Yes I know the dark knight rises is released this Friday and everyone who's anyone will be going now I don't want people hating on me for this so if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all. Anyway the reason I believe bruce wayne is going to die is because look Christopher Nolan is a smart filmmaker and as one he wants to do something that nobody else has ever done he wants to stun people at the ending of the dark knight rises so that no one ever forgets his trilogy which yes does sound a bit selfish but it's not look this is his last film he wants to go out on a high note and by doing this yeah he's probably gonna piss some hardcore fanboys off but Bruce wayne is a character that can be brought back from the dead because he is a fictional character and can have so many stories told about him and it would perfect a brilliant trilogy and in Christopher Nolan and all his cast,producers, screenwriters and crews minds be the perfect ending as well and Bruce wayne's death would be great well I mean if he sacrificed himself to save gotham city and died in the effort like superman did for metropolis against doomsday when he supposedly died in the comics after being beaten to death by doomsday and died in Lois lanes arms and let's face it batman's is just human he's not superman if he takes enough hits from even another mortal man like bane he's gonna really feel it and after a while your body can't take anymore and you die. But this is just my opinion I really hope that I'm wrong but if I'm not and bruce Wayne does indeed die at the end of the film I won't be surprised and I would actually like it to end that way because that would be the perfect ending in my mind but again just my opinion so what do you guys think will happen.