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Opinion by _PRETTYQUEEN1E posted over a year ago
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Alot of children dream of being basketball players sometimes. Right now I am waiting on making the girls basketball team at my school. GO BEAVERS!
Not many people can picture me playing basketball- because I am too much of a girly girl.
Deep inside I have this love for basketball. I love to beat other people at it.

The trick to being the best is "Whoever has the ball the MOST is the best." And that is advise ANYONE should take.

Basketball helps build your muscles, and being in basketball gives you something to do.
I'm only 11 years old and even I know that nowadays video games are taking over our minds!
So put down the X-Box controllers and Ps3's and go play outside.
I only take once and a while to be in the house all day- and that's SUNDAYS.

Review by Celtics34 posted over a year ago
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Last night's game was a nail-biter for both the Celtics and the 76ers, but the Celtics emerged victorious in the end and extended their winning streak to 14. The Celtics got into early foul trouble but only one player fouled out, he was on the 76ers. Ray Allen led the scoring with 22 points, and Paul Pierce got 11 points. The Celtics' next game is their Christmas showdown on Saturday at the Orlando Magic as the Celtics look to extend their winning streak to 15. Jermaine O'Neal was not active in last night's game, but he is probable for Saturday's game. The Heat and Lakers are also facing each other Saturday.