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Opinion by Asabala2 posted 4 months ago
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My bed would make it self
New books on every shelf
And then I'd cast a spell, Abracadrabra
My pets would talk to me
And then we'd all have tea
Create a pair of shoes
That would know all the moves
I'd always find the groove, feel the beat now
And with the spotlight on
I'd twirl perfectly

If I had magic
Magic, magic
If I had magic
Magic, magic

I'd make a chocolate lake
Turn cabbage into cake
I'd text without mistakes, LOL Yeah
I'd dream a pair of wings
And I would fly away
I'd zoom across the sky
Make it snow in July
I wouldn't be so shy, "pleased to meet you"
I'd do just what I want
Like every single day

If I had magic
Magic, magic
If I had magic
Magic, magic

And I could do anything
Suddenly I would be
Everything that I dreamed I could be
Fan fiction by nmdis posted 4 months ago
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The Beauty Of The Dark
Chapter 1
Stranger’s ride

Author's Note: <i> This is the first fan fiction series I am posting here as I saw we rarely get fan fictions on here.I hope you guys will support me in this new change. I hope it'll bring a good change to the spot and make it more active. I hope you'll like it. This fan fiction is a thriller one and I will post it chapter wise.Thanks you!</b>

“Taxi! Taxi!” I waved my hand and shouted in search for a taxi, rain drops were falling from my clothes and I was totally wet. I didn't dare to stand in the rain anymore; I was running here and there in search of a place where I can stay dry. But unfortunately I was in the middle of the road, where I could see only forest, deep dark forest, which wasn’t safe according to me.
A car stopped by and I went towards it to ask whether s/he will give lift. Suddenly the window opened and I saw such a handsome guy, he was around 25 and I was feeling attracted towards him. But I controlled my fluctuation and then he said “Come inside. I don’t think you want to get wet all day. “He said in such a way as if...
Opinion by nmdis posted 4 months ago
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First of all I wanna congrats May (Asabala2) for winning FOTM June 2014! And she really deserve it without any doubt.She proved it that she's a die hard fan of BM by making some amazing contests and being so active here.

Currently she's running a popular Icon Contest on the Spot and is very active member.

So I won't take your much time and present an exclusive interview with our FOTM June 2014 May!

1) Congratulations on winning, how do you feel to be the FOTM?

First,I love to thank all of people who nomination me and i feel concern because this is my first interview here i feel enthusiastic too.

2)How did you find the Barbie Movies club?

When i was search on PT trailer i find this club it's was excellent for me i like the polls ,images and a lot of information on her movies so i join.

3)When and how did you discover the movies? (Age

When i was 6 i watched Fairytopia Mermaidia on the TV i loved it ,i loved the colors and i loved the characters. I was waiting from week to other to watch her movies.