Barbie Movies What do you think, what a movie will be next?

Lorinna posted on Aug 06, 2010 at 04:54AM
Hi! We all know (and this is the reason that we depressing) about two confirmed next Barbie movies: Barbie A Fashion Fairytale & Barbie A Fairy Secret. But what next?
I propose to write your suggestions here.
Perhaps I'll start the first.
I wouldn't want to see another modern fashion film a la Hannah Montana. This should be or something completely new, or sequel of any of the previous films. I was counting on a new Fairytopia movie, but remembered that there can be two movies with fairies in one year. Eh. Well all right.
Also, I want a protagonist's new name. I don't want another pair of Barbie and Ken, that I had enough. Perhaps in the new movie I would prefer to see the princess rather than a fairy or mermaid. That's all my requirements.
Please post your suggestions here, but don't need to discuss movies and just water them with dirt. This theme was created by me just for fun and for dreams. Your Lorinna / Lolita.

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over a year ago faithinChrist said…
I agree with you on the requirements. I would like to see a fantasy movie with a princess (or a normal girl) for a protagonist. And yeah, I'd like a new name, not just Barbie and Ken. Also, I'd like for it to have romance. And maybe at the beginning, it would open with Barbie telling Kelly a story. And (now I'm gonna sound really picky, but...) I'd like for them to use the softer shades in the animation.
Oh, and I LOVE the way you described what you didn't want..."another modern fashion film a la Hannah Montana." :D:D:D
over a year ago Lorinna said…
Thank you! lol
And I agree with story, which Barbie tells a Kelly.
over a year ago MajorAbbey said…
You pretty much covered it. Actual characters, not just "Barbie and Ken". I don't mind if the protagonist is a princess or not, but I really, REALLY want an old-fashioned fantasy film. I'd also like to see some romance, and characters who have a purpose besides looking cute. And FaithinChrist, I agree with you about the animation; it's been way too bright lately. You can add me to the list of people who don't want "another fashion film" too. Oh, and have Christopher Gaze do something. I don't know why he's not in these movies anymore, but I've missed his voice.

Oh, and I'd love a Nutcracker sequel. I'd pay good money for a Nutcracker sequel if it's done right.
over a year ago Lorinna said…
I agree with you also. I would have agreed to the colors that were used in "Swan Lake" - pale, but not too dark, what I need. And I also agree with the return of Christopher. The last time he was voiced Sagi, which was very long time. And also I would like to return of Venus Terzo. I want to take off her label "Azura".
Also I forgot to mention: why Mattel stopped making movies with the classic fairy tales? The Nutcracker, Rapunzel, Swan Lake, The Prince and the Pauper, Worn-out dancing shoes, Tarzan (some of my friends think that Island princess was written on "Tarzan"), Thumbelina, The Three Musketeers ... I'm waiting at least "Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow White and Rose- Red". Also expect continue of Fairytopia (if Fairy secret will not be the sequel), The Nutcracker (I so want to know what happened next!) And the Twelve Dancing Princesses (I also really want to know what happened next!). I have very strict requirements, lol.
over a year ago AayBreeCia said…
oh I agree with FaithinChrist

but I think I like Classic Fairytale and Modern Fairytale
so I want a Barbie princess dress isn't always Pink Color
and Actual characters, not just "Barbie and Ken" so in they movie have a new name
oh and I want to know a story about Isabella
I think that is interesting about a secret of Isabella

so I think a Fairytopia a magic of the rainbow is a last movie fairytopia (Elina)

Because Elina Transform to rainbow wings (It's real wing for her )

and in 2008 she tell story about mariposa

that Means a fairytopia is ending and happy ending

and fairy secret is a new magical fairy to replace the fairytopia

don't worry

maybe mettel will make the movie about Elina in the new seven guardian

fairies of Fairytopia!

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over a year ago Lorinna said…
Oh, ABC, thank you for the response! Well, I also interest in Isabella's story. But I don't think that Magic of the rainbow is last Fairytopia movie, because Azura says to Elina: "I see you later!" or something like this.
over a year ago AayBreeCia said…
oh I agree !!

I forgot that Azura says to Elina "I see you later!" when the movie ending

so that I say : mettel will make the movie about Elina in the new seven guardian

fairies of Fairytopia!

baybe I think a new story about Elina and friend to be the new seven guardian

fairies and a new mission!
over a year ago Lorinna said…
Well, not seventh fairy, but eighth fairy, isn't?
over a year ago MajorAbbey said…
I forgot about another Fairytopia movie. That would be good to see, too.

Oh, and I have strict requirements too; that's why I wanted a Nutcracker sequel that was "done right".
over a year ago AayBreeCia said…
Lorinna :

it's seventh fairy

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Lorinna :<br />
<br />
 it's seventh fairy<br />
<br />
over a year ago Lorinna said…
ABC, I probably don't understand your thought. On this photo is seven fairies and elves. Elina is the eighth. What do you mean by saying "seventh fairy"?
over a year ago AayBreeCia said…
Oh.. I really sorry

So I can write a little words in English Language

Because I am a Thai

I'm so sorry about some words that you don't Understand

so the new seven guardian


I mean Elina ,Sunburst , Linden , Glee , Shimmer , Lumina , Faban

It is seven

so I'm sorry that I write "seventh"

Oh ok

I think We Should change the subject ...haha..

What do you think the new Barbie movie about ?

that I think Mattel will make a new Classic Fairytale movie

Because The movie Barbie about the Modern Fairytale is much projection

over a year ago Lorinna said…
It's OK, ABC. I understand, English for me, too, isn't the native language, I'm Italian, but very well understand English. And we really need to change the subject.
I think Mattel is simply obliged to do next movie is classic fairy tale, after so many modern movies! But we learn about it only after the release of Fashion Fairytale, when we will discuss Fairy secret.
over a year ago manu962 said…
another Fairytopia movie will be good
over a year ago Lorinna said…
OMK guys! Look! It's probably true!
Not modern movie, possibly with princess and classic- Princess Prep (Charm?) School. Only one thing is Kelly's disappearance and Diana's appearance. So, dreams come true?
over a year ago MelodyLaurel said…
A movie like Nutcracker but without pink cell phones, pink laptops and Twitter.
over a year ago MajorAbbey said…
over a year ago Lorinna said…
Yes! Get out Twitter- VIVA FACEBOOK! LOL!
over a year ago MelodyLaurel said…
big smile
Facebook? Lol!
over a year ago Lorinna said…
Yes! Facebook has more classical Barbie movies, than Twitter! Lol!
over a year ago LubBarbie said…
Sick of Fashion
over a year ago MajorAbbey said…
^As am I.
over a year ago RavenVillanueva said…
barbie: princess charm school is the next!
over a year ago Lorinna said…
^Obvious! Look on date of first post, huh.
over a year ago pulgaenana said…
VIVA FACEBOOK! :D I don't see the use of the Twitter, is boring to me, though*
I really think it would be a good idea to use a "romeo and juliet" kind of story, the secret love, the old story, bla bla bla.... but if Mattel is so in to want to create "modern movies" it would be a great start