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Article by papanoel posted 9 months ago
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Barbie ™ is Kara ™, a modern-day princess, which is a very ordinary life. One day Spindle ™ magical butterfly kiss, then he notices received great superpowers. They enable him to transform into crime-fighting super company called Sparkle alteregokseen that flying around all over the kingdom ready to save the day. Does not last long, however, before his jealous cousin grabs the butterfly and is transformed into the spindle ™ Dark Sparkle company named opponent.

They begin to compete against each other, but soon discover that the kingdom is another enemy. Can they forget their disputes between themselves and form a super team? Fly in the ointment film to new heights, then you will find that there is no greater power than the friendship!
Fan fiction by Ishiqa posted 10 months ago
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vanesaa-vanns beautiful entry for 3xZ's forum
It's here,it's here
The one you wanna cheer

I know,I know
Come on,
Lets begin our show

BM's we all adore

We have to bring BM's up
And make this our real BM club

A drop after drop makes the whole sea
We are BM fans,
Yes,that's you and me

Difference is the biggest strength
Often people say,
BM haters get out of here
Or you will have to pay!!

For a great BM future
We've got something to post,
We've got to hurry
Or BM's will get lost

Please,Please help me
To bring the BM's up
Please help me
To make this a real BM club

Thank You !!!!
Opinion by nmdis posted 11 months ago
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Articles by nmdis
Hey BM fans I am here with another article, this time I wanna tell you my most favorite songs of all the time, you can give me your list too it would be great to know what you think and your taste

Modern Music of Barbie Movies
I like many songs but they aren’t best enough to be in top 5 so here are the songs which I like.

#10. Rachel Bearer.
“Keep on Dancing” from Pink Shoe’s managed to gain its position in top 10 list only and only because of its lyrics and singer I wasn’t impressed by the music video that much, the dance wasn’t good and neither was animation in the video, I am not a big fan of Pink Shoe and it’s animation but the song is good and I can’t do injustice to it only because I don’t like the movie, the song is pretty good.

#9.Tiffany Gardenia
Oh my god she’s so amazing, Princess and the Popstar had many songs and I must say they were good unlike Secret Door (I wonder why there were too many song in SD and none of them deserve to be appreciated probably because of its lyrics...