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Getting to Know Each Other (Game!)  nmdis 29 1877 over a year ago
What is the name of princess Victoria Bethany evangeline Renee's father  desiree_barbie8 1 1225 over a year ago
BARBIE:PrincessAnnika game  PrincessAnnika 6 1302 over a year ago
30 Days Barbie Movies Music Challenge  Sirea 1 1052 over a year ago
Your expectations for Barbie in the Pink Shoes  CleoCorinne 6 5547 over a year ago
Barbie Fashion and Make-Up Game: I would like to have picture of...  Sirea 3 2623 over a year ago
Barbie Movies Character Riddle Game  GameGirlAdvance 1 741 over a year ago
barbie in the 12 dancing princess pic contest 2013- princess FALLON plz join  jfren43 36 6191 over a year ago
*NEW SPOT LOOK* Submissions  MJsValentine 44 4158 over a year ago
BM-true of false  jfren43 1 2144 over a year ago
Barbie's sequels  candycorncutie 3 1643 over a year ago
Character picture with quote Round 2 Closed  lillyna23 17 4943 over a year ago
Create Icons & Banners TOGETHER!!! [Stage 1: Picture Contributions, deadline January 15]  LightningRed 4 1012 over a year ago
Word maker  Madmozell 4 936 over a year ago
~Barbie Movies Festival Icon Contest-Christmas Special~  nmdis 5 1692 over a year ago
Icon Contest Round 8 (Closed)  nmdis 88 10293 over a year ago
Guessing about Barbie in the Pink Shoes  Madmozell 2 2568 over a year ago
Christmas Fan of The Month - Closed  09O411 52 4443 over a year ago
Birthday List!  XTinkerBellx 8 790 over a year ago
Photo contest round 1 (Over)  PrinceNicholes 12 1832 over a year ago
Bestfriends picture contest : Merliah and Kylie (CLOSED)  lillyna23 42 7621 over a year ago
Barbie Movies Team Competition [CLOSED]  Lena_t 72 4573 over a year ago
*NEW SPOT LOOK* Submissions, Vers. 2.0  BarbieRosella 2 1304 over a year ago
Challenge: International PaP Songs  GameGirlAdvance 8 1418 over a year ago
Fan of The Month- July {Nominations are open}  Pusillanimous 120 9142 over a year ago
Princess and Popstar GOes VIral! :3 REAL DEAL!  magipink1 3 1435 over a year ago
PaP Spoilers!  XTinkerBellx 46 2765 over a year ago
What are your favorite couples?  Mariolka 7 906 over a year ago
A top10 list of your favorite Barbie movies characters  corinne17 16 17856 over a year ago
Kiss, Kill, Marry  Sirea 42 2752 over a year ago
Your favorite scene in your LEAST favorite movie and your LEAST favorite scene in your favorite movie  CleoCorinne 14 5541 over a year ago
Kelly Sheridan's favorite Barbie movies  corinne17 24 2990 over a year ago
Would you rather....?  MJsValentine 23 1702 over a year ago
Barbie Say what you think Contest: Dame Devin and Miss Privet  Sirea 6 2318 over a year ago
Barbie Movies Picture Editing Contest - Round 4 (Alexa)  cynti19 21 7255 over a year ago
Barbie Movie Contest!  greatnews12345 0 1221 over a year ago
Barbie Movie Contest!  greatnews12345 7 3669 over a year ago
Letter Game  Sirea 4 827 over a year ago
Post a pick of BM's character whose dress you like most(round1)  nmdis 6 6647 over a year ago
Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse  Sirea 1 800 over a year ago
Last letter of the word.  greatnews12345 16 871 over a year ago
Barbie Movie Ratings: feel free to share yours!  beckstar 4 1340 over a year ago
Barbie beauty Contest.  BarbieBlair1 4 2719 over a year ago
Barbie Movie Contest!  greatnews12345 6 3552 over a year ago
Who is your favorite BM'mage:)s character? Please add i  nmdis 4 933 over a year ago
Barbie Movies Fans Tumblr List  PrincessRosella 2 1554 over a year ago
Barbie Banner Contest 2012 !!  rizwansait1 4 1608 over a year ago
Barbie Movies 20 in 20 icon challenge  shaddi903 0 2324 over a year ago
Post Pics  rizwansait1 12 4057 over a year ago
what are Clubs for ?  rizwansait1 0 3245 over a year ago
Elena's Crest of courage?  beckstar 5 2563 over a year ago
Winx Club reference?  beckstar 10 878 over a year ago
Famous Actors in the movies  beckstar 3 1382 over a year ago
Nutcracker merchandise  beckstar 1 977 over a year ago
Barbie Snowglobe Search  magipink1 1 797 over a year ago
Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2  Lena_t 42 7690 over a year ago
Your Latest Barbie Movie Merchandise Buys  beckstar 1 803 over a year ago
Father in the Island Princess  beckstar 12 1585 over a year ago
What movie merch do you own?  beckstar 2 690 over a year ago
Barbie Movie Merch WishList  beckstar 1 752 over a year ago
What went on with the rumoured Fairytopia 'Magical Twist of Time' movie?  beckstar 0 1245 over a year ago
Movie Ideas!  beckstar 1 2601 over a year ago
I didn't know the 12 Dancing Princesses story was based off a story that already existed!  beckstar 0 763 over a year ago
How Many Of You Are Adults and Miss The Old Movies  Beckstar92 3 2154 over a year ago
Princess and the Popstar  Beckstar92 1 1124 over a year ago
Songs in the Original Barbie Films (first few)  Beckstar92 0 555 over a year ago
Favourite Quotes  MJsValentine 7 1361 over a year ago
Your LEAST favorite sidekicks  CleoCorinne 10 2376 over a year ago
blair's shoes  princessliana 2 1534 over a year ago
Fairy Land  FairyPedro24 3 4150 over a year ago
The best Barbie songs (Those that aren't connected to the movies, but teach us something and things like that...)  CleoCorinne 7 10896 over a year ago
Princess Charm School Reviews  faithinChrist 2 3781 over a year ago
"Classic" Barbie movies  faithinChrist 8 3407 over a year ago
Translation songs that I posted Russian-English  Lena_t 4 1539 over a year ago
"Constant as the stars above " translation Albanian-English  manu962 3 1023 over a year ago
"Constant as the stars above" Greek version translated in English  corinne17 3 1388 over a year ago
BFF  manu962 10 1020 over a year ago
The character that you most loved and adored in all Barbie movies so far  corinne17 7 1887 over a year ago
Your expectations on PCS (Princess Charm School)  CleoCorinne 28 2008 over a year ago
What's your LEAST favorite Barbie Movie and why?  CleoCorinne 5 2700 over a year ago
Character crazy name  sasBarbie 6 1852 over a year ago
So In Style movie?  XTinkerBellx 3 4274 over a year ago
last and new character name  sasBarbie 14 2344 over a year ago
I wonder why they keep changing Skipper's hair colour...  XTinkerBellx 3 1407 over a year ago
3 Mermaid Tale fact  sasBarbie 6 1547 over a year ago
Which are your most favorite lyrics of the song "Can you keep a secret?  corinne17 3 1155 over a year ago
Barbie A Fairy Secret- after watching  Lorinna 20 1543 over a year ago
Barbie A Fashion Fairytale- after watching  Lorinna 14 2278 over a year ago
What do you think, what a movie will be next?  Lorinna 26 9188 over a year ago
Upcoming Barbie Movies  Ryanne81 13 24653 over a year ago
You gonna read this:  cynti19 5 901 over a year ago
My Barbie Movie forum  MajorAbbey 6 1447 over a year ago
Some help please !!  Aponi 1 888 over a year ago
Important news  MajorAbbey 14 1077 over a year ago
What's this? Barbie Fairytopia-Magical Twist Of Time?  beckstar 8 3603 over a year ago
Allusion to the original story '' three musketeers '' to Barbie and the three musketeers  AayBreeCia 0 10019 over a year ago
i wish that mattel chang barbie's face..  koko11ist 0 769 over a year ago
Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale Giveaway!  momforless 0 913 over a year ago
The Princess and the Pea?  barbiegirl2435 8 3595 over a year ago
Barbie characters  Aquamarina 7 3139 over a year ago