Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants is part of the Batman Unlimited film series. The film is made for kids. Despite that there's a lot of fun things for Batman fans of any age.

Plot Info

The plot focuses on a partnership between the Penguin and Mr. Freeze. They have a plan that involves turning other super villains into mutants. Batman, Damian Wayne, and Green Arrow try to save Gotham from Penguin and Mr. Freeze's mutants.

Due to being a film that's for young kids the plot is more about action than complexity. However that works out well here. This film is fun. It has plenty of enjoyably cartoonish energy and the antics of the villains' plans are pretty exciting. The film also has several funny moments.

Cast Info

Roger Craig Smith voices Batman in the film and he does a pretty good job. The most impressive voice performance comes from Dana Snyder who voiced the Penguin. Other talented voice actors including Troy Baker show up in the film.

This film has Damian Wayne as Robin instead of Dick Grayson or Tim Drake. Damian is nicer in this film than he usually is. This film's nicer version of him is pretty interesting. Green Arrow has a supporting role in the film. The Flash has a role that's kind of small, but he's very funny.

The film's scene stealers are the villains. Mr. Freeze is sympathetic and cool. The Penguin gets to show off how smart and sneaky he is. He's also the most entertaining character in the film. He has a penguin sidekick in the film and he seems to be best friends with the Penguin. The Joker has a minor role in the film, but it's quite fun.

Animation Info

The characters and their costumes (including robots suits) look really cool. The action scenes are a big blast. They're really cool and fun. A lot of the characters look way different than usual and the changes they did look impressive and unique.


The film is a lot of fun. I think that kids like this film more than adults, but I think that adult Batman fans would enjoy the film.