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AnaHallam posted on Dec 16, 2010 at 04:16PM
A forum where BR fans can chat and stuff :)

Introduce yourself and I'll add you to the list.

link - Ana
link - Francesca
link - Brenda
link - Charlene
link - Wada
link - Laura
link - Johanna
link - Dannii
link - Joanna
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over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
Hi everyone!

My name is Francesca, but you can call me Fra or Fran! I'm Italian and I am 18. I LOVE Barney and Robin even though my OTP is Chair. I love GG, Supernatural, Buffy TVS, Misfits, Veronica Mars, How I met your mother, OTH (1,2,3,4) and Lost. My fave couples are CB, Barney and Robin, Brucas, Bangel, Serenate, LoVe and all the Lost couples excluding Jate and Skate!

Nice to meet you all!
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
big smile
Hey Fran :)

I'm Ana. I'm 16 and English. BR are my second favorite couple of all time after Spuffy and I also love JAM.

My favorite shows are Buffy, Angel, Glee, Misfits, The Office, HIMYM and TBBT. (That's all I can think of right now.)
I do also like/watch shows like VM and GG.
over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
We have some shows in common! XD

Let me say that even though I love to death Bangel and I'll always prefer them, I don't mind Spuffy at all. I really like their scenes/interaction/relationship! ;)

Oh sorry to ask you this, but could you put Fran in the list and not Francesca? :D
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over a year ago AnaHallam said…
I used to hate Bangel with a burning passion but now I don't at all. I can tolerate every single one of their scenes and I actually like quite a few. :)

Oh I forgot Doctor Who and Ten/Rose which is ridiculous as they are my icon :P

I love Chair (but I haven't seen season 3 and I'm not sure I want to) but I also love Dair XD

I think this forum needs a better name. I was thinking something like 'Barnman & Robin bros'. Any ideas?
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over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
Ugh. I hate Dair with a burning passion. XD just because I think that they don't make sense together.

I don't watch Doctor it a good show?

Misfits is my new obsession. Seriously I love everything about that show!

Mmmmh actually I think that this name is pretty awsome! Otherwise I don't know...
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
Misfits is amazing! Season finale tonight!

Maybe I'll go with that for now then and see if anyone else has any ideas :)

DW is amazing! One of the best shows ever!
over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
Yes I know! Still I think I'm gonna watch it next week because I'm kinda busy with university!

Sounds like a plan ;)

Then I add it to my mustwatchlist. lol It's a little bit long though!

Oh I also watch True Blood! XD
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
My mustwatchlist is really long as well. I've been planning on watching TB for a while now.
over a year ago alwaysforever said…
big smile
Hi Guys! I'm Brenda. Hmm let's see I just started watching HIMYM a little while ago but I've been in love with Barney and Robin ever since Zip,Zip,Zip =) Besides BR my top couples are Brucas (One Tree Hill), Mondler(friends), Naley(One Tree Hill), Seth and Summer(The OC), Sid and Cassie(Skins), Jessica and Hoyt (True Blood),Steve and Miranda (Sex and the City), Dr. Cox and Jordan(Scrubs), Ryan and Kelly(The Office), Shawn and Angela(Boy Meets World) and Dwight and Angela(The Office)
over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
lol it's really a great show. Kinda different from the others, but still worth it.

I see you also watch Glee...sometimes I watch it, too, but it's not like I'm a BIG fan or something. When I don't have much to do I watch it.
over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
Hi Brenda!

Brucas (One Tree Hill), Naley(One Tree Hill), Seth and Summer(The OC), Sid and Cassie(Skins), Jessica and Hoyt (True Blood), Dr. Cox and Jordan(Scrubs)

Agree. XD
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
Glee is weird with me. I really love it but then there's always a scene or an episode that reminds me of how terrible it can be e.g Finchel scenes :P

Hey Brenda! Seth/Summer, Mondler and Ryan/Kelly are all amazing couples XD
over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
lol Finchel, please. I prefer Jesse/Rachel.

Girls sorry but nowI have to go! Bye! TTYL! <3
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
St. Berry are amazing but I love Puckleberry a little more. St. Berry used to be my GleeTP until Special Education when Puckleberry reclaimed their throne :)

Bye Fran. Speak to you soon.
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over a year ago AnaHallam said…
You still around, Brenda?
over a year ago cicino1 said…
big smile
Hey my name is charlene im from the uk and even they are not my OTP barney/robin are one of my favourite couples ever and i love
Shows :
Private Practice
The XFiles

Couples :

over a year ago AnaHallam said…
big smile
Hi Charlene I'll add you now.
over a year ago alwaysforever said…
So lol it's nice to meet you all =)

Fran- I've seen you on the Brucas spot a lot =) We have a lot of couples in common! Awesome lol

Ana- I can't believe you like Ryan and Kelly too! I often think I'm the only one lol

Hi Charlene =)
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
Ryan and Kelly are my second favorite couple on The Office. They are hilarious and adorable. Such an underrated couple!

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over a year ago Wada said…
Hi girls!
I'm Wada from Spain, and I´m 19.
Barney and Robin are my favourite couple of all time, as you can see XD But I also love:
Sawyer/Kate (Lost), Will/Emma (Glee), Sheldon/Penny (The big bang theory), Stefan/Caroline (the vampire diaries), Nate/Jenny (Gossip girl), House/Cuddy (House) and Chuck/Sarah (Chuck) :D
And other couples from spanish shows, but you probably don't know them so... =P

Sorry if my english sometimes sucks a little bit!
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
Hey Wada :)
I'll add you now.

(Shenny are amazing :))
over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
Hello! Anyone? :)

Oh and I just watched False Positive, and after that I'm pretty sure it was Barney and Robin's wedding the one in the first episode! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
over a year ago leytonfaan_18 said…
Hey everyoneeee :)

I'm Laura, 18 from England (woot XD).
My OTP is Leyton, hey Brucas fans ;D
I also love Ross and Rachel, Barney and Robin obviously, Nathan and Haley, Rory and Jess, Booth and Brennan atm/
Yeahh that will do XD
over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
Hi Laura!! Lovely icon!

hey Brucas fans

LMAO, just call me Fran! XD
over a year ago leytonfaan_18 said…
Lovely icon!

Haha thanks Fran, I was feeling christmassy XD
How are ya?
over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
I'm fine thanks! It snows here in my city so I'm in a happy and festive mood! XD What about you?
over a year ago leytonfaan_18 said…
It's snowing where I am, a little bit anyways aha.
Just finished college for Christmas so i'm great thanks(:
over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
I'm gonna finish next week. On Monday I have an exam and I'm kinda anxious about it. Still I try not to be too worried.

Random question: do you still watch OTH?
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
Hey Laura you're icon is adorable :)
Don't worry I'm not Brucas but only because I've never seen OTH :P

It's definitely Barney & Robin's wedding!
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over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
Hi Ana :)

I really hope it's theirs! Well all the clues seems to go there, so...
over a year ago leytonfaan_18 said…
On Monday I have an exam
Good luck! :)

Random question: do you still watch OTH?
Not really. I watch it occasionally(:

It's definitely Barney & Robin's wedding!
YEAH IT IS. Actually do you mean you have prove?

I think thats everything lol.
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
If it isn't I'm going to be so dissapointed. I think it will though. The HIMYM writers never dissapoint.
over a year ago leytonfaan_18 said…
They better not. I mean who else would Robin marry? XD
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
If she marries Don I will never watch the show again!

But it has to be Barney and Robin's! It just has to be! I don't see any other way they could go.
over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
Lmao. If it's not theirs I'm gonna be so disappointed like you said. I doubt though.

Don't you think that in False Positive there was too much Ted/Robin interaction? Don't get me wrong I loved the episode, but if it's really Barney and Robin's wedding don't you think that they should have more scenes together?
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
Not really. I hate Ted/Robin relationship and wait for BR scenes like crazy but the whole episode was about Robin making Ted her best man.
I do wish there had been some more BR interaction though.
over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
Well, I do have faith in the writers so I'll just have to wait and see. XD
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
Yeah I really do have faith in the HIMYM writers more than any other writers.
over a year ago alwaysforever said…
I'm getting so anxious about the whole wedding thing. Ahh! But there's so much evidence! I'm so excited about it! =D

Hi Wada and Laura =)

over a year ago honig_ said…
hey everyone!
i'm johanna, but my friends call me hanni or honig (because hanni sounds like 'honey' and honig is the german word for it :P)
i'm 18 and german :)
my favorite tv shows of all time are buffy, angel, supernatural, how i met your mother, the oc and king of queens ;)
robin and barney are amazing, but the best couples are spuffy and sethummer :)
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
Hey Johanna :)

OMG Spuffy are my OTP and Seth/Summer are my fourth favorite couple right after Barney/Robin and Jim/Pam XD
over a year ago Wada said…
Hi Johanna!

I'm getting so anxious about the whole wedding thing. Ahh! But there's so much evidence! I'm so excited about it! =D

You're not the only one, Brenda! I'm so freaking nervous about it!!
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
I'm nervous half the time and then the other half I'm totally calm. I'm up and down with this whole wedding thing I'm either convinced that it has to be Barney and Robin's or worrying that it won't be and that they won't even end up together.
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over a year ago leytonfaan_18 said…
I'm up and down with this whole wedding thing I'm either convinced that it has to be Barney and Robin's or worrying that it won't be and that they won't even end up together.

I'm completly the same!
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
Hey. Still around?

I'm rewatching The Mermaid Theory right now :)
over a year ago leytonfaan_18 said…
Yep i'm still here.
I was just thinking about watching that episode again, scary stuff XD
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
Awww Barney/Lily are adorable :)

I'm onto False Positive now. It kinda bugs me that there hasn't been any BR moments for like 5 episodes now.
over a year ago leytonfaan_18 said…
I know, it sucks. Especially if they are gonna get married, they need some moments :/
over a year ago AnaHallam said…
Hopefully next epiode we'll get some otherwise I'm gonna be very upset :P

Your icon is adorable I think I might have to find myself a christmas icon soon :)
over a year ago leytonfaan_18 said…
Haha same.:)

And thank you, I was feeling really Christmassy:)
You should get one too. There are so many great ones around.