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RTS2000 said …
I'm a huge Batman fan, got a load of merchandise, and so many graphic novels too
Batman, my fave hero and one of my key interests, fanatic for life Posted over a year ago
CORO237crgmai said …
Training is nothing! The will is everything! The will to act Posted over a year ago
glelsey said …
RIP, Adam West. Posted over a year ago
yorkshire_rose commented…
So Sad....RIP Adam West. over a year ago
BJsRealm commented…
So true. He was simply the BEST Batman ever! There would never be another Batman like him! RIP + Feel the same way when it comes to late Christopher Reeve, the ONE & ONLY/the original Superman. Love them BOTH so much! over a year ago
Mrbiskit commented…
Adam West is my favorite Batman. I miss him. over a year ago