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The fans pick: 1995
The fans pick: The whole thing was a mess. They were BOTH responsible.
The fans pick: Protective and devoted
The fans pick: I can't choose! I love them both...
The fans pick: Barnabas and Julia were just a couple of odd ducks who flocked together
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Barnabas and Julia Wall

susanleabartelt said …
The new movie was garbage! It was very disrespectful! I hated it! Nothing could replace the old show and no one could replace Grayson and Jonathan! Posted over a year ago
earthwoman65 commented…
I agree! over a year ago
fansfunsz said …
wow Posted over a year ago
sweetbriarsluv commented…
Wow what? over a year ago
fansfunsz commented…
them over a year ago
fansfunsz commented…
when i say wow o waw is because i like something not 4 for spamming o random over a year ago
susanleabartelt said …
Barnabas was meant to be with Julia. She was his best friend and confident-the woman who truely loved him. Julia risked her life for Barnabas and was devoted to his happinesss and well being. She was even williing to put aside her own feellings for Barnabas and give him up in order for him to be happy. Julia was even willing to give up her own life for Barnabas and she forgave him, no matter how many times he hurt her. Besides, she was a beautiful, sexy, 40 year old woman, at her peek. Posted over a year ago
samgracesmom commented…
Well said. over a year ago