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Opinion by nmdis posted 10 months ago
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Article by nmdis
Hey guys , as most of you know how much on earth I love Blair so I am gonna explain the reason she’s in top of my list.

As we saw from the beginning of the movie that Blair is an ordinary girl and do all the house chores and take care of her mother and sister besides she’s so polite towards every single person she meets, I love how normal and grounded she behaves even after getting into such a big school, I mean come on wouldn’t a girl be excited and overwhelmed if this ever happens to anyone though I felt that she shouldn’t have made herself feel not worthy of being there after few classes but Delancy made her feel that way.

I personally love how she loves books, though if you haven’t seen the movie carefully you won’t know but if you have you’ll know that she loves ‘em, we can see books in her bedroom and she reads books in OTOTW . I like her fashion sense, her style isn’t girly types, she dress like a diva and looks so formal yet gorgeous, from gown to school dress you can see it.
News by Indianbarbie posted 10 months ago
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There are reportedly 3 barbie movies that are coming on 2015
1. Barbie In Princess Power
2. Barbie In Rock 'n Royals
3. Barbie & Her Sisters In The Great Puppy Adventure
The teaser trailer of Barbie In Rock 'n Royals will be released in Barbie In Princess Power Dvd bonus feature .
You can see the following movie . These are not fake . Wikipedia has stopped giving updates on barbie movies .
I'm just giving you true info and please accept this kindly
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Opinion by RomyMermaid posted 10 months ago
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Okay, so, I decided to just randomly make an article about Barbie characters. Then I thought, why not make it a countdown? So here it is:

#10. Nola from Secret Door
Nola may not be a huge character, but I loved her in the movie. She is cute and sweet and is one of my favorite characters. I just wish they made a doll out of her.

#9. Kara from Princess Power
I know, this movie hasn't even come out yet and I am yet very fond of Kara. I really like her superhero design and I can't wait to see more of her!

#8. Alexa from Secret Door
For me, Alexa is a lot like Nori in the sense that she wasn't very catchy. I like her a lot, and same with Nori, but neither of them can compare to Romy.

#7. Luciana from Island Princess
I love Luciana! She is so sweet and I love her colors. The purple dress she wears is beautiful! She is very selfless and wants to make everyone else happy.

#6. Nori from Secret Door