This review is dedicated to Adam West: the best Batman of all time.

The New Adventures of Batman is a 1977 animated show. It was made by Filmation who also made the first He-Man television show.


Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Bat-Mite protect Gotham City from the villains. Bat-Mite tries to be helpful, but often causes conflicts for the Dynamic Duo. Each episode had a lesson for the kids to learn.

This show is 40 years old. Back then plots were really simple and this show is proof of that. However the plots aren't bad. The show was meant for kids. 1 of the main reasons that the show works is for how enjoyably corny and silly the show is. In my opinion this show is even cornier than the live action Adam West show.

The Heroes

In this show Batman and Robin are voiced by Adam West and Burt Ward. Adam West is my favorite Batman. Mr. West was great at making Batman likeable and fun. This show's Batman is friendlier and less serious than other versions of Batman. I really like this show's lighthearted and fun Batman. Burt Ward did a good job at voicing Robin. Batgirl is forgettable, but okay. Bat-Mite has a bigger role in this show than he does in other versions of the Batman franchise. I like Bat-Mite. Although he causes trouble he's likeable and cute.

The Villains

The villains in this show are very, very corny and because of that they are entertaining and funny. This show's version of the Joker is so ridiculous that he makes the other Jokers seem not that weird. The Joker is a major scene stealer in every episode that he's in. Out of this show's villains the Joker is my favorite. My second favorite of this show's villains is the Penguin. He's also pretty weird and entertaining. However the show's weirdest villains are villains that were made for this show. Those villains include Sweet Tooth and Professor Bubbles. These villains are so foolish and act so eccentric that they are enjoyable. The Riddler is in the show's theme song, but he's not in any episodes which is too bad.


The animation may look dated, but it's really colorful. Batman, the Joker, and Bat-Mite have the best looking designs out of all the characters. Batman and the Joker look very cool and Bat-Mite looks cute.

This Batman show is barely known, but I think that it's worth checking out. It's a lighthearted, colorful, and fun show that Batman fans of all ages should watch.