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"No one will save you.."
Battle Royale GIF
Battle Royale GIF
Mitsuko Souma
Kazuo Kiriyama
Kazuo Kiriyama
Kazuo Kiriyama
Kazuo Kiriyama
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Fire mmv
Battle Royale 2 Trailer
Battle Royale Trailer
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Battle Royale Wall

ben14delas said …
Seems interesting. Posted 9 months ago
topez99 said …
Battle Royale is just gr8. I perfer the book to the movie though. The movie was kinda cheesy in my opinion but still fantastic. Posted over a year ago
mintymidget210 said …
I just saw this awesome movie yesterday.
I fucking loved it.
Hopefully i'll be able to read the book soon. :D Posted over a year ago
iamawesome7887 commented…
The book was just as awesome. :3 over a year ago