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The fans pick: Me, Barney & Robin were supposed to be endgame!
The fans pick: The Leap
The fans pick: The Final Paige: Part 2
The fans pick: The End Of The Aisle
The fans pick: Kiss before the Wedding
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Kendellovesyou said …
Sign this petition!
Even if it doesn't work, its cool to see just how many people agree with your thoughts about the himym finale.

link Posted over a year ago
ladylana65 commented…
i think it worked, bcoz they said that there will be an alternate ending in the compete series DVD collection over a year ago
DelenaLove201_ said …
Should have aired the finale today. April Fools would have been a fitting air date for such a joke of an episode. Posted over a year ago
Nicolas97 said …
I'm not used to shipping non-endgame ships. This is the only non-endgame ship that exists in my top 10 couples and I'm so sad about it :'( like so freakin' sad :'((( Posted over a year ago
marakii commented…
For me the finale was 9x22 and they're happilly married <3 . And that's it ;D over a year ago