Batman 30 Day Challenge

MarlenaLovett posted on Aug 08, 2012 at 05:31PM

Day One: First batman comic you read
Day Two: Favorite Batman time period
Day Three: Favorite Batman series
Day Four: Favorite Batman spin off
Day Five: Favorite Batman side kick
Day Six: Least favorite Batman side kick
Day Seven: Favorite side kick all grown up
Day Eight: Favorite Robin
Day Nine: Favorite Batman artist
Day Ten: Favorite Batman writer
Day Eleven: Favorite Batman pairing
Day Twelve: Least favorite Batman pairing
Day Thirteen: Favorite Batman animated series
Day Fourteen: Favorite Batman voice actor (for any character)
Day Fifteen: Favorite Batman video game.
Day Sixteen: Favorite Batman villain
Day Seventeen: Favorite Batman villain pairing
Day Eighteen: Least favorite villain
Day Nineteen: Favorite version of The Joker
Day Twenty: Favorite Batman character of all time
Day Twenty-One: Least favorite Batman character of all time
Day Twenty-Two: Favorite Batman team up
Day Twenty-Three: Favorite Batman villain team up
Day Twenty-Four: Favorite lady in Batman
Day Twenty-Five: Favorite gadget in Batman
Day Twenty-Six: Favorite Batman and/or Bruce Wayne pairing
Day Twenty-Seven: Worst Batman comic you’ve ever read.
Day Twenty-Eight Favorite New 52 Batman Series
Day Twenty-Nine: Favorite actor portraying Batman
Day Thirty: Favorite Batman moment.

Have fun!

Batman 30 replies

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over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
Day One ~ First Batman Comic You Read

Yikes, that was a million years ago... I have no idea.

Not a very successful day one!
over a year ago karajorel said…
day one: first batman comic you read

batman 445: "when the earth dies!"
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over a year ago karajorel said…
Day two: favorite batman time period

over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
I was clearly not rising to the daily challenge so Imma do it all at once... Spoilers for 'The Dark Knight Rises' ahead!

Day Two ~ Favourite Batman Time Period

Comic-wise, late 1990s through early 2000s.
Movies-wise, Nolan-era.

Day Three ~ Favourite Batman Series

Never had access to a full series, so don't really have one.

Day Four ~ Favourite Batman Spin Off

The Harley Quinn series.

Day Five ~ Favourite Batman Sidekick

Meh, never been a big fan of his sidekicks, but I guess I like the Dick Grayson Robin best.

Day Six ~ Least Favourite Batman Sidekick

The Batgirls/Women.... just... no.

Day Seven ~ Favourite Sidekick All Grown Up

Dick Grayson/Robin

Day Eight ~ Favourite Robin

Dick Grayson, derp.

Day Nine ~ Favourite Batman Artist

Alex Ross.

Day Ten ~ Favourite Batman Writer

Don't really have one.

Day Eleven ~ Favourite Batman Pairing

Harley Quinn/The Joker.

Day Twelve ~ Least Favourite Batman Pairing

Batman/Catwoman, when they are actually paired romantically. Come the fuck on, people! I like their sexual tension in most versions, but not together as an actual couple.

Day Thirteen ~ Favourite Batman Animated Series

'Batman: The Animated Series ('92-'95)'

Day Fourteen ~ Favourite Batman Voice Actor

Mark Hamill as the Joker in the aforementioned animated series.

Day Fifteen ~ Favourite Batman Video Game

Arkham Asylum, despite how bad I am at it.

Day Sixteen ~ Favourite Batman Villain

Across all versions, Harley Quinn. But my favourite movie character ever is Bane from 'The Dark Knight Rises' so... its just that I'm not a big fan of Bane in any other Batman variations, so overall I should probably say Harley Quinn.

Day Seventeen ~ Favourite Batman Villain Pairing

Well, already said Harley Quinn/Joker... I also love the Bane/Talia relationship in 'The Dark Knight Rises' but not as a romantic or sexual relationship.

Day Eighteen ~ Least Favourite Villain

Mr Freeze is pretty lame.

Day Nineteen ~ Favourite Version Of The Joker

Heath Ledger version.

Day Twenty ~ Favourite Batman Character Of All Time

This is hard because there are so many versions of characters and some I like, some I don't like. Batman, obviously, is quite consistently awesome (except for you, George Clooney... you bastard...). And like I said, Tom Hardy's Bane is my favourite movie character ever across the whole of moviedom, but I don't particularly like other interpretations of Bane... I guess I've never come across a version of Harley Quinn I don't like, so maybe she wins...

Day Twenty-One ~ Least Favourite Batman Character Of All Time

Mr Freeze, any Batgirl/Woman and Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle/Catwoman, which was terrible.

Day Twenty-Two ~ Favourite Batman Team Up

I dunno, the whole of 'The Dark Knight Rises' is pretty much a Batman-teams-up-with-everybody movie, so I'll go with that.

Day Twenty-Three ~ Favourite Batman Villain Team Up

Bane/Talia in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Day Twenty-Four ~ Favourite Lady In Batman

Harley Quinn and Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman in 'Batman Returns.' I don't like any of Batman's girlfriends.

Day Twenty-Five ~ Best Gadget In Batman

I'm a big fan of the good ol' fashioned grappling hook. I have no idea why but I love that thing.

Day Twenty-Six ~ Favourite Batman or Bruce Wayne Pairing

As I said, never really liked anyone with Batman/Bruce. His ladies are often used to enhance his character and storyline so I've never really grown attached to any of them.

Day Twenty-Seven ~ Worst Batman Comic You've Ever Read

Never read a bad one!

Day Twenty-Eight ~ Favourite New 52 Batman Series

'Batman: The Dark Knight'

Day Twenty-Nine ~ Favourite Actor Portraying Batman

Michael Keaton, overall. But Christian Bale's performance in 'The Dark Knight Rises' is probably the best singular Batman performance.

Day Thirty ~ Favourite Batman Moment

Um, the entire 'The Dark Knight Rises'
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over a year ago karajorel said…
Day three: favorite batman series:

Batman: ledgends of the dark knight; shaman.

The cover art for issue #3 was just stunning
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over a year ago karajorel said…
Day four: favorite batman spinoff:

Azrael; agent of the bat
over a year ago karajorel said…
Day five: favorite batman sidekick.

Tim drake/robin
over a year ago karajorel said…
Day six: least favorite batman sidekick.

Damian wayne/robin
Annoying little twerp. I just want to strangle him but i'll restrain myself cuase, well, he IS brucie's son. :)
over a year ago karajorel said…
Day seven: favorite batman sidekick all grown up.

NIGHTWING! (dick grayson) although, even though he's a terrible robin, damian might grow up to be the fantastic IBN AL XU'FFASCH, sooo not sure on that one.
over a year ago karajorel said…
Day eight: favorite robin.

Tim drake. So cool how he stood up to jean-paul valley.
over a year ago karajorel said…
Day nine: favorite batman artist.

Edward hannigan. He brought a realness to bruce wayne that i haven't seen from any artist since.
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over a year ago karajorel said…
Day ten: favorite batman writer.

Neil gaiman. Frank miller is great too, but neil's stories have a hopefulness that frank's just haven't achieved with me.
over a year ago karajorel said…
Day eleven: favorite batman pairing.

Joker & lex luthor. The power struggle is fun to watch; Just love how annoyed lex can get around him.
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over a year ago karajorel said…
day twelve: least favorite batman pairing.

batman/catwoman. just,, i really don't like her and she needs to stay away! XD he deserves so much better.....grrr
over a year ago karajorel said…
Day thirteen: favorite batman animated series.

Only on i've seen is JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED so i guess that'd have to be it
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over a year ago karajorel said…
Day fourteen: favorite batman voice actor. (for any character)

Mark hamill as the joker! :)
over a year ago karajorel said…
Day fifteen: favorite batman video game.

Haven't actually played any, but the lego batman one is really cute so i'll go with that.
over a year ago karajorel said…
Day sixteen: favorite batman villain.

Scaaaarecroooow! <3
over a year ago karajorel said…
day seventeen: favorite batman villain pairing.

i don't really like it when villains work together, but i guess two-face/scarecrow. just
because they're my favorite bat-villains. <3
over a year ago karajorel said…
day eighteen: least favorite batman villain.

catwoman. probably just cause i'm jealous.
over a year ago karajorel said…
day nineteen: favorite version of the joker.

heath ledger (the dark knight)
over a year ago karajorel said…
day twenty: favorite batman character of all time.

THE BATMAN. obviously.
over a year ago karajorel said…
day twenty-one: least favorite batman character of all time.

damian wayne.
over a year ago karajorel said…
day twenty-two: favorite batman team-up.

batman/superman. when they're not fighting. :)
over a year ago karajorel said…
day twenty-three: favorite batman villain team-up.

same as the favorite batman villain pairing question, scarecrow/two-face.

over a year ago karajorel said…
day twenty-four: favorite lady in batman.

i don't know....i guess batgirl's kinda cool.
over a year ago karajorel said…
day twenty-five: favorite gadget in batman.

the bat-pod. *drool*
over a year ago doctorwho2012 said…
Day Seven: Favorite side kick all grown up; NIGHTWING
over a year ago doctorwho2012 said…
Day Eight: Favorite Robin; Dick Grayson
over a year ago SinLeviathan said…
Day nine: Favorite Batman artist: Greg Capullo