This review is dedicated to Adam West (my favorite Batman).

Batman vs. Two-Face is a 2017 animated film that is based on the classic 1966 Batman live action show ands is a sequel to the 2016 animated film Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.

The Plot

Bruce Wayne's best friend (Harvey Dent) accidentally gets turned into a super villain called Two-Face. Batman and Robin try to stop Two-Face who has teamed up with Dr. Hugo Strange. Two-Face has a major crime set up involving several other Batman villains. Even Batman's secret identity is in danger.

The film has a great plot. The film is rated PG so it's okay for kids. The plot is more serious than I expected, but there's also plenty of fun comedy. The film is exciting, lighthearted, cool, and fun. It has the epic seriousness as well as goofy antics that make the Batman franchise so good.

The Cast

Adam West is my favorite Batman. He is a very nice and sweet Batman that I admire. He's also delightfully fun and goofy. This version of Batman isn't serious and harsh. He's a optimistic gentlemen who makes Gotham safer and happier.

William Shatner did a really good job at voicing Two-Face. This version of Two-Face manages to be a big threat to Batman without making the film too serious or scary. The original Catwoman actress (Julie Newmar) returns and proves why she's the best Catwoman.

Several other Batman villains show up including Dr. Hugo Strange, the Joker, the Penguin, and the Riddler. Even silly villains like King Tut show up and add lots of fun antics to the film. Even Dr. Harleen Quinzel has a appearance in the film. All of the villains in the film are entertaining.

The Animation

The film has very nice looking and colorful animation. The characters look cool and have pretty awesome looking costumes. The film ends with a very well animated and fun scene of Batman and some of the other characters dancing.


The film is a very well made film full of entertaining characters, great voice acting, and tons of fun that adults and kids should see.