara out of a clamshell. They were playing their favorite game: Mermaid Princesses.
“What do you think, Kuda? Is it regal enough for a coronation?” Lumina asked, rolling out a red carpet made from sea flowers.
Kuda draped a purple sea fan around her neck like a cape. “Excellent. When I am crowned Princess of the Sea, I shall make you Chief of Royal Awesomeness,” the sea horse announced.
Lumina chuckled, looking at the throne. It glistened with sea pearls, the same kind that dotted her long golden-blond hair. “I don’t know,” she said, cocking her head in thought. “It still needs something.” Then she raised her fingers and wiggled them, as if casting a spell.
Suddenly, the pearls magically glowed! Next, Lumina reached into the pearl waist pouch she always wore. She retrieved a fistful of pearls and flung them through the water. Like a conductor, she commanded the pearls to drape across the throne like twinkly lights, each one gleaming...