Batman is a very popular superhero. He's been around since 1939. His creators are Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

Bob Kane is the one who came up with the plan to have a superhero called Batman. The reason for creating was Batman was likely to continue the superhero fad that Superman started. Although Bob Kane intended for Batman to be popular I doubt that he knew that his character would become one of the most beloved characters from any franchise. Bob Kane's main role in the Batman franchise was to be the artist of the comic books. His drawings are some of the greatest comic drawings of all time. His visual talents were amazing and were one of the main things that made Batman such a great franchise.

Although generations of people thought that Bob Kane was Batman's only creator the character has two creators. Bill Finger was the writer of the original Batman comic books. One of the best things about the Batman TV shows and films are the interesting plots. I think that the writers of the Batman shows and films were inspired by Bill Finger's spectacular writing skills. Bill Finger was one of the greatest comic book writers of all time.

Bob Kane didn't give Bill Finger credit for being one of Batman's creators. Eventually Bob Kane realized that he did the wrong thing and apologized. Decades later Bill Finger got credit as one of Batman's creators.

Bob Kane's wife, Elizabeth Sanders, played a character called Gossip Gerty in Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.

Overall Bob Kane and Bill Finger are two of the most important people in the Batman franchise. Generations of comic book fans should be thankful of Mr. Kane and Mr. Finger's amazing work.