Hi there! We are the Batman: Anarchy team, and we are looking to increase funding on our non-profit, original Dark Knight film. The film stands as a continuation to the amazingly successful and compelling Dark Knight Trilogy created by talented film director, Christopher Nolan.


Batman: Anarchy is quite unique because it isn't just another Bruce Wayne story. Instead, we venture into the unknown, picking up where Nolan left off, with John Blake inheriting the Bat-cave and taking on the mantle of the caped crusader. Naturally, he won't be perfect at this as he lacks the discipline and training (by the League) that Bruce possessed. And ultimately, he will be forced to decide whether or not to remain The Batman or take on his own iconic persona.

It’s been eight long years since Heath Ledger's Joker captivated audiences and introduced the people of Gotham to a world without rules. Leaving many, including former psychiatrist, Harleen Quinzel, to wonder what became of the criminal mastermind following his capture at the end of The Dark Knight. When rumors of a secret prison surface, Harleen succumbs to the seductions of her alter ego, and goes on a rampage in search of him. This is a very intimate exposition into the character of Harley Quinn like you've never seen before. Remember, we are in the Nolan-verse and just look what he did with the Joker.