Paisley's POV (Yay! We're back to the 2 girls from the start!)
Sarah was like,
scared as hell!
My like god.
I like can't believe it!
"Oh my god Serena! What was, like that?" I asked.
"I have no idea." She answered.
"I-It was s-scary.." Sarah stuttered.
"I know. I often see it everyday." Serena said.
"Like, what? Everyday? Like what is wrong with you Serena? You like normally see a shadow holding a knife?" I asked.
"He l-looked l-like.." She whispered.
"Was that guy eccentric or something?" Some girl asked behind me.
"Oh hey Marissa." I greeted.
"Like I asked, was that guy eccentric or something?" She said.
"What guy?" Serena asked.
"Preston." Marissa said.
"No, Preston's like never eccentric. Why?" I asked.
She shrugged.
"I dunno, it just creeps me out when his hair gets on fire." Marissa responded.
"That's queer Marissa. He pretty much just makes Lucy, Fabio, and Tia panic mostly." Serena said.
"He scares some." Sarah mumbled.
"Like, Yeah.." I whispered.
(I'm gonna stop writing 'like' foku
Also, time to introduce new characters!)
"Hi Marissa!" I heard a boy greet behind her.
"Ahh!" She screamed.
"Dammit Preston!"
He chuckled.
Preston Lozano.
He has brown hair with a grey head band tied around his head, yellow shirt, grey pants and brown shoes.
He's one of the scariest students in the school because of his hair..
Because if you make him really angry..
He's like Frank.

You'll regret saying that Paisley.

Okay fine.

Good girl, at least you're not like the idiot Brenden.

Why? How is he a idiot?

Broke the 4th wall 3 times. You broke the 4th wall too.

You're the one who speaked first, excuse moi.

Fine, fine, fine, I broke the 4th wall. Alright, time to go on with the story!

Yeah whatever, go to another POV please.

No, I'm staying at your POV so shut up.



Such a rude author, thanks a lot.

Did you just call me..?

Rude? Yeah.
I ain't a idiot honey.

I really hope you could read.

I can.




What's with the dots? Go on.


(Good job Paisley.. You made the author mad! xD)

It's about to be mad any second so RUN!

(Oh crap, thanks for reminding me-- AHHH!!!!--)

Rest in peace.

"So Paisley?" Preston asked me.
"Is the author mad--"

Stop breaking the 4th wall Preston!

Everyone laughed.

*groans* You'll regr-- You know what, screw it. Lets just go on.

"Suuuuch a nice author." Preston grumbled.
"Could've agreed with you more." Serena said.
"Seems like someone gonna milk themselves!~" I heard some girl sing.
Stop singing that! It's annoying!
"Neeeever!" The girl whined.
Welcome home Lucy Parkinson!
She has beautiful blonde hair, a yellow cap, yellow tanktop, grey shorts, and black shoes.

Even if your soooo cute and beautiful, you can be still annoying Lucy!

"The author called me cute and beautiful oh my goooood!" She squealed and started to jump around.

Seems like I met another bunny. *yawns*

"This is the chapter you had speaked the most in Author." Marissa said.
"It's never funny." Sarah groaned.

Of course it's never funny Sarah! You're rarely happy! You don't laugh either! It's impasble!

"I wonder WHEN do you know how to spell impossible." Sarah mumbled.

I know how to spell impossible little girl.

"Don't call me a child!" Sarah cried. "I hate being called that!"
"Seems like someone 'napped!" Lucy joked.

You're like Cain Luce, stop being a fricking annoyer and joker!

"I agree with the Author." Sarah said.
"Seems like I haven't said one word." I whispered.

Now you just did.

"I know." I mumbled.
"Now go play with your turtle. He's 32, he needs help!"

He's fine.

"How do you know?" I asked.

I checked on him a few minutes ago.
No cookies for you Luce.

"Weruh.,. 'Hat? Pweeeeaassseee.. I 'anna cookieee..
Pwease?" Lucy does these puppy cute eyes which always catches us everytime.
It makes Preston fall for it too.
Even the Author.

*groan* Fine. You can have some, but don't ask me! Ask Preston!

"W-Whruu!? Meee?!" Preston was shocked to hear this.
"Why me?!"

Cause you t- Nonon.. You. Always. Give. Her. The. Cookies. YOUR THE LUCY COOKIE GIVER! :D

"NO! WHY ME?????" He screamed.
"Why me..."
He started to turn red.
"NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! I'm outta here!" Marissa screamed.
"Prreeestonn.. Don't get ma--"
He raged on fire.
Sarah nearly screamed.
"What's going on--- Oh god..."
Brenden stopped.
"OH HELL NO!" Frank and Conner screamed.
Preston went on fire.
"I. HATE. YOU!" He screamed so loud, I literally had to coat my ears from these loud, dangerous, sound waves!

Holy crap, calm down Preston. You're gonna make everyone deaf, and make Luce cry.

There it is.
Lucy's crying.
"Pr..Preesstie.. I said-.. You to s..stop. Wahh!" She cried.
"Cmon Lucy, don't cry.. You know I hate it when I make people cry, right?"
He tried to comfort Lucy, whcih she still cried but stopped when Preston petted her.
"This is what I call love." Serena whispered.
"I ship 'em~" I whispered back.
"Seems like I met two fangirls." Sarah mumbled.

Could've agreed with you more Sarah.


Lucy: Lightbulb (Inanimate Insanity)
Preston: Paintbrush (Inanimate Insanity)
Serena: Salt (Inanimate Insanity)
Brenden: Balloon (Inanimate Insanity)
Sarah: Suitcase (Inanimate Insanity)
Paisley: Pepper (Inanimate Insanity)
Flora: Flower (Battle For Dream Island)
Marissa: Marshmallow (Inanimate Insanity)
Otto: Orange Juice (OJ) (Inanimate Insanity)
Fred: Fly Swat (Object Overload)
Katrina: Kite (Object Overload)
Leanne: Leafy (Battle For Dream Island)
Conner: Coiny (Battle For Dream Island)
Frank: Firey (Battle For Dream Island)
Nancy: Needle (Battle For Dream Island)
Poppy: Pin (Battle For Dream Island)
Shawn: SnowBall (Battle For Dream Island)
Phoenix: Paper (Inanimate Insanity)
Ethan: Eraser (Battle For Dream Island)
Maisy: Match (Battle For Dream Island)
Penelope: Pencil (Battle For Dream Island)
Paul: Pen (Battle For Dream Island)
May: Mirror (Object Havoc)
Isaac: IPod (Object Havoc)
Brody: Basketball (Object Havoc)
Victoria: Volleyball (Object Havoc)
Blossom: Bucket (Object Havoc)
Brianna: Book (Battle For Dream Island)

Good job Lucy and Preston.
You're my people of the day.
Another long chapter.
Be happy.